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The werehouse 15

Warehouse 15 was a secret warehouse outside Metropolis used by LuthorCorp to house the Black Ship.

Season Five

Milton Fine, Brainiac's human disguise, emerged from a sentient black liquid. Fine often left the warehouse to play Clark Kent's professor at CKU. He was eventually pursued to Warehouse 15 by a LuthorCorp employee who threatened to kill him. Fine managed to impale the man without difficulty using sharp, metallic limbs. (Thirst)

Some weeks later, Chloe Sullivan entered the warehouse illegally in order to uncover the truth about Milton Fine. The Black Ship later disappeared after Clark fought with Brainiac in the Fortress of Solitude. (Solitude)

The warehouse was blown up by Deputy Greg Flynn and Deputy Harris. (Lockdown) Lionel Luthor later used footage of Clark saving Lana from this explosion in order to trick Martha Kent into trusting him. (Cyborg)