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Perry White drinks at the Wild Coyote.

The Wild Coyote is a bar at the edge of Smallville.

Season Two

  • In Red, the former bartender there had a business arrangement with Sheriff Miller, allowing him to serve alcohol to minors. Clark takes Lana to the bar while he is infected with red kryptonite. While there, he ends up abandoning Lana to dance with Jessie Brooks. He also gets in a bar fight and attracts a lot of attention using his super-strength.
  • In Suspect, Jonathan Kent is given a drug by the bartender at the Wild Coyote as part of being framed for murder by the Sheriff Ethan Miller. According to the bartender, Jonathan was berating Lionel Luthor and doing double shots of tequila last night before he bought the whole bottle and left. The bartender turned out to be lying, and was later killed and put into a freezer, presumably by his co-conspirator, Sheriff Miller.

Season Three