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Zod and Faora in Season Nine

Zod and Faora have a relationship that has varied due to various reasons.

Early life

"Seems like a lifetime ago when I pulled you out of that rubble doesn't it?" – Zod (clone)
"The siege of Argo...too many losses that day." – Faora (clone)
"Not for me...because I found a young and beautiful cadet who would become my trusted right hand." - Zod (clone)


Zod joined the Kryptonian military, where he rose to the rank of Major. During her time as a soldier too, Faora served under Major Zod during the war against Black Zero. On the border of Kandor , Major Zod and his soldiers, which included Faora, were having their blood taken by a medic as they waged a war against Black Zero. Faora was caught on enemy lines in the Argo Valley and saved by Zod.

Sometime after Zod's first wife and his child were killed in Kandor's destruction, Faora and Zod became a romantic item. Years later, he married Faora, and the two saw it as their destiny to take over Krypton. They began their campaign and tried conceiving an heir, but discovered that Faora was unable to bear children. As a result, Zod and Faora took their DNA and fused it together with other violent Kryptonian life-forms, creating their son, "the ultimate destroyer". They also realized that they instead could rule Earth with the powers gained under a yellow sun.

Before Krypton's destruction, Zod and Faora were captured and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Ruling Council, who destroyed their physical bodies and placed their essences in the Phantom Zone .

Season Eight

"Before we were phantoms, Zod and I were unable to have children. So, we created you." – Faora, to Davis Bloome, Bloodline

Faora proudly reveals herself as Zod's wife

More than twenty years later, Faora's phantom managed to escape from the Phantom Zone possessed Lois Lane's body, using her as a Kryptonian vessel. She tried to find hers and Zod's son, who was known by his human name as Davis Bloome . When she found him, she told him that he is spitting image of his father and revealed to him his true origins, explaining that he was destined to be Earth's ultimate destroyer. Then she broke off a bed railing and stabbed him with it, leaving him to bleed to death, making the first step of his metamorphosis to Doomsday. Later Faora's wraith was exorcised from Lois' body and was sent back to the Phantom Zone.

Season Nine

"I've trusted you for so very long. Depended on you across time and space. But in your eyes, I just see contempt. I see betrayal. Now, why would you turn your back on me? I shared my bed with you." – Zod (clone)
"I didn't turn my back on you. You turned your back on us when our only crime was trying to forge a life for ourselves on this planet." – Faora (clone)


When Tess Mercer opened the Orb , the younger clones of Zod, Faora and others were transported to Earth through unknown means. As they questioned Major Zod about their depowered states, the soldiers, including Faora, rebelled against him but he managed to win back their trust and allegiance.

Later Faora and Zod discussed their search for the Book of Rao in order to start the operation of the solar tower to give them their powers.

At some point Faora and some other Kandorians left Zod and formed a group of their own. Due to his mistrust to them Zod did not gave them super-powers as he did to the rest of his people.

Zod murders Faora.

Zod regrets killing Faora

When Clark arrived in the middle of a Kryptonian ceremony, Faora told him they were waiting for Zod's return so they could ask for his forgiveness. Clark took her to his barn and showed her Dr. Virgil Swann 's diary, revealing that the original Zod had destroyed Krypton. Faora was devastated, and Clark used his powers to find out she was pregnant with Zod's child. When Amanda Waller took Faora hostage, she offered to work with Checkmate but then Zod arrived and threw Waller against a wind shield. He brought Faora back to the Kandorian base where he explained that, ever since the day his original self had rescued her original self during a battle on Krypton, he had respected her, even allowing her to share his bed at one point. Faora argued that he was going about Earth the wrong way and that peace was the best solution. Angry with Faora's betrayal, Zod ordered her to kneel and when she refused to bow, he strangled her to death, but afterwards he realized she was pregnant with his baby. Grieved by what he had done, Zod listened to his child's last heartbeats in Faora's womb.

Later he brought all of the Kandorians to the Fortress , explaining that it had been the humans that had murdered Faora. Clark arrived and told them that he was lying and that Zod was the one who killed Faora. The Kandorians, however, believed Zod and proclaimed him General and their absolute leader. The truth about Faora's death was later exposed by Clark to the other Kandorians, after they heard Zod being tricked by Clark into admitting that he didn't really want to kill his own child.

Season Ten

After Zod and the rest of the Kandorians were teleported to New Krypton he imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for the murder of Faora and deception he committed. There he met his original self's phantom wraith and the two were merged into one entity with the full memories of both.

Season Eleven

"You already sacrificed one world for your ego." – Faora (clone)
"You know nothing of sacrifice." – Zod (clone)
"I know more than you ever will." – Faora (clone)


In the 31st century, on New Krypton , Faora is seen by the Kryptonians as a symbol of sacrifice, she is worshipped as a martyr, because she was killed by Zod while being pregnant, and a Goddess. When Clark and Kara visit Faora's tomb, a structure resembling a palace built by Zod, Kara wonders why Zod buried her there. Clark tells her that the original Zod and Faora couldn't have children so when his clone found out that her clone, whom he had killed, was pregnant with his child, he immediately regretted his actions and built this palace to honour her. Clark elaborates that when Zod was ready to conquer Earth, he built himself a throne in the centre of the structure, facing a pit where he had placed Faora's body frozen inside a crystalline cube. When Kara asks why, Clark assumes that he did it out of guilt.

Alternate Future

In an alternate future, Faora gained her Kryptonian abilities and served Zod, wearing the Mark of Zod on her chest. She helped Zod evade the Resistance attack at the Luthor Mansion.


  • The relationship between the original Zod and Faora is the right opposite from the relationship of their clones. The original Zod and Faora stayed together until their imprisonment in the Phantom Zone and they also couldn't have children, their clones on the other hand were partners at the beginning but later Faora opposed to Zod resulting into her murder by his hands, while she was pregnant with his child.
  • It is unknown if Faora is still with Zod, now that he regained his human body and she remains a wraith.
  • Unlike Zod's, Faora's clone went into a very different path than the original.

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