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Patricia hands Clark the journal.

Virgil Swann kept a journal which contained extensive notes on the Traveler and Veritas, including symbols in the Kryptonian language.

Early History

Dr Swann noted down all foreign transmissions down in his journal prior to his death which include transmissions sent from Krypton by Jor-El and transmissions sent by Jor-El from the cave to Jonathan Kent. Swann's notes were transcribed into the journal by his assistant.

Season Seven

After Virgil's death, his daughter Patricia was bequeathed the journal. Years later, she gave it to Clark Kent before she was killed.

Clark found a page mysteriously appeared in the journal that stated how to save Lana in the Fortress. This message came from Kara on Krypton. It suddenly appeared because Brainiac changed fate by traveling back in time with Kara.

Season Nine

Faora reading the messages of the diary.

Two years later, Clark showed to Faora the pages of the diary, with the messages of how Zod destroyed Krypton, revealing to her Zod's true intentions on Earth. Faora draws the Book of Rao to show Clark what Zod is searching for and that the device has great power.

Lois discovers the journal.

Later Lois searched for answers about Clark after Zod deceived her into believing that Clark was a threat, in order to obtain the Book of Rao. Lois stumbled upon Clark's box trunk in his Loft where among mementos of his childhood, she discovered the journal. She found out that it contains many pages of Kryptonian writings including Faora's drawing of the Book of Rao which surprised her a lot.

Season Ten

Lois' guide to the Fortress.

Clark gave Lois the journal, so she could learn everything about him. Soon after, while Lois' father and sister visited the farm, the journal was nearly spotted by Lucy Lane.

Portal to the Fortress.

When Lois was preparing to venture to off to the Fortress of Solitude, she searched through the journal and discovered that she needed a key to access the gateway that was in an hidden chamber in the abandoned Kawatche Caves.



  • It is stated by Patricia that this is only one of a series of journals Swann kept throughout his life.
  • Several of the pages contain writings that are actually translatable using the Kryptonian alphabet, including "Lana can be saved at the Fortress", and "Krypton will be destroyed any minute and Brainiac's getting closer". However, others seem to be gibberish and contain symbols not in the traditionally used Kryptonian alphabet.