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Clark puts on Jor-El's victory ring.

"Your father's ring may symbolize victory back home, but here it means defeat."Zor-El, to Clark, Blue

Jor-El's victory ring contained Blue Kryptonite that stripped a Kryptonian of his powers temporarely, or rather suppressed their abilities, while it was worn on Earth. Being a Kryptonian band, it was indestructible and only was removed when it dissipated when Clark thrust the blue crystal off of the console.

Early History

Kryptonians have no powers under Krypton's red sun, so the ring has no effect there. Jor-El was given his victory ring when he first became a member of the Science Council. His wife Lara-El wore it around her neck on a necklace after Jor-El gave it to her as a memento. Zor-El knew of the ring's mineral content and so made sure that, when Lara would be resurrected on Earth by the blue crystal, she had the ring: Zor-El knew she would give the ring to Clark, nullifying his powers.

Season Seven

When Clark placed the blue crystal into the console inside the Fortress of Solitude, Lara was reborn as a clone with all the memories she had from life on Krypton. She was also fully clothed and wore the victory ring around her neck.

When Lara spoke with Clark at Queen Tower, she gave him the victory ring, telling Clark that it was a Kryptonian tradition to pass the victory ring onto the first-born son when he came of age. Clark put it on and his eyes flashed blue as the ring stripped him of his powers. The ring had been a trap by Zor-El, to strip Clark of his powers.

The ring was seemingly impossible to take off: Clark was unable to take the ring off and re-gain his powers. To defeat Zor-El, he was forced to destroy the blue crystal itself: this removed the victory ring and destroyed Zor-El's clone, but it also caused Lara's clone to disappear.


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