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Victor Fries is a criminal working for Intergang under the alias of Mr. Freeze.[1] His main enemy is The Batman. He first appears in the second digital/print comic Smallville Season 11 story arc Detective.

Physical Appearance

Fries is a tall man. He has blue skin and is bald.

Early life

Victor Fries was once a promising scientist in the field of Cryogenics. After his beloved wife was stricken with a rare disease with no known cure, Victor hoped to preserve her in a cryogenic chamber of his own design until a cure could be found. There was an accident in his lab and Victor was exposed to his own cryogenic formula. He survived, but was forever mutated by the chemicals. Victor could no longer survive outside a temperature above the freezing point and was forced to create a special suit to keep his body cold. He became Mr. Freeze to gain the funds he needs to continue researching a way to cure his wife.

Season Eleven

The Prankster and Mr.Freeze team up.

Later Oswald Loomis finds out where Joe's safe house is and along with Mr.Freeze attempts to kill him, Superman and Batman. At the safe house, Chill, a lifelong criminal, isn't exactly repentant about killing Batman's parents, whoever they were. Batman can't be specific and Chill has killed a lot of people for lots of reasons. This isn't good enough for Batman, who loses it, until Superman literally slaps him down. Superman calmly explains to Joe Chill that they're really here to find out where they can find a man named Loomis, who they believe is manufacturing the weapons Chill fenced for Intergang. But hey, they don't have to look very far because Loomis is already there! Batman and Superman spring into action with Heat Vision and Batarangs, but a burst of cold takes out both. Loomis isn't alone. He has help from Mr. Freeze.

Oswald revealing why he's after Chill.

Superman and Batman are fighting Prankster and Mr. Freeze. Batman reveals that Mr. Freeze is Victor Fries. Prankster reveals that he wants to prove himself to Intergang. While Superman tries to distract the villains, Batman and Joe Chill try to escape. Superman gets shot by Kryptonite bullets while Mr. Freeze kills Joe Chill and frames Batman for the crime. When Batman frees himself, he finds out that Chill is dead and Superman is critically wounded. The FBI comes in to arrest Batman. Batman escapes with Superman within the Batmobile.

Green Arrow against Mr. Freeze.

Meanwhile, Prankster and Mr. Freeze track Superman and Batman to where they are hiding: on a Freighter ship called the Leviathan. At the dock near the Leviathan: agents of Intergang kill a dock worker, then proceed (heavily armed) to enter the ship, where Lois and Babs are the only ones there. At their hideout, as Intergang enters Leviathan and Freeze prepares himself, Prankster says that Freeze's job isn't done yet and double-crosses him by shutting down his suit using his own upgrades. As Prankster says, he wants to show the world what it really means "to get pranked."

At Nellis Air Force Base outside Metropolis: two military personnel are commenting over one's new Captain Carrot toys when the alarm goes off because the armed UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) are going online, unaware that they are being controlled by those same Captain Carrot toys.

Mr.Freeze taken down thanks to Batman and Green Arrow.

At Freeze's hideout: Superman and Batman find no one there, at least until Prankster appears using a robotic suit Toyman was developing, complete with Kryptonite on the chest. He reveals that Freeze is under his control and is attacking the citizens, but in actuality, his suit's fuel cells are overloading and will explode. And with Freeze above the city's water purification plant, anyone within one mile will die. Batman heads out in the Batboat to take care of Freeze, while Superman goes to handle Prankster. Prankster and Superman hold their own, until Superman's armor is destroyed thanks to Prankster's robot suit. Ollie stops Freeze from attacking the cops, but Freeze yells at Arrow to get clear as he is about to explode, affecting the plant below. However Batman arrives in time to take down Mr.Freeze.

Mr. Freeze becomes a Yellow Lantern.

At Arkham Asylum, Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham, who have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns. Mr. Freeze, who is one of the inmates, initially doesn't want to hurt anyone but the ring that has chosen him takes the form of his wife, Nora, as well as overrides the emotion of love, that he feels for her, to that of fear so he begins to cause chaos along with the others and harvest fear for their master, Parallax.

After been attacked by Bane, Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze, Batman tells Superman that the ring is not doing either of them any bit of good. After this, the Yellow Lanterns stand still and kneel before him. Parallax suddenly appears behind Superman, having John Stewart under his control.

Emil Hamilton succeeds into finding a way to reboot the rings so when he does all the Yellow Lanterns, including Mr. Freeze, are released from the influence of fear and lose their powers with the rings turning black.

After their rings get rebooted and they lose their powers, the inmates of Arkham fall from the sky unable to do anything to escape from their eventual death but fortunately Superman manages to save them all.

After Parallax's defeat, all the now depowered criminals return to Arkham Asylum.


In the comics

Mr.Freeze back when he was Mr.Zero.

Mr.Freeze as he first appeared in comics.

From the time of his first appearance in 1958 onward, Mr. Freeze was portrayed as one of many "joke" villains (see also Killer Moth) cast as stock enemies of Batman. Originally called Mr. Zero, the producers of the 1960s Batman television series renamed him Mr. Freeze (and portrayed Batman addressing him as "Dr. Schivell") and the name quickly carried over to the comic books. For more than thirty years after his creation Mr. Freeze was had little to no true back story and was little more than a minor, gimmick super villain. When the character was introduced into the DC Animated Universe, he was given a new, sympathetic back story, introducing his wife, Nora Fries and great moral complexity with the character's cold, stoic demeanor coupled with a barely restrained vindictive fury, much like Batman himself. Freeze was very popular with fans and the comics soon changed to include the new rendition with a swiftly resurrected Freeze, who was killed by the Joker at the time.

When Victor Fries was a child he made a hobby of freezing animals in order to preserve them so they can continue to exist in the future. Worried by this behavior, his parents sent him to a strict boarding school where Victor felt outcast and became depressed. However, when he met and befriended a young woman named Nora, the two fell in love and later married. But their happiness was short-lived: Nora was diagnosed with a fatal disease and Fries, sickened with sorrow, attempted to save her using cryogenic technology. However, the experiment went terribly wrong and Fries' equipment malfunctioned, consuming him and his lab in an explosion of ice.

Mr.Freeze's origin.

Victor somehow survived, but now his body could only survive at sub-zero temperatures and Nora's condition was now even more serious. In an effort to continue his wife's treatment, he constructed a suit which would now protect him in his altered state. Calling himself Mr. Zero, he began to rob several banks to earn money. He was eventually thwarted by Batman and Robin, but struggled on. As Mr. Zero, he uses cryonic technology to create a gun, which fires a beam that freezes any target within its range.

Mr.Freeze's origin continued.

After faking his death, Gotham City believed he was dead. During this time, Fries rearranged his costume and returned, calling himself Mr. Freeze. To this day he continues to fight Batman and Robin.

In Villains United #1, Freeze has frozen everyone inside a courtroom. While using a frozen man as a chair, he talks with the Calculator, who convinces him to join the Secret Society of Super Villains. During his time with the group, he fashions for Nyssa al Ghul a sub-zero machine in exchange for the use of her own Lazarus Pit. He attempts to restore Nora to life without waiting for the adjusting needed in the pool chemicals. However, she returns to life as the twisted Lazara and escapes. She blames her husband for her plight and estranges herself from him.

He is usually imprisoned in Arkham Asylum when apprehended by the Batman, as it is the only facility in Gotham that can accommodate his medical requirements for a refrigerated cell.

He appears in the Robin section of the No Man's Land crossover, as one of the villains competing for control of Gotham City's sewers. During this time he flash freezes the duo Tommy Mangles and Gearhead.

Mr.Freeze in his more iconic costume.

Mr. Freeze has joined with the Injustice League but was arrested after the villains attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding. Amanda Waller has the remaining members of the Injustice League taken away to a distant planet, Freeze included.

He appears in Justice League Adventures #12 along with several other cold based villains like Captain Cold and Snowman. They attempted to take over an African nation and were defeated by the Justice League.

Thomas Elliot once again returns to Gotham planning another attack against the Dark Knight, killing any criminals who threaten Bruce, but it was just a distraction. Hush invades Selina Kyle's house and removes her heart, then abandons her at the Sacred Heart Convalescent Home, trapped in a life support. Batman is on his heels and is eventually captured, Elliot says that the equipment that keeps alive Selina, was created by Victor in exchange for money.

Freeze was the main villain in "The Battle for the Cowl" One Shot "Commissioner Gordon".

Mr.Freeze as he appears in the New 52.

During the Night of the Owls crossover as part of The New 52, the Court of Owls send assassins known as Talons to kill almost forty of the most important citizens of Gotham with Mr Freeze being one of them. The Red Hood, Starfire and Red Arrow choose to save him and subsequently remand him into Batgirl's custody.

Batman Annual #1 introduces a new origin for Mr Freeze. Here, Victor's fascination with cryonics began when he was a boy and his mother fell through the ice of a frozen lake. The ice was able to keep her preserved long enough for rescue to arrive, thus sparking his lifelong obsession with the cold. In this new origin, Nora was never Fries's wife. Her name was Nora Fields, a woman born in 1943. When Nora was 23, she was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease, so her family placed her in cryogenic stasis hoping that a cure would be found in the future. Victor, having written his doctoral thesis on Nora, took on a position as a cryogenic researcher and technician at Wayne Enterprises, the facility that housed Nora's body. Eventually, Victor fell in love with Nora and became dedicated to finding a reliable method for slowly thawing cryogenic subjects. However, Bruce Wayne ordered the project to be shut down, as he began to feel uncomfortable with Victor's fixation on Nora. Furious, Victor hurled a chair at Bruce, who dodged the attack: the chair smashed into an array of cryonic chemical tanks, the contents of which sprayed onto Victor and caused his transformation into Mr. Freeze. The Court of Owls used Freeze's cryogenic-thaw formula to revive their Talons and then tried to kill him. Freeze barely escapes assassination, but is captured by the Red Hood and sent to Arkham. Escaping shortly thereafter and rearming himself with the Penguin's help, Freeze decides to kill Bruce Wayne and take Nora, whom he delusively believes to be his wife, so that he can leave Gotham City behind forever. Infiltrating Wayne Enterprises, Freeze has a brief fight with Nightwing and Robin, but he subdues them. Then, Freeze goes to the penthouse, where he finds Batman and the frozen Nora. During their fight, Batman berates Freeze on his obsession and the audience learns that Nora is not really Freeze's wife. Batman defeats Mr. Freeze by injecting his suit with the thawing formula, which he had intended to use to revive Nora from suspended animation.

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