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Whitney Ransick was a director of Smallville. He directed the following episodes:

Season Four

  • Spirit (written by Luke Schelhaas) - On the eve of the Smallville High School Prom, stuck-up Prom Queen candidate Dawn Stiles is pulled into a coma when she is involved in a car crash and ends up in a ravine filled with dozens of chunks of kryptonite. Dawn finds her spirit can possess the bodies of others, where she continues her quest to become Prom Queen.

Season Five

  • Hidden (written by Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson) - Gabriel, a former Smallville High student, hacks into missile codes and prepares to eliminate metahumans in Smallville once and for all. A powerless Clark confronts him and is shot, and only Jor-El can save him.
  • Tomb (written by Steven S. DeKnight) - The spirit of a young girl is released after Clark finds a corpse in the walls of the Talon. Clark must follow the trail of the spirit and find her killer, who has been preying on girls in Smallville for the past 10 years. When Lois is suddenly kidnapped, Clark has to come to the rescue.
  • Oracle (written by Caroline Dries) - Clark is stunned when he sees his father's ghost at the graveyard, but becomes even more confused after Jonathan tells him he must kill Lionel. Meanwhile, Lex develops a vaccine for Fine's deadly virus, but Fine intervenes and injects him with the vaccine, which causes a shocking reaction in Lex.

Season Six

  • Wither (written by Tracy Bellomo) - Still guilt-ridden about the destruction he caused while he was Zod, Lex throws a charity costume ball for the town and hires the All-American Rejects to perform. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe pursue a creature who uses male human bodies as potting mix to procreate, and the hunt intensifies after the creature gets hold of Jimmy Olsen. Lois reluctantly agrees to be Oliver Queen's date to Lex’s ball.
  • Rage (written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer) - Clark discovers the Green Arrow was shot while trying to save a couple from a carjacking, but when he goes to investigate, Oliver denies he was injured.
  • Labyrinth (written by Al Septien & Turi Meyer) - Clark is attacked and wakes up in a mental asylum where the attending physician, Dr. Hudson, tells him he has been there for five years due to his elaborate fantasy that he has alien superpowers. In this new world, Martha is married to Lionel Luthor, Chloe is deemed insane, and Lana chose Clark over Lex. Only one person, another patient named John believes Clark and urges him to fight.

Season Seven

  • Fierce (written by Holly Harold) - Kara signs up for the "Miss Sweet Corn" pageant and meets three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule. After Tyler witnesses Kara using her powers, the girls pretend to be her friends, but are really planning to use her for their devious plan. Meanwhile, Lana returns to the Kent Farm.
  • Gemini (written by Caroline Dries) - Clark returns to Smallville. A man named Adrian secretly plants a bomb on Chloe and tells Lois if she doesn't get Lex to admit the truth about his experiments with Level 33.1, he will detonate the bomb. Chloe, thinking she is about to die, confesses to Jimmy that she is a meteor freak.

    Whitney Ransick speaks with Aaron Ashmore and Allison Mack while directing the episode Sleeper.

  • Sleeper (written by Caroline Dries) - Clark desperately searches for Kara and Brainiac, as Brainiac is the only one who can reverse Lana's condition. Clark asks Chloe to check any large power surges in the area, so she breaks into several government computers, setting off alarms. Jimmy is caught between the Department of Domestic Security - who threatens him with jail time unless he helps them arrest Chloe - and Lex, who offers to help clear Chloe if Jimmy agrees to be in his debt.


  • Whitney directed a total of 10 episodes.

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