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"Nothing - nothing - is gonna stand between me and my legacy!" - Walt Arnold, Hothead.

Walter "Walt" Arnold was the coach of the Smallville Crows football team and a metahuman with the ability to create and control fire. After his death, he was succeeded by Coach Wayne Quigley.

Powers and Abilities

Walt using energy projection

  • Pyrokinesis: Walt gained the ability to create and control fire from a sauna he received as a gift from the Smallville High Alumni association after his 20 coaching years for the Crows. He used meteor rocks in the sauna, breathed in the hot fumes, and soon developed the ability to control heat and fire. Walt used his powers to make solid objects ignite, to control the direction and rate at which flames would spread, and to somehow set water aflame.


Walt becomes so enraged and burns.

Despite being able to create and control fire, Walt was not immune to fire. Eventually, he burned to death using fire he had himself created.

Early life

Walt Arnold was noted to have brought the Crows to victory for over 25 years and had won 200 games. (The game played that episode, which he did not see, was the 200th game that Arnold had won.)

Arnold coached Jonathan Kent when he attended Smallville High and has been using the same techniques since including the phrase "be your own man" to encourage students to play football. Arnold also coached Pete, Pete's father, and Pete's brothers.

Season One

Walt talking with the players.

Arnold lit Kwan's car up after the principal threatened to fire Arnold from the job. Kwan would have died if Clark hadn't pulled him out just in time. When a cheating scandal broke out, a football player told Principal Kwan that Walt had given several players on the football team test answers to ensure his team's eligibility to play. After the coach discovered someone had squealed, he gathered them up to intimidate them with his pyrokinetic ability.

Walt uses his skill against Chloe.

However, Chloe Sullivan followed them to the field, getting plenty of pictures of a pyrotechnic sprinkler system. After the coach found out about Chloe's presence at the field, he lit the Torch on fire, frying the computers and destroying the pictures of him from the school hard drive.

Walt burns himself to death.

When Clark confronted Arnold about Arnold's abilities, Arnold locked Clark in the meteor-rock-filled sauna, but Clark broke a window, which caught Jonathan's attention to break into the sauna and release Clark from the room. Walt was defeated when Clark confronted him the second time. During their fight, Clark continued to mock him, causing him to overdo it with the fire, burning himself to death in the process.




  • Dan Lauria also played a character named "Jack Arnold" on The Wonder Years. Walt's surname, Arnold, is likely an homage to this popular character.
  • Walt's powers reflects on his bad temper.
  • Walt got his powers from a sauna which also produces heat.
  • Walt was the only villain who got killed by his own power.
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