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A Zoner is an escaped person from the Phantom Zone.

Generally, only super-criminals were imprisoned and confined to the Phantom Zone. On occasion, however, non-criminals have also found themselves there.

Some of the prisoners were stripped of their physical bodies and turned into non-corporeal phantom wraiths.


Even if the Phantom Zone was in principle unescapable, severeal prisoners succeeded in escaping it.

Season 5:

The first criminal who could escape the Phantom Zone was Zod in the Season 5 final Vessel. He escaped with the help of Brainiac who had prepared Lex as a vessel for Zod, and he succeeded to banish Clark to the zone. (Zod)

Season 6:

Clark escaped from the zone through Jor-El's backdoor. When he opened the gate, however, other zoners succeeded to escape with him, among them:

  • An unidentified phantom wraith, landed at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina (Zod).
    This phantom wraith was later identified as Bizarro (Phantom).
  • Gloria, an alien who had control over plant life, landed near Smallville (Wither).
  • Raya, a non-criminal Kryptonian and former assistant to Jor-El, landed in Australia (Reunion).
  • Baern, an alien mass murderer turned into a phantom wraith, landed in Oakland, California, and took possession of a boy named Lamar (Fallout).
  • Aldar, a humanoid alien feeding on bone marrow of humans, landed in Bellona Island, Melanesia (Static).
  • Dr. Hudson, a phantom wraith having the power of mind control (Labyrinth, landing place undisclosed)
  • Titan, a humanoid alien, landed in Omaha, Nebraska (Combat).

A recurrent theme throughout season 6 is the search for these escaped zoners. Some of them were sent back to the Phantom Zone (like Zod himself and Bearn) and some of them were killed (like Gloria and Aldar).

Season 8:

When Clark and Lois were sent to the Phantom Zone by the Crystal of Knowledge, they met Kara who had been banished by Brainiac. She opened Zor-El's gateway to send Lois back, but Faora escaped together with her. Clark and Kara were freed from the zone by Chloe using the Crystal of Knowledge and the abilities she had achieved by Brainiac (Bloodline).

Known Zoners

Super criminals who were turned into Phantom wraiths

Image Character Episode in with appears for the first time, inside the prison or was locked
E19dominion.jpg General Zod Solitude, Vessel, Zod, Dominion
General Zod attempted to take over the planet Krypton with the help of the his two prime disciples named Aethyr and Namek along with the aid of the Brain InterActive Construct built by Jor-El. He was opposed by the scientist Jor-El along with members of the House of El and in extension, the Ruling Council. Ultimately, Zod's quest for dominion led to Krypton's destruction, as well as the deaths of its people, with the exception of a few survivors, including Kal-El, Kara, and Raya. Before Krypton perished, Zod's physical body was destroyed, while his mind and spirit were cast involuntarily into the Phantom Zone by Jor-El; the only way Zod could escape his imprisonment was if he found another body to inhabit. However, Jor-El also made him an especially weak phantom, by ensuring that gaining power would not be easy for Zod even if he escaped. To this end, Jor-El removed his spirit's inherent Kryptonian abilities. This meant that, were Zod to possess someone, he would be just as strong as a normal human, with Earth's yellow sun giving him no power. Therefore, the only way for him to gain superpowers would be to possess a host who already had them.
612Smallville0106.jpg Dr. Hudson Zod, Labyrinth
Dr. Hudson was a Zoner who had the power of mind control. He telepathically entered Clark's mind and created an illusion where Clark's powers were simply a figment of his overactive imagination. He was aware of every single memory within Clark's mind and therefore was able to optimize the alternate reality which he had created to try and trick Clark into giving up his powers, with only the intervention of the Martian Manhunter and the sound of Shelby's barking managing to convince Clark that he was in an illusion. The Martian Manhunter used the red crystal, a device very similar to the Crystal of El, to remove Dr. Hudson from Clark's mind and imprison him in the Phantom Zone once again.
Baern.jpg Baern Zod, Fallout
Baern destroyed his own civilization as well as a few Kryptonians before being turned into a phantom and exiled to the Zone by Jor-El. He tracked Clark to Smallville; in the ensuing battle between him and Kal-El in the Fortress of Solitude, Raya was killed.
Phantom0799.jpg Bizarro Zod, Phantom
Bizarro was the last, and probably most dangerous, Zoner released from the Phantom Zone. He was accidentally created in a laboratory on Krypton. The Martian Manhunter helped Jor-El send Bizarro to the Zone as a wraith.After battling Clark at Reeves Dam, taking a piece of Clark's DNA to create his own body, and being defeated, the Martian Manhunter placed him on the sunny side of Mars, leaving Bizarro trapped because of his weakness to sunlight from the yellow sun. After Zor-El caused an eclipse that covered the galaxy, Bizarro returned; upon learning that Clark was missing, he took over his life. When he realized he had to confront his weakness, Bizarro found Brainiac, who tricked him to find his creator so he could fix himself. Clark eventually confronted Bizarro with blue kryptonite, which Lana Lang used against him.
Faoraphantom.jpg Faora Bloodline
Faora was the second wife of General Zod, and was imprisoned with him in the Phantom Zone and stripped of her body. She managed to escape the Zone with Lois Lane despite Kara's efforts to fight her away from it. Upon arriving on Earth, Faora inhabited Lois' body, but was eventually captured by Kara using the Martian Manhunter's red crystal.

Super criminals who retained their physical bodies

Image Character Episode in with appears for the first time, inside the prison or was locked
501Smallville0871.jpg Disciples of Zod Arrival, Zod
The Disciples of Zod were foot soldiers who served General Zod. They were warriors who were well-experienced with their Kryptonian powers on Earth.The first set of disciples sent to Earth were Aethyr and Nam-Ek, who arrived on Earth during the second meteor shower. They were sent by their master to look for Kal-El, and terrorized Smallville in search of him. After a protracted struggling in which the Disciples tried to imprison him in the Zone, Clark turned the tables and imprisoned them. Later, when Clark was sent into the Zone by Zod, Nam-Ek was killed by Raya.
603Smallville0741.jpg Gloria Zod, Wither
Gloria was an alien being who had control over plant life and super strength. Originating from a plant world, she was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for overtaking other planets with her vegetation until she was inadvertently released by Clark. Posing as a beautiful park ranger, Gloria used her powers to store her seeds in human males, luring men into the woods and killing their girlfriends. Gloria used Jimmy Olsen as one of her suitors and attacked Clark with her powers. When she went to find a suitor at the charity ball at the Luthor Mansion, she was stopped by Clark, who electrocuted her with a lamp and vaporized her, ending her threat once and for all.
608Smallville0453.jpg Aldar Zod, Static
Aldar was an enormous alien humanoid who fed on human skeletons. Clark tried to capture him with the Crystal of El, but since Aldar was never a phantom, the attempt failed. Aldar possessed vast amounts of super strength and was stronger than even Clark, easily defeating the Kryptonian in combat, although he was subsequently vanquished by the Martian Manhunter.
Combat0521.jpg Titan Zod, Combat
Titan was a powerful humanoid alien formerly trapped in the Phantom Zone, escaping when Clark left the Zone. Unlike most other Zoners, he still possessed his body. Titan was a fighter and lived to fight; a Kryptonian tattoo on his right arm underlined that his race seemed to embrace the way of the warrior. Titan was fighting meteor freaks at a club until he could fight a Kryptonian: Clark. Titan was killed in combat.
E19dominion.jpg General Zod Solitude, Vessel, Zod, Dominion
General Zod was returned to the Phantom Zone by Clark Kent. When a younger clone version of himself was also exiled to Phantom Zone, he merged with him thereby regain a physical body once more.

PhantomSlade.png Slade Wilson Icarus
Slade Wilson was a corrupt general on Earth who led the Vigilante Registration Act against the Justice League. He killed Hawkman who sacrificed himself protecting Lois. He had a healing factor as a result of being a pawn of Darkseid and was able to heal from mortal injuries. Clark tried to reason with him but Slade would not change his mind. Slade angered Clark so much that he sent Slade to the zone using a new Crystal of El so that he wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. Slade was the first human Clark sent to the zone and the second known human prisoner after Lois. When Zod took control of the Phantom Zone, he made it so that Slade would escape from the Zone, sending a message to Kal-El. He also put him in a coma when he was found on a street corner.


Image Character Episode in with appears for the first time, inside the prison or was locked
Ck2.jpg Clark Kent Vessel, Zod, Bloodline, Dominion
Clark Kent was sent to the Phantom Zone by the original Zod. After escaping with the help of Raya, he stopped Zod. Years later, he was sent back to the prison by the Crystal of Knowledge. He returns later on his own volition, with the help of Tess and a Crystal of El.

S10e19-oqpz.jpg Oliver Queen Dominion
Oliver Queen entered the Phantom Zone with Clark who was furious that Oliver followed him in after he had forbid it. Oliver and Clark are captured and brought before General Zod who claims dominion over the inmates. Zod pit Oliver against Clark in a gladiator match battle to the death. Oliver emerged victorious and Zod took it upon himself to kill Clark and extract his revenge. Ollie then grabbed the Phantom Zone crystal away from Zod and he and Clark managed their escape with Zod swearing his revenge.

601Smallville0319.jpg Raya Zod
Raya was an assistant of Jor-El, who sent her into the Phantom Zone armed with a Crystal of El to ward off the phantoms shortly before Krypton's destruction. When Clark was banished to the Zone by General Zod, Raya helped him escape, giving him the crystal to help him stop Zod.Later, Clark discovered that Raya had come to Earth, at which point they battled Baern; Raya was killed during the final fight with the escaped phantom.

808Smallville0310.jpg Kara Kent Arctic, Bloodline
Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone by Brainiac after they traveled back in time to Krypton in the year 1986 prior to the planet's destruction so that Brainiac could kill baby Kal-El so he couldn't grow up and become Clark Kent. After Kara tried to stop Brainiac on Krypton, he placed her in the Zone at some point after she returned to the present day. When Clark and Lois were transported to the Phantom Zone, Kara attacked them, believing them to be shapeshifting Zoners, but realized it was them and helped them escape using a second escape route built by Zor-El. She helped Lois escape first and unsuccessfully tried to stop Faora from following, resulting in Zod's wife inhabiting Lois' body. Kara was only able to escape the Phantom Zone when Chloe reversed the programming of the Crystal of Knowledge to bring Clark home. Clark then held onto Kara to drag her through with him.
808Smallville0259.jpg Lois Lane Bloodline
Lois Lane is the first known human prisoner of the Phantom Zone. She was transported there when Clark received the Crystal of Knowledge, which was re-programmed to send him to the Zone. Lois was knocked out by Kara, but eventually awoke and was freed by Kara using Zor-El's portal. Her time in the Phantom Zone led to her being possessed by Faora, yet Lois appeared to have no memory of the incident and assumed it was all a dream. Until she questions Clark about the incident after he had revealed his Kryptonian heritage to her and he had confirmed it was real.


Chloe: How about a trip to the ice castle? Maybe Jor-El could help track down the Zoners before they do any more damage.
Clark: Zoners?
Chloe: "Escaped super-criminals from the Phantom Zone" is a little bit of a mouthful.
Season Six, Reunion

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