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Vincent "Vince" Davis was the older brother and guardian of Garrett Davis.

Early life

Vince's parents died when Garrett was very little. He operated a demolition business and used meteor rocks to enhance the performance of his explosives. He used to call his little brother "runt," and his biggest wish was to see Garrett graduate from high school. He died from a liver disease and was given a mysterious serum which revived him for a brief time.

Powers and abilities

Although not an ability, Vince was able to come back to life, by using the Lazarus serum. Although the effects of the latter where temporal and with adverse side-effects.

Season Three

He escaped Metron Pharmaceutical Labs, owned by Lionel Luthor, as well as tried to go underground with his brother. Unfortunately, when the serum wore off, his liver began to fail again. He was returned to Smallville Medical Center, but the serum failed to work a second time and there were no livers available for him. His little brother made a foolish attempt to force the doctor to transplant the liver of Jonathan Kent, but a deputy sheriff shot him. Finally Vince succumbed to the disease a second time.