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Sol, Earth's yellow sun.

"I guess Jor-El was right about how the yellow sun affects you Kryptonian cockroaches."Baern, to Clark Kent, Fallout

A Yellow Sun - also called a Main-Sequence Star - is a relatively young star which remains in the prime sequence of its life. This makes yellow suns the brightest and most potent of all stars. Earth's own sun Sol is a yellow sun, the source of Clark Kent's Kryptonian superpowers.


Byron demonstrates incredible strength after after being exposed by the sun.

Byron Moore exhibited super strength in a feral state when directly exposed to the sun. When he was not exposed to the sun, he lost his powers and regained control over his violent tendencies. Unlike Clark Kent and other Kryptonians, Byron immediately ran out of power when he left the sunlight; this suggests that he lacked the ability to store solar energy to be used later.

Many metahumans have demonstrated powers like super speed or super strength without an obvious power source. It is unclear if they draw their power from the yellow sun or have the ability to act as a solar battery.


Clark absorbs yellow sun radiation.

Solar energy from the yellow sun is the source of energy for Kryptonian powers. More precisely, the solar energy is theorized to be transformed into a bio-electrical force field that endows Kryptonians with superhuman abilities. The force field shields Clark's body and the surrounding area from external forces; as a result, his clothes can sometimes survive the impact of an explosion. In addition, Clark possesses a remarkable healing factor; if he is wounded due to the presence of kryptonite, magic, or something else, he will heal almost instantly after the incident. (Hidden, Lockdown, Nemesis)

Clark demonstrates incredible strength during a solar flare.

When Clark is exposed to large amounts of sunlight, his powers are greatly magnified. (Perry, Bizarro) It is not yet revealed if his powers can grow without limitation. His healing factor seems to be limitless. Clark can also lose control of his powers during solar flares, as seen in Perry. On the other hand, Kryptonians can use their abilities during a solar eclipse.[1]

Clark has demonstrated the ability to use his powers while indoors or otherwise not directly exposed to the yellow sun. This suggests that he is capable of acting as a solar battery and storing solar energy for later use.

The yellow sun gives Clark energy.

If a Kryptonian is powerless, absorbing a large amount of sunlight radiation can restore their powers. (Odyssey)

Kryptonians whose DNA has been irradiated with Blue Kryptonite are rendered powerless under a yellow sun. The clones from the Orb were all irradiated with Blue Kryptonite and were powerless when released while under the yellow sun. In a potential future where Zod turns Earth's yellow sun red, the Orb clones gain their powers under the red sun.

Exposure to kryptonite seems to inhibit Clark's ability to use his powers. It is possible that, in addition to inhibiting Kryptonian powers, kryptonite may drain the solar energy of Kryptonians.

Kryptonian spirits, while inhabiting a human host that lives under a yellow sun, can gain powers.

Superman blast Doomsday into the sun.

In the 31's century when Doomsday is unearthed by the villainous Kirt Niedrigh, He enlisted the aid of EarthGov's scientists to infused the beast with solar radiation resulting in the re-constitution of its cellular structure. Intended to use it as Doomsday as an unstoppable weapon to destroy all Kryptonians and win the war. Superman does battle with the monstrous behemoth on New Krypton realizing that he no match for Doomsday he decides to fly him into directly towards the heart of the sun imprisoning him once more. (Argo)


A green meteor rocks lies dormant.

Kryptonite, in its rather wide variety of forms, was a ground mineral that made up the planet Krypton and was completely harmless to Kryptonians under a red sun.

A green meteor rocks is activated and glows in the presence of a Kryptonian.

They can be found abundantly throughout Earth. However, like how Kryptonians are affected by the radiation given off by the sun, kryptonite is imbued with influential abilities derived from the yellow sun that can harm Kryptonians in tremendous ways. However, Blue Kryptonite retained it's effects on Krypton allowing Jor-El to irradiate the clones of the Orb with it to de-power them on Earth.


Bizarro's face distorts in sunlight.

As would be expected from a reverse Kryptonian, green kryptonite makes Bizarro stronger and he is weakened by sunlight (whereas Clark is strengthened by it, as seen in Bizarro). While Bizarro could fly in broad daylight (as seen in Phantom), his skin became deformed and took on a pale gray color when it came into direct contact with sunlight.

While sunlight didn't affect Bizarro to the extent that green kryptonite affects Clark, it appeared it only diminished him just enough for him to be pierced by earthly objects, such as a steel rod, if enough force is applied.


John sacrifices his powers to save Clark.

The yellow sun has the potential to take away all Martian powers permanently if the go into its core, but John was able to make it back to Earth before his powers wore off. However, Doctor Fate was able to restore John Jones' abilities by teleporting him into Mars' outer atmosphere, indicating that it is permanent because a de-powered Martian would have absolutely no way of getting to Mars.


Clark: When I took Byron out into the light, why did he change?
Mrs. Moore: It was one of the side effects of the drug. He can't be out in the sun.
Season Two, Nocturne

Clark: If I get Byron out of the sun, will he change back?
Mrs. Moore: Yeah.
Season Two, Nocturne

Clark: How can I stop someone that has all of my powers and none of my weaknesses?
Martian Manhunter: By opening your eyes to what you take for granted everyday. Your faith in humans is not the only thing that gives you strength...
Clark: The yellow sun! That's why his face distorted when he gotten into the light.
Martian Manhunter: That may be the only way to defeat him. I can help, but this is your battle.
Season Seven, Bizarro

Kara: Zor-El told me that the yellow sun would give me abilities beyond my wildest dreams...
Season Seven, Kara

Brainiac: You can't stop me, Kal-El.
Kara: Clark, the baby!
Brainiac: There's no yellow sun to charge you here. (throws Clark to the ground)
Season Seven, Apocalypse

Bizarro: (to Brainiac) The yellow sun -- it turns my skin to stone. It's only a matter of time before someone figures out that I'm not Kent. I know how smart you are. I thought you could help.
Brainiac: Hmm, try a good sunscreen -- wide-brimmed hat, perhaps.
Season Seven, Persona

Dax-Ur: I planned to study the yellow sun's effect on Kryptonian minerals, but discovered it was the sun's effect on me that really mattered. I could save the human race.
Season Seven, Persona

Martian Manhunter: (to Clark)' The burning sun may strengthen you, but it has the opposite effect on me. It stripped me of my powers.
Season Eight, Odyssey

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