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Whitney's letter was Whitney Fordman's response to Lana Lang's video letter from Heat.

Comic Book

After Whitney receives the video letter describing where she stands in the relationship (she doesn't specify feeling anything for Clark, but states that her feelings have changed) he writes a letter in response to give his input on her decision. He dies in combat (as described in Visage) before he can give her the letter.

The Letter

The letter is shown briefly at the end of the story, with most of words shown in narration blocks.

The text of the letter is below;

Dear Lana,

I got your video. Your words were painful to hear, difficult to accept and completely honest. Problem was they were truths I didn't want to hear. In the midst of destruction and sorrow, I thought you were my lifeline to sanity.

You've spent a lot of your life feeling abandoned and lonely. Lately, I can sympathize. But strangely enough, it was you who reminded me, I'm not alone. By holding so tightly to you, I was closing myself off from those who need me the most.

I left Smallville to help, to make a difference. I'd never have made it this far without you, but you're right. It's time to let go. I'm needed elsewhere. We're in a tough spot, now. Our ride out of here never showed and we're on the run. But you're still helping boost morale.

I've lived a pretty selfish life. Thanks for helping me change. I'm glad you're searching for happiness.

I hope you find it.

Love Whitney.


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