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This article is about the fictional Warrior Angel comic book character. For the magical Warrior Angel from the Season 9 episode Warrior, see Alec Abrams.

"Warrior Angel" comics

Clark Kent: "Warrior Angel, why him?"
Ryan James: "Because he protects people who can't protect themselves."
Clark Kent and Ryan James in Stray

A Warrior Angel Sketch from Smallville Magazine

Warrior Angel is a fictional comic book character in the Smallville universe.


A cover of Warrior Angel #5

Warrior Angel is a strange visitor from another planet who grew up in a small town on earth and becomes a superhero to protect the weak. He is bald, uses a blue suit with a symbol on his chest in the form of a W with wings, a red cape and sometimes feathered wings. He constantly keeps his identity in secret adopting the human alter ego of Stephen Swift. He battles his nemesis, the evil villain Devilicus and other villains that want take over the world.

According to the story, Warrior Angel and Devilicus were once best friends. Devilicus started as an ally for Warrior Angel and helped him in his travels, but later, Devilicus tried to convince the Warrior Angel to rule the Guardian Realm with him. When the hero refused the idea, Devilicus turned against him and they became great enemies. On one occasion, Warrior Angel's girlfriend Penelope tried to expose the truths about Devilicus to the world. She clashed face to face with the villain, who shot her in the chest. Warrior Angel was too late to save her and she died in his arms. Since then, Warrior Angel has dedicated his life to using his powers to save the world.

Warrior Angel has an Aerodrome flying through the skies, where he constantly takes refuge where he spends most of his time watching over the world and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Parallels with Superman

The Warrior Angel first issue cover

  • The covers of the first issues of Warrior Angel and Action Comics are extremely similar. In both, the hero is holding aloft a car with his hands. Both were first published in June 1938.
  • During the episode "Stray", the cover of the comic that Ryan has in his hands shows Warrior Angel loading into his arms what appears to be a girl apparently dead. This cover is similar to the cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, in which Superman is shown carrying the dead body of Supergirl.
  • The Aerodrome of Warrior Angel has similarity to the Fortress of Solitude of Superman in many ways. In fact, Ryan refers to the Aerodrome as the "fortress" of Warrior Angel, where he can go to escape their problems and which is located in the skies so no one can find it. The Fortress of Solitude from Superman is also located in a secret place and only a few can reach it.
  • One of the many enemies that can see beating the Warrior Angel is a purple monster with wings that looks like a demon. This creature is similar to Brainiac, another great enemy of Superman, in many ways. Both are the same color with a distinctive symbol on the forehead.

Cover of a Warrior Angel comic book that resembles Brainiac

  • Although Devilicus has been compared during the series with Lex Luthor, the appearance of the villain in the comic resembles more to the Kryptonian creature Doomsday. Both have a bony protrusions, horns, and gray-green skin.
  • In the Warrior Angel comic, Devilicus tried to convince the Warrior Angel to rule the Guardian Realm with him; this is mirrored by the comic book Lex, who tried to employ Superman in The Man of Steel #4.
  • Like in the Superman comics, the girlfriend of Warrior Angel, Penelope, is an intrepid reporter that always gets into trouble, just like as Lois Lane.

Parallels with Clark in the series

Through the series, the similarity between Clark Kent and the Warrior Angel has been emphasized on several occasions.

Warrior Angel saves someone.

  • Both came from a distant planet, have superpowers, were raised in a small town and grew to save the weak.
  • The two have a fortress where they go when they need answers.

Warrior Angel captures a bullet.

  • Both Clark and the Warrior Angel have planted a friendship with someone who was destined to turn to evil. Like Devilicus and Warrior Angel, Lex started as an ally for Clark but turned against him because his ambition and thirst for power. In the comic of Warrior Angel, Devilicus tried to convince the Warrior Angel to rule the world with him. Lex made a similar offer in the Season Four episode Onyx, and finally, when he learned Clark's secret in Arctic he says to Clark that they could have achieved much together, giving a glimpse of the true intentions of Lex.
  • Clark has demonstrated on several occasions the same behavior and the same actions performed by the Warrior Angel on the comics. In Stray, when Ryan reads, "You're safe now", Clark later tell him the exact same words in the same context.
  • Both Warrior Angel and Clark have been shown catching bullets.[1]

Penelope dies in Warrior Angel's arms.

  • In Reckoning Lana dies because of Lex Luthor and Clark arrives late and is unable to save her. Although Clark reverses time and saves her, this story is similar to the Warrior Angel story arc, when his girlfriend is killed by Devilicus.
  • Both Lana Lang and Lois Lane, Clark's romantic interests, have sought to expose Lex on several occasions, just like Penelope does in Warrior Angel with Devilicus.[2]
  • Like the Warrior Angel, Clark accepts his destiny as a hero once he loses the love of his life, in this case Lana Lang, after she moves away from Smallville. (Kara)
  • Devilicus' history is analogous to the story of Lex Luthor in the series, and his appearance is similar to Doomsday. Davis Bloome, Doomsday's human persona, was also a powerful villain that Clark had to face. The two actually played "Warrior Angel" together in a chance encounter. (Eternal)


A Warrior Angel cover

The "Warrior Angel" comic book is featured in several episodes:

  • Stray - Ryan James introduces Clark Kent to the comic. When Clark saves him from his evil step-father, Ryan compares Clark to the hero. He is unimpressed to find out that Clark's friend Lex Luthor owns the entire comics collection. Lex remarks that he identified with Warrior Angel because he was bald.
  • Ryan - Ryan James returns, seriously ill. He and Clark talk about Warrior Angel to avoid discussing Ryan's health problems. Lex shows

    The Warrior Angel

    Ryan his collection and gives him a rare version. Ryan mentions that Warrior Angel has an aerodome that allows him to escape his troubles. Clark takes Ryan on a hot-air balloon ride just before Ryan passes away. Clark collects and presumably keeps Ryan's comics collection from his hospital room.
  • Reunion - A teenage Lex Luthor and Duncan Allenmeyer collect the comics, but they are teased and bullied by Oliver Queen, who rips their newest issue in half.
  • Action

    The actors playing Warrior Angel, Devilicus and Penelope on set.

    - A film for the comics is being filmed on the Kent Farm, but one of the crew members is an obsessed fan and attempts to kill the starring actress because he is unhappy with the plot details of the film that differ from the comics storyline. Note: Beginning with this episode, Warrior Angel is no longer portrayed as having feathered wings, and only wearing a red cape.
  • Veritas - A nine-year-old Lex Luthor is playing with a Warrior Angel action figure just before boarding a helicopter to Smallville.
  • Quest - Edward Teague remarks that he didn't recognize Lex without a Warrior Angel toy in his hand.
  • Instinct - Jimmy Olsen is shown to own a few copies as he is moving into Chloe's apartment.
  • Eternal - Davis Bloome removes Lex's hat and asks if he is Warrior Angel. Lex answers that he wants to be. Davis gives Lex an action figure of Warrior Angel.
  • Warrior - a boy named Alec Abrams gets a hold of a Warrior Angel comic enchanted by John Zatara (Zatanna Zatara's father). The comic transforms him into the comic's title character, Warrior Angel.
  • Finale - Jonathan Sullivan-Queen is wearing Warrior Angel pyjamas.
  • Lantern - Clark and Lois walk out of a cinema after watching a movie called "Warrior Angels: United".


Superman: Redemption cover

Warrior Angel: Secret Origin Cover

  • Warrior Angel's appearance alters dramatically between his second and third appearance. He was originally portrayed as having angel-like wings, but in his third appearance, these were seemingly forgotten and replaced with a red cape.
  • Ryan James, Lex Luthor, Duncan Allenmeyer, Davis Bloome, Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan and Alec Abrams are fans of the Warrior Angel comic book.
  • Though he hasn't been shown reading the comic, Oliver Queen is shown playing with a Warrior Angel action figure in the first Oliver Queen Chronicles webisode.
  • Warrior Angel fans who have become villains include Lex Luthor, Duncan Allenmeyer, Ben Meyers and Davis Bloome.
  • In "Superman: Redemption", the appearance of the Man of Steel is similar to Warrior Angel since he appeared with red wings instead of his traditional cape.
  • Throughout the series, Clark Kent's habit as a mysterious savior to those around him has been likened to that of a guardian angel. This comparison between the young man and the divine being is almost never remarked upon by characters. Rather, it is shown visually in the show by having Clark Kent frequently in the same shot as an effigy of an angel, be it statue, drawing, or painting.
  • Some people believe that is a continuity error in the numbering of the Warrior Angel comics. In "Action", Devilicus is "the arch-rival" in issue #5; but in Ryan, Lex says that Devilicus turns against Warrior Angel in issue #66 which, chronologically, most likely would have been written after issue #5. However, since Warrior Angel's girlfriend is threatening to expose Devilicus for who he really is, this may mean that Warrior Angel still thinks Devilicus is a friend and doesn't realise that he is evil. If this is the case, the numbering makes sense. It may also have been a flashback issue, a frequently-used device in comic books, especially Golden and Silver Age comics when the origin of a character was often not immediately revealed. (For example, Silver Age Superboy's rivalry with Lex Luthor was not given an origin until well into the 1950s.) Another possibility is that Warrior Angel has been renumbered several times based on the fact that most people are surprised by Devilicus becoming Warrior Angel's enemy and renumbering being very common in comic books (for example in 2011 every single comic in DC was renumbered or cancelled).
  • Warrior Angel has a winged 'W' insignia, just like Superman has a "S".
  • The Emblem of Warrior Angel featured in the episode "Warrior" resembles the insignia of Wonder Woman.
  • Because Warrior Angel's original origins have him being a 12-year-old, fans have said it reminds them of Captain Marvel.
  • The special edition "Warrior Angel: Secret Origins" featured on the episode Warrior, could be a reference to the recently released new comic of the writer Geoff Johns "Superman: Secret Origin". Both comics tells in some way, a different story about the origins of their respective superheroes. One of the most notable changes in the Warrior Angel comic, is the fact that the Warrior Angel has hair and his alien heritage was changed. He has no wings and actually only was a small child who gets his powers from an enchanted comic book and ends up becoming Devilicus after feeling betrayed by all his loved ones. However, as this edition never came to light, this continuity is not canon in the Smallville Universe.
  • In the first Warrior Angel comic, it's revealed that Warrior Angel became the villain Devilicus; then his origin story was re-written to make him more heroic in later comics. In a similar way, Superman's first appearance in the comics was as a villain, in The Reign of the Super-Man. He was later rewritten as a hero in Action Comics #1.


Warrior Angel vs. Devilicus cover

Lex: "Well, I bet he didn't bring you number 66."
Ryan: "That's the rarest issue. It's the one where Devilicus turned against Warrior Angel. Weren't they best friends?"
Lex: "Once upon a time."
Ryan: "What happened to them?"
Lex: "Well, they ruled the Guardian Realm together... until Devilicus told Warrior Angel... that they should join forces and conquer humanity. Together, no one would be able to stop them."
Ryan: "What did Warrior Angel say?"
Lex: "He refused. He believed it was a hero's sacred duty to protect those weaker than himself. Devilicus thought he was naive and vowed to destroy him and everything he stood for."
Ryan: "Why do you think Devilicus went bad?"
Lex: "I'm not sure. Probably wasn't aware of it. You see, Ryan, in life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch."
Ryan: "You should remember that, Lex."
Lex Luthor and Ryan James in Ryan

Lex: "I just read about your heroics in the paper. Who needs Warrior Angel when we've got our own Clark Kent?"
Clark: "Actually, that's why I'm here. I was wondering if you could help me with a reference. You're the biggest Warrior Angel fan I know."
Lex: "Was a fan. I haven't picked up a comic since we were friends. Back when I saw life as black and white. When I realized good and evil was gray, the stories lost their magic. Though I have to admit, yours is the last nose I'd expect to find in a comic."
Lex Luthor and Clark Kent in Action


  1. Clark has been seen catching bullets at least in Crisis and Fade, and Warrior Angel is seen doing so as well. [1]
  2. Lana sought to expose Lex in Wrath and Lois tried in Action and Gemini.

3. History of Warrior Angel written by Derek Russell of Smallville Magazine