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"Wrath" is the seventh episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-thirty-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 8, 2007.


Kryptonite and high voltage mix during a lightning storm, causing Lana to absorb Clark's powers. Using her newfound super powers, she breaks into Lex's safe and steals incriminating evidence which she then delivers to Lois and Grant, demanding they run a story exposing Lex's secrets. After Grant refuses to use stolen material, Lana decides to take care of Lex herself. Clark tries to stop Lana from killing Lex and a super battle ensues between the two.


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Lana absorbs Clark's powers during a lightning strike.

Lana and Clark are riding horses after a romantic afternoon together. Lana notes that Clark is being very attentive and Clark admits that he feels like Lana has been distant recently. Just then, a storm begins and as they run for cover into the house past the windmill, they kiss and walking towards the gate Clark is weakened by a piece of kryptonite. As Lana picks it up to throw it away, lightning strikes the windmill and shoots through Lana and Clark. The windmill starts to fall... and Lana catches it with one of Clark's many abilites, super strength.

Clark follows as Lana tries out super speed, warning her to be careful. Lana doesn't have to try very hard to convince Clark that they could probably make love now that they are on "an equal playing field". Chloe is at the Talon when seismic tremors rock the surrounding area. She goes to the farm to make sure Clark and Lana are okay. Clark and Lana sheepishly explain Lana's newfound powers - and that their superpowered lovemaking was the source of the earthquakes. After Lana goes upstairs, Chloe warns Clark that it has gone badly before when Clark has had his powers siphoned off. Clark asks Chloe to keep an eye on Lana. Upstairs, Lana overhears them talking about her and becomes furious, breaking a mirror. Chloe takes Lana to the Talon and Chloe tries to warn her, but Lana says she wants to use her powers to tell her story.


Lex examines Project Scion.

At the Luthor Mansion, Lex meets with Dr. Jansen who reports the results from Project Scion: the dust that is the remainder of Milton Fine's ship has liquefied. Dr. Jansen warns that the liquid is sentient... and alive, only subdued by meteor rock. Lex puts it in his vault, unaware that Lana is monitoring him on her surveillance cameras. Lana superspeeds to the vault and burns it open with her heat vision, then takes the data file on Project Scion.

Lionel is in his office chatting with Senator Martha Kent in Washington when Clark arrives to tell him about Lana. Lionel warns him of the danger, informing Clark that Lana was responsible for his captivity after the dam broke. Clark is skeptical and goes to see Lana at the Kent house but she isn't there. Clark finds a brochure for the Isis Foundation in Lana's book. Lex arrives and demands answers, knowing that Lana is responsible for breaking into his safe. When Clark asks Lex if he knew about the foundation, Lex notes that Lana has been keeping secrets.


Lois gets thrown through a window by Lana.

Lois is trying to get Grant Gabriel to print her latest story when Lana arrives to speak with Grant. She gives him the hard drive and reports that it will expose Lex. When he refuses to do so with stolen evidence, Lana starts tossing him around. Lois goes to defend Grant and she kicks Lois through a window. Lana declares that she will take care of Lex on her own.

Clark meets Lois and Chloe at the Smallville Medical Center where Lois is waiting to be treated. Lois tells them that Lana assaulted her after mentioning Project Scion and that she intends to find out what it is. After Lois is called into the examining room, Clark and Chloe agree that Lana is getting more aggressive and Clark goes to track her down.


Clark and Chloe find Lana's secret surveillance room.

Later, Lois slips out of the hospital and runs into Grant, who has brought her flowers and tries to warn her off the story. As they are in the elevator, she acknowledges the flirting and sexual tension between them but declares that office romances never work. She refuses to back off the story and leaves.

Chloe and Clark try to track down Project Scion and Clark wonders if Lex might have changed. Chloe is skeptical and Clark admits that he has been wondering about Lana ever since her return. He asks Chloe about the Isis Foundation and she decides to show him the office. Meanwhile, Lex is in his car talking to Dr. Jansen on his cell phone when he swerves to a stop trying to avoid Lana, who is standing in the street. She shatters his windshield with her superpowers.

Chloe takes Clark to Lana's Isis office and he uses his x-ray vision to find the surveillance chamber. They tap into a recording of Lex's cell phone and overhear him telling Lana that Project Scion is at plant number four.


Lana attempts to get revenge on Lex.

Lana has taken Lex to the plant and finds out that he is tracking aliens. Lex believes it is all related and believes she is still obsessed with him. He points out he hasn't hurt anyone and other aliens are on the way. Lana doesn't believe him and prepares to electrocute him. Lex points out that Clark will never consider her the same way again if she kills him. Lex kisses Lana but she chokes him and throws him into a wall, knocking him out.


Lois and Grant flirt with each other.

Clark arrives and tries to intervene, and Lana attacks him. The two fight and the container with the spaceship liquid and the kryptonite falls out, weakening both Lana and Clark. Clark breaks the vial apart, throwing the liquid away and running an electrical charge through the kryptonite and Lana. This reverses the power transfer and Lana loses her powers. As he tends to Lana, the liquid flows away on its own.

At the Daily Planet, Grant assures someone over the phone that "it" has been taken care of, and he erases computer files on Project Scion. Lois arrives at his offices to report she hasn't found any evidence to support Lana's story. She wants to talk about their encounter at the hospital and Grant kisses her. She considers for a moment, jokes about sexual harassment, and then kisses him back.

Clark goes to ask Lex if he plans to press charges against Lana. Lex says he has nothing planned and notes that Lana displayed her true feelings for him. He thinks she'll never move beyond her obsession.


Chloe speaks to Lana at Isis.

Lana returns to her surveillance center to find the cameras disabled, and Chloe waiting for her. Chloe is not impressed with Lana's excuses and doesn't believe she can give Clark the loyalty he deserves. Lana insists she'd do anything for Clark, and Chloe notes she'd even kill for him. Chloe wonders if Lana will bring Clark down, and warns she'll prevent it any way she can.


Project Scion enters a lab technician.

Lex is in the Project Scion labs with Dr. Jansen, trying to find the missing liquid substance. After he leaves, the material slips out from hiding and attaches itself to a female lab technician.

Clark meets with Lana at the barn and she tries to convince him she would never hurt him. She refuses to apologize to going to extremes to protect the person she loves and Clark notes she sounds like Lex. Lana notes that even Clark must have crossed a moral line to protect someone he loves. Clark says he is responsible for the situation, due to all the secrets he kept from her and now she can't trust him. Lana insists on living with the decisions that she's made and says that she needs to know he loves her no matter what. Clark doesn't reply.



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  • "My Eyes" - Travis
  • "So Down" - Salim Nourallah
  • "Girl From Petaluma" - John Dwyer & Ronald Mendelsohn
  • "Spell" - Marie Digby


  • Wrath is defined as "vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger".
    • Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins.
  • The title is a reference to Lana's extreme anger towards Lex after all his lies from Season Six. Once she gets superpowers from Clark, she uses those powers to try to kill Lex, steal his secrets, and discredit him with the media.
  • Wrath is the name of two characters who are adversaries of Batman.


  • Antagonist: Lana Lang
  • This is the first time that Lana Lang is an antagonist in an episode. 
  • Its revealed that if two super powered beings make love without restraint, it causes seismic activity for miles.
  • Lana displays the Kryptonian powers of super speed, super strength, X-ray vision, super hearing and heat vision. The only powers that Clark possesses that she does not display is super breath and super leaping. She got her powers in a very similar fashion to Eric Summers in Leech.
  • The fact it was an incomplete transfer of powers leaves it unknown as to level of distribution of the solar energy (or if it was equalized) not the powers themselves, seeing as it was not selective.
  • Jimmy Olsen and Kara Kent do not appear in this episode.
  • Chloe's interpretation of Isis to Lana was inaccurate. Isis had stolen the power from the deities as Chloe stated. However, in mythological terms that was good because she gave it to humanity to use thus empowering humanity to be free of the whims of the deities. In metaphorical terms, it was the idea that at one time the Nile would flood and those around it had no control over it. They saw it as the god's punishment. However, they eventually learned to conrol it and work with it so that the flood wouldn't destroy their crops, etc. Mankind took the deities' control over them. In the end it is almost analogous to what Lana does. She steals the Prometheus suit (Prometheus stole fire from the deities and allowed us to create civilization. There is some consistency in the religious motifs surrounding Lana) and uses it for humanity.
  • Eric Summers was mentioned by Chloe Sullivan. Eric was last seen in Season Three's Asylum.
  • Brainiac appears in this episode as black liquid. This is the first time he appears in any form since Fallout, where he appeared as the Black box and was turned to ash. He is shown to be immune to kryptonite in earlier appearances, but in this episode it seems to affect this portion of him.
  • When Lana first receives kryptonian abilities, she is able to hold the falling windmill although a piece of kryptonite is nearby and is what caused the power transfer in the first place. Considering Lana was sent flying from the lightning strike, the kryptonite would have been sent flying with her and thereby be a fair distance away from the windmill.
  • The password for Lex's safe at Plant Number 4 is 51805, Lana states that this is the date of the last meteor shower.
  • Chloe points out that Lana would even kill to protect Clark, sarcastically saying he is a lucky guy. This would later prove to be hypocritical, since Chloe would later kill someone to protect Clark's secret in season 8 episode Identity. Though, as she was infected by Brainiac at the time, it is unclear how much guilt she carried for the murder. When Oliver confronted her about the murder, she blamed Brainiac, but he was skeptical (as Brainiac would not kill someone to protect Clark's secret).
  • It is peculiar that after Lois was injured at The Daily Planet, she went to (or was taken to) Smallville Medical Center, which previous seasons established is approximately three hours away from Metropolis. The creators have stated that the distance is about 100 miles.


  • Chloe mentions Eric Summers, who also took Clark's powers with electricity in Leech and Asylum, and the instance when Jonathan Kent had Clark's powers in Phoenix.
  • The black liquid of Project Scion has formed from the ashes of the Kryptonian black box. These ashes were seen in Fallout.
  • Lex has a collection of Kryptonian references at Plant Number Four, among them are the message shown in a screen Virgil Swann reads in Rosetta; the symbol for "crusade" burned into the Kent's field in Covenant; Lana's drawing of the Disciples of Zod from Hidden and the symbol for "Zod" burned into Mayer's field in Vessel.
  • Lex tells Lana they started together what became Project Scion, this happened when they worked together trying to figure out all they could about the Black Ship in Splinter.
  • Chloe delicately mentions that she thought Clark and Lana couldn't have sex. This is also mentioned in Season Five's Fanatic, in which Clark admitted that he abstains from sex when his powers are intact. It also confirms a popular 1971 essay by Larry Niven, called "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", in which a sexual relationship between the adult Clark and Lois is depicted as scientifically implausible.
  • Brainiac entered Casey Brock, a lab technician, who is seen again in Gemini at the Isis Foundation.
  • Near the end of the episode Chloe tells Lana that, on purpose or not, she's not going to let her bring Clark down. The last time that Chloe and Lana got into a physical fight was in Season Three's Delete when Lana was hypnotized by Molly Griggs' "brainwave" computer virus.
  • Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel were last seen in Action.
  • This is one of the few times Clark uses his X-Ray vision and the viewers do not see what he sees. One of the other times is when he first enters Oliver's apartment.
  • This episode marks the 63rd appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.



Lana Lang as Superwoman in the 2016 DC Comics series of same name.

  • Lionel and Lex both give Biblical allusions in this episode. Lionel warns Clark with the story of Samson and Delilah, in which Samson trusted his lover Delilah with the secret to his immense strength, only to have her betray him. Lex compares himself to the Apostle Paul, who became a changed man after being struck blind by lightning (though blinded by a bright light - revealed to be Jesus, according to the official account) while on the road to Damascus.[1]
  • Another Biblical allusion, though subtle, is the license plate on Lex's car, which reads "LEX LXX." LXX is the Roman Numeral used to refer to the Septuagint, the first Greek version of the Bible, legendarily translated by seventy two writers in only seventy two days.[2].
  • Chloe compares Lana to "La Femme Nikita" a French vigilante spy heroine from the movie and television series, and contrasts her to Florence Nightingale, who is considered the pioneer of modern nursing.
  • Lois compares Lana to Joan Jett the female punk rocker due to her all black outfit and hair. Joan Jett had a penchant for wearing all black and had black hair in the early 1980s. Lois and Chloe also sang "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett in Pariah.
  • Grant teases Lois about her hospital gown, asking if it's "Vera Wang or maybe Dolce", which are luxury fashion brands.
  • Chloe apparently has a crush on Prince Harry, the then (very tall) 23-year-old third heir to the British throne.
  • Lois says that the vengeful look in Lana's eyes "made Medea look like Mother Hubbard", a reference to Medea from Greek mythology and a play by Euripedes. Fueled by jealousy, Medea sought revenge on her husband Jason. [3] In contrast, Mother Hubbard is a kind, grandmotherly figure from a popular nursery rhyme.
  • Lois states that Lana has an "Amazonian right hook." Amazons were a nation of all-female warriors in Greek Mythology. This could also be an allusion to DC's most popular Amazon, Wonder Woman.
  • Preceding the 2016 DC Comics event DC Rebirth, the New 52 version of Superman died, and both Lana Lang and Lois Lane were stricken by lightinings of the energy released from his body. The two women acquired powers and later took the mantle of Superwoman altogether. Lana acquired powers of absorbing and generating multiple powers of energy.

Lana Lang as Super-Lana in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #17.

  • Lana temporarily acquired Kryptonian powers in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #17 (May, 1960).



Chloe: (after Lana accidentally rips the refrigerator handle off) Whoa, someone's been eating their Wheaties!

Chloe: I thought you said you couldn't...
Lana: Normally, we couldn't, but...
Clark: You guys talk about this?!
Lana: What? It's just Chloe.

Clark: Chloe do you know what it feels like to wonder if someone close to you... isn't who you think?
Chloe: Did you really just ask me that question?

Lex: You can skip the "you're not welcome here" prologue. Someone left my vault door on the rug. Now, Lana was seen walking out of the mansion. You wanna tell me what the hell is going on?
Clark: I wish I knew.

Lionel: Samson trusted Delilah with the secret of his strength. But his trust didn't prevent Delilah from betraying him.

Chloe: In textbook talk, Isis is the goddess of love, and life, and healing. She even marched to the ends of the earth to help jump-start the man she loved. I want Clark to have that kind of loyalty in his life, but I'm just not sure it's from you.
Lana: I would do anything for Clark.
Chloe: Even kill. What a lucky guy. What the textbook left out is that Isis is also the goddess of the underworld. She's responsible for bringing the great god Ra to his knees.
Lana: You believe that I would do that to Clark.
Chloe: Not intentionally, but I realize now that you're capable of it. You should just know that I'm not gonna let that happen.

Lana: You can do anything, and all you've done is hide out on some farm.
Clark: I've protected the people I care about... at least I've tried to.

Lex: Lana still has feelings for me.
Clark: Don't flatter yourself, Lex, those powers made her obsessed.
Lex: Exactly. And passion like that doesn't come out of the blue. What do you think is stronger, Clark - her hatred for me or her affection for you?
Clark: She was angry. But eventually she'll move on.
Lex: Don't hold your breath. Funny thing about obsession is.. it outlives everything. Even love.
Clark: Lana never would have done anything like this before she'd been with you.
Lex: Well I wish I could take all the credit, but... I wasn't the first person to teach her about betrayal, now was I? It's hard to face what you've created, isn't it?

Clark: But I guess that's my fault. I didn't trust you years ago and now for some reason you can't trust me.
Lana: We will find our way back from this.
Clark: Will we? Well, I can live with you changing. I just need to accept the fact that I am responsible for it.
Lana: Don't take all the blame so you don't taint the image that you created.

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