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WayneTech is a company that is based in Gotham City. It was founded by the Wayne Family, who through each generation, has a Wayne family member joining the company. Currently billionaire Bruce Wayne is the CEO and owner of WayneTech. Before, Bruce Wayne's father Thomas Wayne was the head of the conglomerate, until Thomas and his wife were murdered by Joe Chill.


WayneTech makes various technological equipment and/or devices for public use such as laptops.

A WayneTech laptop.

Bruce Wayne utilizes the vast technological inventory of WayneTech to sustain his own gadget supply and aid in his war on crime as The Batman.

WayneTech, along with Michael Holt and Ted Kord also had joined together in order to build a Super Collider in Antarctica, in order to create zero point energy to "save the world from itself".

Important People


  • Cyberwear (Formerly owned by Michael Holt)
  • WayneTech Research & Development

Confirmed Locations

Gotham City

Season Eleven

Bruce Wayne along with his Barbara Gordon went to Metropolis for a meeting with Lex Luthor possibly to see if LexCorp was interested in joining a project,along with Ted Kord and Michael Holt, but Lex however refused and cites that he's still rebuilding Lexcorp from the damage Tess Mercer and Lionel Luthor did when they ran the company.

Property Holdings

  • Wayne Super Collider


  • Along with LexCorp and Queen Industries, WayneTech exists in the comics. However in the main comics Wayne Tech is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises while it seems that WayneTech is the main company/Wayne Enterprises in the Smallville universe.

In the Comics

Wayne Enterprises in the comics.

Wayne Enterprises was officially erected in the 19th century and thus is one of the oldest companies in the world. Although, it was founded by Bruce's ancestors as a merchant house in the 17th century, the company changed when the heir of Judge Solomon Wayne, Alan, utilized his father's wealth and erected the Wayne Shipping company and also the Wayne Chemical company into the city. Thus it was officially erected in the 19th century. Along the years, it has evolved from a merchant house to a large multinational conglomerate company that can go up against its bigger competitor LexCorp.

Solomon Wayne's son Alan founded Wayne Enterprises in the 19th century, which grew to become Gotham's, and later one of America's leading corporations. Alan used his father's wealth and founded Wayne Shipping and Wayne Chemical. Wayne Manufacturing soon followed as the fourth branch of the company. All these companies were energized and powered by the world's Industrial Revolution and they kept changing; more branches were opened and built while others dwindled and were discarded.

Wayne Enterprises became a green company under the control of Patrick and Laura Wayne and has been environmentally conscious from that time forward. Even when environmentalism wasn't a fad or a necessity, Wayne Enterprises followed those ideals. At the turn of the 20th century, Wayne Enterprises was the city in many ways and even now they employ the largest part of the city's considerable work-force.

Through two World Wars and the great recessions the company has come through and with the help of Lucius Fox it now stands as the forerunner in many fields of technology. WayneCorp changed its name to Wayne Enterprises in the 1980's. It has been able to rejuvenate itself many times and has been able to survive and stand tall even after the Cataclysm and the Billion Dollar Build-Up where its efforts were far greater than LexCorp's.

Currently, Wayne Technologies, Wayne Chemicals with Wayne Pharmaceuticals, and Wayne Aerospace stand tall in the forefront of pharmaceutical and technological research and development. They have many joint ventures with Drake Medical and S.T.A.R. Labs and even some with LexCorp.

The company spans the globe and is a large power in the global marketplace. As a multi-billion dollar company on a bad day, it is definitely not going down the drain in a hurry. In fact, it just recently purchased a company that was the forerunner in the field of nano-technology and anti-gravity. Wayne Enterprises was also in the running to build the next space plane and the company's subsidiaries all have multiple government contracts and deals.

Wayne Enterprises has many branches. The company owns mining companies, shipping, oil drilling and refineries, food and agricultural productions and agricultural technology being produced. Some of the most significant things to the normal consumer are consumer electronics like Hi-Fi systems and computers. Wayne Entertainment owns the Sommerset Stadium, its own record label, and the premiere news paper in the world, the Daily Planet. It also has many deals with different entertainers. Wayne Aerospace is a very successful aerospace company that produces, researches and develops aeronautical systems from avionics to airplanes to helicopters to weapons systems. Wayne Technologies researches cybernetics and nanotechnologies along with other bio-engineering systems and pharmaceuticals, along with WayneChem. WayneTech is the healthcare system in Gotham as it owns most of the healthcare facilities in Gotham City and Gotham County. Wayne Steel specializes in manufacturing, steel and metallurgical application, and ship building. Wayne Steel owns three shipyards in the city and many more across the world. Wayne Steel's largest customer is the United States government as the recent crises have left the Navy's ships and weapons depleted. Wayne Enterprises has recently boosted its botanical research with S.T.A.R. Labs and is hopeful of the future of this partnership.

Even though the Billion-Dollar Build-Up was a large strain on Wayne Enterprises, it has quickly bounced back to be a true force to be reckoned with in the global community. Its main headquarters are in the Wayne Tower in Gotham. There are branch offices and headquarters all over the world, with the second largest office tower in New York City.

Of course, Wayne Enterprises is much more than just a place for Bruce Wayne to make money. It is the best way for Batman to get information, news, and rumors from the corporate world. The companies of today are nations unto themselves and they are great forces to be reckoned with. There is also the fact that even though Bruce Wayne is a jetsetting playboy, he works too and Wayne Enterprises gives a great cover story for zipping to wherever and whenever. It has grown to become one of the world's top ten multinational conglomerates. Today, WayneCorp continues to achieve excellence across a wide range of industry sectors and markets, employing some 170,000 people in 170 countries. The current CEO and Chairman, Bruce Wayne, is a keen modernizer and continues to grow the business in the financial sector and in high end technologies. Bruce Wayne maintains a 51% majority ownership/control of the common stock, as the controlling stockholder of Wayne Enterprises. This allows for the prevention of any hostile takeover attempts of the company by a corporate raider or nefarious individual, attempting to seek control of the vast Wayne empire. Another 30% percent of the common stock is in friendly hands of allies of Bruce Wayne. Therefore, any hostile takeover attempts of Wayne Enterprises would be doomed to fail on the onset of the attempted takeover. The Senior Vice President of Finance, Miss Wells (Harvard MBA in Economics) works closely with Mr. Wayne to inform and ensure major shareholders vote their proxies in favor of the board of directors, assuring Bruce Wayne and his executives, control and influence of company decisions, policies, and operational procedures. The company is the eighth largest international conglomerate in the DC universe.

At some point, Wayne Enterprises acquired Kord Industries.

In the comics, Wayne Technologies is the biggest single branch underneath the Wayne Enterprises umbrella of companies. It has always been there but only in the 1980's did it start to skyrocket as more and more innovations were made and new things were discovered. As alien invasions and involvement have become more commonplace, WayneTech has acquired alien technology and used it for research & development. This has boosted WayneTech's technology and science levels to rival LexCorp. Some of Wayne Technologies' research into alien technology has contributed to large advances in medicine, cybernetics, pharmaceuticals and avionics.

Few remember the scandal over ten years ago where Wayne Technologies was involved in a covert espionage technology operation. To some Wayne Technologies has a bad name even though the PR office has managed to make the public forget the whole incident. The knowledge and the information gleaned from that operation wasn't lost and with more research, WayneTech has become the forerunner in cybernetics and biotechnologies, rivaling LexCorp and Drake Medical. This means that Batman has access to any conceivable piece of technology he might need, including super-alloys, nanotech, and biotech.

Other subsidiaries of WayneTech include: Holt Holdings Inc. (the company formerly owned by the current Mister Terrific), Wayne Biotech, Wayne Pharmaceuticals, and Wayne Healthcare. Wayne Healthcare runs the healthcare system in Gotham City.

WayneTech is a great resource for Batman. Not only does it provide contacts into the high technology world, it can be used to analyze whatever gadget he might find faster than he would be able to do alone. WayneTech is also a good source of income as the company owns dozens of patents, including all of Holt's systems except the T-Spheres -- not that it would be difficult to manufacture them if needed.

Thanks to all this, Batman has access to any kind of medical facility or procedure, from normal to special or experimental applications, information and medical analysis. Through the company he also has access to medical files on everyone in Gotham. Since WayneTech is the market leader and dominates in cybernetic applications, he has extremely high level government contracts and contacts.


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