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Dr. William McBride was an esteemed psychologist at the Belle Reve Sanitarium. After Alicia Baker's homicidal outbreak and her subsequent institutionalization, Dr. McBride personally oversaw her treatment. During which time, he developed his own obsession with his prized patient.

During her treatment, Dr. McBride concluded that it was her fixation on Clark Kent that triggered her psychosis. This escalated into him holding Clark responsible for her condition, going so far as to study police files and collect evidence to ensure Clark's institutionalization.

To ensure that Alicia was not a flight risk, Dr. McBride developed a specialized bracelet which periodically introduced trace amounts of lead into her bloodstream to nullify her powers. With this insurance in place, McBride concluded that she was healthy enough for her discharge.

Season Four

Dr. McBride had apparently developed his own obsession with his young patient and sought to remove Clark by shooting him. However, Alicia teleported in front of the bullet to protect Clark's secret and Clark threw McBride through the barn wall. McBride survived and was sent to Belle Reve for treatment.