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This article is about the superhero Cyborg, for the Season 5 episode, see Cyborg.

"Normal? Over half my body is out of a Sharper Image catalog!" - Victor Stone, Cyborg

Victor Stone is a metahuman with endoskeletal cybernetic enhancements. He has worked as an on-and-off member of the Justice League under the code name Cyborg.

He is a former Metropolis High School star wide receiver. It was in that time when he met Clark Kent at Smallville while playing against him in their senior year. He was involved in a car accident that killed the rest of his family, but he was rebuilt by Dr. Alistair Kreig, who experimented on a group of test subjects for SynTechnics.

Victor was the only test subject to survive the experiments, during which he was implanted with electrical and mechanical parts.

Physical Appearance

Victor as a civilian

Victor is a tall, handsome, young African American adult with strong features. He has black hair and brown eyes.


Under his skin he has bionic implants to boost his strength. Gears are used in place of internal organs. His skull is mostly made of robotic parts. His eye has a hidden camera inside it that allows him to go through security files and to record what he's seeing.

When seen again in Salvation, Victor appears to have matured slightly and has also started to grow facial hair but it is scarcely seen.

In civilian clothing, he usually wears black, white, sometimes purple and gray clothing and sometimes with a brown leather jacket.

As Cyborg, he wears a silver high-tech looking vest with deep purple stripes that also has a hood and a dark gray shirt underneath that has blue stripes near the wrists. He also wears a belt with a silver buckle, black sweatpants and silver running shoes.

Powers and Abilities

Victor has undergone several body improvement operations. The bionic endoskeleton inside him gives him enhanced strength:

Victor hurls two guards away

  • Super strength - Due to the bionics that make up the complexion in his legs and arms, Victor is able to lift heavy objects, and can throw humans around easily. He is also able to stun Clark, but not actually harm him. (Cyborg, Justice)
  • Super stamina - Due to the bionics that make up the complexion in his arms and legs, Victor can remain physically active for long periods of time. (Cyborg)
  • Enhanced speed - Due to the bionics that make up the complexion in his legs, Victor can run faster than ordinary humans. However, he is easily outmatched by Kryptonians and can barly keep up with cars. Moreover, his augmenetd speed is only limited to running; it does not extend to his reflexes (though they are still very sharp due to his football background).
  • Super durability - As a living cyborg, due to the cybernetics, Victor has an increased threshold for pain; he survived a direct collision with a car and appeared laregly unfazed after the accident. However, he isn't physically invulnerable and can be damaged. (Cyborg)
  • Healing factor - Due to his bionic parts, Victor can heal faster than most humans. However, this notably applies only to damage to his biological parts; his bionic parts do not repair themselves and need to be manulally repaired. (Cyborg)

Victor hacks into a security system.

  • Technopathy - Victor can take and erase data from any computer system on earth; his left eye turns into a computer monitor to hack into systems. (Justice)
  • Energy projection - Victor can project blasts of energy from his hands this is shown visually as shockwaves coming from his hands. (Justice) Cyborg once displays additional abilities such as offensive sound wave projection on a couple of LuthorCorp guards. (Justice and Doom)


  • Cybernetic Limitation - Victor's bionic parts do not repair themselves; if they are damaged, they need to be repaired manually. Moreover, certain damage to his bionic parts can ultimately prove lethal if not repaired. (Cyborg)
  • Hacking - Victor, due to his numerous bionic parts, can be hacked if someone is adept enough with computers. Victor usually remains conscious after the hacking but cannot move his body. (Cyborg)

Season Five

"I can't wait to use it to smash your skull in." - Victor Stone, Cyborg

Victor at Syntechnics

Feeling sympathy for Victor and his search for his beloved girlfriend Katherine, SynTechnics scientist Dr. Hong allowed him to escape captivity. While making his escape, Victor was struck by Lana Lang's car. He took Lana to the hospital and after watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana called Clark to investigate.

Clark x-rays Victor.

Clark befriended and promised to help him. Clark took Victor to stay at his loft; however, SynTechnics security personnel broke into the barn and shot Victor in the arm. Clark and Lana took Victor to Lois' apartment, where Victor began leaking battery fluid; he would die if the wound was not treated. While Clark went to confront Lex about SynTechnics' activities, Victor, overcome by his desire to find Katherine, escaped Lana's watch and went to Katherine's house.

Lex continues the experiment on Victor.

It turned out to be a trap; Lex Luthor and Dr. Alistair Krieg, who had supervised the experiments on Victor, had lured him there, and made him return to the SynTechnics lab at gunpoint. At the lab, Lex informed Victor of SynTechnics' plans to insert a chip into his brain, thus turning him into a robot for all intents and purposes.

Victor reunites with his girlfriend

Just when Dr. Krieg was about to drill into Victor's head, Clark broke into the lab and rescued him. Clark brought Victor back to the Kent barn, where Victor thanked Clark for his actions. At that moment, Lana brought Katherine into the barn, and she and Victor shared an emotional reunion.

Season Six

"Cyborg to Aquaman. Where the hell are you, fishstick?" Victor Stone, Justice

Victor and A.C. return

One year after his escape, Victor and Katherine broke up. Depressed and ready to give up, he was living on the streets when he met Oliver Queen. Oliver offered him food and shelter and, according to Victor, gave him "a reason to go on." Oliver recruited Victor for his fledgling hero team. Victor's technology was upgraded by Queen Industries so he could hack into schematics and security data. He has chosen the codename Cyborg for the team.

Cyborg syncs his body into a computer mainframe

Clark met Victor again while the team prepared for their first mission. After they successfully destroyed the Level 33.1 laboratory at the Ridge Facility, the team left Metropolis to travel around the globe and bring other 33.1 laboratories down.

Season Nine

"We'll protect the world, as one." - Victor Stone, Salvation

Under the orders of Chloe Sullivan, Victor helped Roulette and the rest of the league manipulate Oliver overcome the depressive and self-destructive behavior he began exhibiting, following the murder of Lex Luthor. Victor's part was to hack into Oliver's bank accounts and drain him of his funds. Their actions allow for Oliver to recover and retake the Green Arrow title as well as work towards reforming the League.

Later, when Chloe, Oliver and Clark are investigating the death of the Star-Spangled Kid, they discover that he had a book documenting the entire Justice League, including Victor.

Victor joins the battle against the Kandorians

Checkmate wanted to know where Victor Stone and the other Justice League members were but Oliver Queen stopped Clark Kent from telling Amanda Waller about the League.

Cyborg returned along with John Jones, Black Canary, Hawkman, and Stargirl to discuss the battle plan against the Kandorians. He backed up Carter's plan to strike first, even getting into an argument with John Jones about Clark's idea. He was saddened by the idea of Clark leaving forever, but agrees with it in the end. He saluted Clark with the rest of the team before returning to the battle.

Season Ten

Cyborg at Hawkman's funeral

After Hawkman sacrificed his life to save Lois Lane from the villainous Slade Wilson, all Justice League members were required to attend a funeral service held in Carter's home country of Egypt, led by Stargirl. Victor was left unconscious along with the rest of the team when a mysterious pyramid rose from the ground emitting a bright light.

He along with the rest of the heroes were held captive by the Government, but would be freed thanks to Chloe Sullivan and the Suicide Squad.


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  • Cyborg first appeared in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980).
  • According to Season 11 writer's Bryan Q. Miller's twitter, Victor is maybe 2 years older than Clark, thus making him 27 years old by Season 11.[1]
  • When Victor met Clark Kent for the first time, he attacked him by throwing him into a wall. This is similar to Clark's first meeting with Andrea Rojas, Bart Allen, Arthur Curry and Oliver Queen. Unlike the others, this attack was unintentional, and Victor himself was shocked by his sudden burst of strength.
  • Since Clark Kent claimed to have met Victor Stone back when he played football, it is debatable whether Victor Stone or Bart Allen was the first Justice League member he ever really met or knew of.
  • After Victor's arm is repaired, Dr. Krieg tells him that "it's even better than before".
  • When Clark and Victor first battle, Clark can see the details of Victor's endoskeleton with his x-ray vision. The implants in his skull are nearly identical to his comic book counterpart's exoskeleton.
  • In Season Eight's Odyssey when Clark and Lex disappeared from the Arctic Circle while in the Fortress of Solitude, Oliver revealed that Victor and Bart Allen were searching the southern hemisphere for them and found nothing. Victor appears via photograph in Season Eight's Hex.
  • Major Zod and his soldiers later steal LuthorCorp technology in order to modify the horribly injured John Corben. Given this fact, it is highly probable that the technology which made Corben a cyborg was the same used on Victor.
  • Victor was the only black superhero to appear in seasons one to ten. Martian Manhunter was shapeshifting alien that took the form of a black man. Season Eleven featured Green Lantern (John Stewart), Michael Holt (who, in the comics, becomes the second Mister Terrific), David Zavimbi (who, in the comics, becomes Batwing), and Jefferson Pierce (who, in the comics, becomes Black Lightning).
  • Although usually with the Teen Titans this is not the first time that Victor Stone joined the Justice League on a TV show. He was a member of the Super Powers team on the 1984-85 Superfriends season.
  • In the DC Comics relaunch, similar to his Smallville counterpart Victor Stone is made a founding member of the JLA, replacing Martian Manhunter, alongside Superman, Flash and Aquaman.
  • In the comics, he was a member of Teen Titans with along with Kid Flash, Superboy, Speedy and Slade Wilson's daughter Rose a.k.a., The Ravager.
  • Lee Thompson Young died on Monday August 19, 2013 of apparent suicide.

In the Comics

Cyborg as he originally appeared in the comics

In the comics, Victor was the son of well-meaning but thoughtless scientists who tried to use him in their experiments to artificially enhance human intelligence. Victor was a troubled youth. When one of his parents' experiments brought an extra-dimensional monster to Earth, Victor was horribly maimed. His father used advanced prosthetics to rebuild his son, but at a cost of being disfigured by them. Half-man, half machine, Cyborg used his mechanical enhancements as a superhero.

Always feeling like an outsider, Victor was given a new family when Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Wonder Girl welcomed him into the Teen Titans with open arms. The Titans acted as a surrogate family, helping him recover his self-esteem and retain his inner humanity. Although some members have grown out of their identities in the Titans, Victor was part of group with his friends just called Titans.

Vic mentored the new incarnation of the Teen Titans, consisting mainly of sidekicks, most of whom have taken over the identities of former members (i.e. Tim Drake, the third Robin, instead of Dick Grayson, the original Robin and Titans leader), as well as stalwarts such as Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, where they have fought enemies such as Deathstroke, Brother Blood, Doctor Light, The Titans Tomorrow, and a brainwashed Superboy and Indigo during a team up with the Outsiders in the Insiders storyline. In the end, Cyborg was the only one capable of standing up to Dr. Light, thanks to his solar shields, although he makes it clear that he only won the fight because the rest of the Titans had softened Light up first.

Later he joins the Justice League of America led by Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), the team will include many other former Titans including the new Batman (Dick Grayson), the former Wonder Girl, Donna Troy and Starfire.

Cyborg in the DCnU.

In the New 52 Victor Stone appears as a high school football star who is heavily sought after by a number of college scouts, but apparently has a distant relationship with his father, Silas. After winning a big game, Victor is shown calling his father and angrily telling him that he broke his promise and missed yet another one of his son's games. Later Victor appears at S.T.A.R. Labs where his father works. The scientists appear to be working on the Mother Box that Superman came in contact with from the Parademon. Victor engages in another argument with his father and tells him that the scouts were there to give him full scholarships to college. When asking if his father will ever appear at any of his games, his father replies "No." Just then the Mother Box explodes killing the scientists and destroying most of Victor's body to which Victor's father looks in horror. Victor and half of his body destroyed. Silas does everything he can for Victor's survival. He along with Sarah Charles, and T. O. Morrow go in "The Red Room" in S.T.A.R. labs which contains every piece of technology from around the world. Silas attempts to treat Victor with something that has never been attempted before and he is seen injecting Victor with some type of nanites and putting the robotic pieces on Victor (devices such as: a Promethean skin graft, Doctor William Magnus' responsometer, Anthony Ivo's A-maze operating system, The classified and prototypical B-maze operating system and Ryan Choi's White Dwarf Stabilizer).

Cyborg with the Justice League in the DCnU.

It is here where we see the creation of Cyborg. In the following issue we see Victor as Cyborg. In the issue, he sees himself for the first time with his robotic parts. He cannot feel his hands or legs. Just then Parademons attempt to kill Sarah, but Victor fires a cannon from his arm. When Victor asks his father what has happened to him, his father tells him that he had to save him by injecting him with nanites. Angry that his father has done this to him, Victor "super leaps" away from his father. He sees a woman being chased by Parademons. He helps the woman, but is somehow transported or teleported to where Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are fighting the Parademons Parademons, moments before Darkseid arrives. Cyborg fights alongside Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman against Darkseid and his Parademons, but despite their best efforts Darkseid proves to be too strong. Fortunately, Cyborg is able to reverse engineer the alien boom tube technology and with a considerable amount of stress on his systems he is able to teleport all the invading aliens including Darkseid off the planet, saving the earth. After sending Darkseid back where he came from, Cyborg helps to found the Justice League. Victor has not begun any process of reconciliation with his father, who is primarily concerned with Victor's mechanics rather than his humanity. Cyborg primarily focuses on his super-heroics, aiding Batman and others when he can and monitoring crime through his cybernetics. After the villain David Graves makes an attack against the Justice League, Cyborg and his team mates travel to the valley of souls. There he learns that he walks the line between life and death. He sees a false apparition of his human self that tries to convince him that Victor Stone is dead and Cyborg is just an imitation. Victor quickly sees past this ruse, and he and the rest of the Justice League defeat Graves. We learn through a conversation with Flash, in Justice League #13, that Cyborg questions his humanity now that he is part machine and that he lives on the Watchtower, the Justice League's headquarters. Flash cracks a joke in an attempt to lighten the mood and assure Cyborg he is still human.

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