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Chloe's Wall of Weird

"It started out as a scrapbook... and then it just kind of mutated!"—Chloe Sullivan

The Wall of Weird was a mural, and later either an online database or a website, as it was accessed on a computer, originally made by Chloe Sullivan about all the strange and bizarre things that happened as the result of the 1989 meteor shower.

Physical Appearance

The Wall of Weird was a collage made up of clipped magazine and newspaper articles.

Early life

The Wall of Weird started out as a scrapbook that Chloe Sullivan kept but she eventually began to hang the articles up in the darkroom of the Torch office. Eventually, she moved it to the wall of the classroom that served as the office of the Torch.

Season One

During her freshman year, Coach Walt Arnold set fire to the Wall, but Chloe quickly and successfully repaired it to its full glory.

The Wall of Weird contained the cover of infamous Time Magazine issue featuring the anguished cry of a three-year-old Lana Lang on the day of the meteor shower. While Lana hated the fact that she was on the Wall, she never asked Chloe to take her picture down. When Clark Kent first saw the wall, he became upset because he felt he was responsible the meteor shower and all of its adverse effects.

Season Two

Chloe once featured articles on Clark detailing his dramatic rescue of Lex Luthor (Pilot) and his discovery of Kawatche Caves. (Skinwalker)

Season Four

When Chloe discovered Clark had super powers, she took down the articles featuring him and expressed regret at ferreting out "meteor freaks" due to the prejudice many people express toward them. (Pariah)

Season Five

Chloe took the Wall down for good when she graduated from high school, but set up a miniature version of it in her dorm room at Metropolis University. Her roomate hated the Wall and tried to take it down, but was stopped by Chloe. After Lana became a Tri-Psi vampire, the roomate got scared and transferred away to NYU, and Lana took the place as Chloe's roomate. It can be assumed that Lana had no problem with the Wall and it remained up until Chloe left the Unversity. (Thirst)

Season Ten

The Wall of Weird is seen without the pictures and articles when Clark returns to the High School for a reunion. However two younger Torch reporters, Zoe and Clayton, then explain that they have taken up the Wall of Weird legacy and it is now viral online. (Homecoming)


  • Even after it was dismantled, Clark and Chloe would sometimes speculate on whether or not strange events were "Wall of Weird material". (Echo)
  • Both Lex and Lionel learned about Chloe's theories about the 1989 meteor shower from her Wall of Weird. (Craving, Forever)


Pete: (to Chloe) I think you ought to show him.
Clark: Show me what?
Chloe: It started out as a scrapbook and just kind of mutated.
Clark: What is it?
Chloe: I call it the Wall of Weird. It's every strange, bizarre, and unexplained event that's happened in Smallville since the meteor shower. That's when it all began -- when the town went schizo. So what do you think?
Clark: Why didn't you tell me about this?
Chloe: Do you tell me everything that happens in your life? We all keep secrets, Clark.
Clark: Lana? My fault. It's all my fault.
Season One, Pilot

Pete: Clark. What's going on?
Clark: Look, I know this may sound crazy, but Whitney may not be Whitney.
Chloe: Are you getting existential on us, or is this Wall of Weird material?
Clark: I think he's Tina Greer.
Chloe: The mighty-morphing power girl?
Season Two, Visage

Lionel: Hmm... this is an interesting display.
Chloe: Yeah, I call it the Wall of Weird.
Season Two, Witness