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For the eponymous secret society, see Veritas.

"Veritas" is the fifteenth episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-forty-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 27, 2008.


Kara decides to teach Clark how to fly in order to strengthen his chances against Brainiac. However, Brainiac seems to have the upper hand against the super cousins, and some of Clark's loved ones are caught in the crossfire. Lex remembers a memory in which Lionel meets with a secret society.


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Smallville S7E15 Veritas010

Kara doing farm chores.

A hawk flies over the Kent Farm while Kara Kent does farm chores. She hears Shelby barking inside the barn and goes to investigate. Brainiac suddenly approaches Kara and talks about what Krypton used to be like. She is surprised that this mysterious visitor knows about her true origins, but she claims she is happy on Earth and wouldn't return to Krypton if she had the option. Just as Brainiac grabs her, saying she has something he needs, Kara's bracelet, Clark Kent super-speeds in and throws Brainiac. Brainiac then flies away.


Lois and Jimmy work together.

Inside Clark's house, Clark tells Kara that the Brainiac is not a Kryptonian, but a computer. He tells her about the time Brainiac wanted him to release Zod. Kara suggests that it would be helpful if Clark could fly to defeat Brainiac. At the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are both looking for stories to report. Lois suddenly receives an e-mail giving details about Patricia Swann's murder. She has been found at the bottom of a lake after being shot.


Young Patricia, Jason, Oliver, and Lex.

Lex Luthor's assistant enters his office and tells him that there is no chance that Patricia's locket can be traced to him. When questioned why he only learned of Veritas recently if he had been searching his whole life, Lex explains that he always knew that his father was harboring a secret. Lex has been having flashes of early memories since he was shot in Detroit. In 1989, Lex and Patricia are playing hide-and-seek with Jason Teague and Oliver Queen. Lex overhears a conversation between Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen and Edward Teague from his hiding spot. Lionel accuses Dr. Virgil Swann of hiding something from the rest of the Veritas group. He suggests that they open an envelope that will possibly give the group control of the Traveler, giving them ultimate power. The group agrees not to open the envelope until the Traveler proves to be a threat, and that it will be stored in a safe deposit box in a Zürich bank. Lex sees Robert holding a Key nearly identical to the key he currently possesses. Lex orders his assistant to go to Zürich and find the safe deposit box that the key opens.


Clark prepares to fly.

Lionel enters his office and passes a pair of maintenance workers, who are revealed to be Lois and Jimmy. They barge into his office and question him about the death of Patricia Swann. Lois accuses him of her murder since he was the last person to speak with her before her death. Jimmy shows Lionel photos of her locket and autopsy photos, showing that the locket was forcibly removed. Lionel refuses to comment on anything and has Lois and Jimmy escorted out. After they leave, he removes another locket from his neck and takes out a key similar to the one Lex now possesses.


Brainiac takes control of Lana.

Clark stands at the window of his loft, trying to get up the nerve to take off for the first time. Kara arrives to encourage Clark, but Clark stalls, deciding that it would be better if they found Brainiac instead of wasting time trying to fly. The cousins try to think of a way to track him. They infer that he runs on energy since he is a computer. Meanwhile, a power surge occurs at the Isis Foundation and Brainiac confronts Lana Lang. He inserts a metal extension of his hand into her brain. Brainiac smiles in satisfaction while black tears drop from Lana's eyes.

Clark meets Chloe Sullivan at the Daily Planet and tells her about Patricia's murder and how he suspects that Lionel is behind it. Chloe uses her computer to scan the world's power grids to search for unusual surges that might indicate Brainiac's location. She finds surges all over the western hemisphere, with the most recent one being near the Isis Foundation. Clark rushes to Isis and finds Lionel there instead of Lana. Lionel is writing a note to Lana. He desperately tries to talk to Clark while Clark ignores him. Clark then accuses him of Patricia's murder and feels stupid for thinking that he cared about anyone other then himself. Lionel tries to give him the locket, but Clark refuses to accept it and superspeeds away to find Lana. Lionel leaves an urgent message for Lana attached to an envelope.


Kara and Brainiac fly away.

Clark arrives home and finds Lana standing completely still over the stove, appearing to be cooking. She is unresponsive to his calls and when he turns her around, he sees that her hand is burning and she has cataracts covering her eyes. Kara enters and tells Clark that Brainiac was after her all along. Lana, controlled by Brainiac, writes down Kryptonian symbols saying to deliver Kara at the Daily Planet. Kara leaves as Clark continues to tend to Lana.

Lois and Jimmy enter the Isis Foundation to look for Lionel. They find Lana's surveillance room and Lionel's urgent message. Inside the envelope, they find a report on Patricia's suspected assassin, a note from Lionel claiming he's innocent, and a photo of Lex talking to Patricia's assassin.

Lex's assistant has encountered a problem: each safety deposit box at the bank in Zürich requires two keys, and they only have one. Lex takes out a newspaper reporting on the death of the Queens. He has a flashback of himself playing with a Warrior Angel action figure. He spies his father talking to an assistant about the Queens' deaths. The assistant gives Lionel the key, and Lionel says that he just needs Dr. Swann's key. On the phone, he tells someone that the traveler is useless unless he can be controlled. Lionel finds Lex outside his office and tells Lex that they are going to take a helicopter ride to Smallville. Lex tells his assistant that he is close to finding the second key.


Lionel begs Chloe to listen to him.

On the roof of the Daily Planet, Clark finds Kara waiting for Brainiac and refuses to let her go with him. Kara wants to go, out of concern for Lana's condition. Brainiac flies onto the roof and explains that Lana is aware of her surroundings, but she has absolutely no control over her body and is in great pain. He also tells them that only he can reverse the process, effectively holding Lana hostage. Despite Clark's warning, Kara decides to go with Brainiac in order to save Lana. The two of them fly into space and disappear into a hole before an explosion hits.


Clark visits Lana.

Lionel meets Chloe in the Daily Planet and frantically begs her to listen to him. She refuses to believe his innocence of Patricia Swann's murder. When Chloe continues to reject Lionel's pleas, Lionel tells her that since he has been Jor-El's emissary, he has repented his past sins and is innocent. Finally, he kneels before Chloe and desperately tries to warn her that something terrible is coming. Chloe still does not believe him. Clark and Chloe visit Lana in an institution. Clark asks Chloe if she has a lead on Brainiac, but he seems to have disappeared. Clark finally gets to see Lana and tries to get her to respond, but she is completely catatonic until she whispers, "Kal-El". Clark looks hopeful for a moment, but she continues, saying he is too late. Devastated, Clark closes Lana's eyes and begins to cry. Chloe enters the hallway with the two of them at the end, but keeps her distance as she, too, starts to cry.



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  • "One More Day" - VAST


  • Veritas is the Latin word for "truth" and is pronounced veh-ri-tahs. It is therefore effectively synonymous with Season 3's eighteenth episode.
  • Veritas is the name of the secret group formed by four powerful families (The Queens, Luthors, Swanns, and Teagues).
  • Lex is searching for the truth about his father's involvement with Veritas.



Brainiac's message to Clark.

  • Antagonist: Brainiac
  • This is the first and only episode of Season Seven to feature appearances from all eight main characters.
  • Brainiac’s Abilities: Shape-Shifting, Invulnerability, Super-Speed, Super-Strength, Flight, Technopathy, Biological Manipulation
  • Kara’s Abilities: Super-Speed, Invulnerability, Flight, Multi-spectrum Vision, Telescopic vision, Super-Breathing
  • Clark’s Abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Invulnerability
  • Brainiac's note that Lana writes does indeed translate with the Kryptonian alphabet. (She writes the message backward, finishing with the letter "d" in "Deliver.") In addition, she is writing on top of a to-do list that says, "Pick up parcel, feed chickens, bath for Shelby".
  • In one of Lex's flashbacks, a glimpse is seen of Virgil in his wheelchair.
  • In the same flashback, Lionel notes that Edward and Genevieve are gallivanting around the world looking for magic stones, a reference to the Stones of Power that make up the Crystal of Knowledge that formed the Fortress of Solitude.
  • This flashback takes place in a Swann residence, as evinced by the armorial shield bearing three swans seen when young Patricia comes down the stairs.
  • In the flashback, Lex can be seen playing with a Warrior Angel action figure which has a strange resemblance to Superman.
  • Edward Teague is a recurring character featured in this episode in a flashback, whereas his present-day self is portrayed by a different actor.
  • When Lionel said something terrible was coming he could have very well meant the coming of Darkseid since the Veritas journals foretold of him.
  • In one of Lex's flashbacks where he is playing with Patricia, Jason and Oliver, Oliver is holding a toy bow and arrows which is perhaps a reference to his adult self's Green Arrow persona.
  • In the final scene of this episode, Clark is shown in Lana's hospital room with an angel in the background. This is a recurring visual theme in the series, Clark being in the same shot as an angel, meant to symbolically show how Clark looks after people like a "guardian angel". In this scene, it may symbolize Clark's failure in this regard, as he is unable to save Lana from Brainiac.
  • It's unknown why exactly Brainiac needed Kara's bracelet, but in an alternate scene on the season 7 DVD, a scene of Kara and Brainiac in a Mayan Jungle was shown. Kara's bracelet somehow became a portal to the Phantom Zone. Seeing as that this scene didn't actually connect to the episode, it's not known when exactly Brainiac sent Kara to the Phantom Zone.
  • The character of Jason Teague makes his final appearance in this episode (although played a different actor).
  • This episode marks the beginning of Lana Lang's exit arc in the series.


  • Had the Writers Guild of America Strike continued longer than it did, this would have been the season finale (which might account for some of the 'cliffhanger-esque' elements—e.g. Lionel's vague warning about "what's coming" being "so terrible", Kara and Braniac flying off into the unknown, the realization of Clark's fear of Lana being targeted for harm because of his Kryptonian background, and screentime by all eight main cast members).


  • Lex's assistant also appeared in Bizarro, Action, Gemini, Hero, Traveler, and Descent.
  • In one of Lex's flashbacks, he remembers the Daily Planet headline of "Queen Industries' CEO Missing" and Lionel taking him on the helicopter to Smallville; both elements were seen in Pilot.
  • The Veritas logo in the stained-glass window behind Lex's desk (that Lex was staring at when his assistant entered) first appeared in Fracture, even though Lex acts as if it had been there the whole series (or even his whole life).
  • Lex refers to his recent memories coming back after he was shot in Detroit in Fracture.
  • Brainiac was last seen in Persona.
  • This is the first episode since Blue that Lois appears in where she isn't in any physical danger.
  • Kara questions Clark on if he destroyed General Zod with the first Crystal of El, to which Clark doesn't reply, showing he's unsure. In Apocalypse, he brings up to the alternate Brainiac the notion of Zod still being alive. This is indeed confirmed three years later in Dominion where it's revealed the Zod wraith was not only sent back to the Phantom Zone (suggesting other Phantoms in Season 6 were as well), but that he approached his younger clone after he was also sent to the Zone and they merged into one being.
  • This episode marks the 71st appearance of Clark's red jacket and blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.


  • Lionel refers to Lois and Jimmy as the "Dynamic Duo", a nickname for Batman and Robin. On the show Batman the Animated Series, John Glover voiced the Riddler. He also had a small role in Batman and Robin (1997).



Lana/Brainiac: (to Clark) You're too late Kal-El.

Clark: (referring to Brainiac) Then why has he turned his attention toward you?
Kara: I don't know. But when we go up against him, it would be helpful if were on the same playing field. Or should I say, sky?

Clark: (to Kara, nudging him to fly out the barn window) Not helping.
Kara: I'm sorry, Yeah, I know. It... but it's just really easy. Just up, up and away.

Lois: Okay. Better make sure that camera is loaded with ammo because I got tomorrow's headline. "Daughter of Nobel-Winning Astronomer Murdered."
Jimmy: That Swann woman they fished out of the lake last night?
Lois: Yeah.
Jimmy: I thought that she drowned.
Lois: More like sank. Kind of hard to swim after you've been shot.

Lionel: No, I've repented!
Chloe: That's right, you're an intensely spiritual man. You amassed all the power a human could until you found out about Clark. Befriending him is the closest thing you'll get to seeing God.

Lionel: (to Lois and Jimmy) Now if that is all from the dynamic duo, security will be happy to help you find your way out.

Robert Queen: Virgil's going to be here in any minute. I suggest you don't refer to his life's work as mythology.
Edward Teague: Veritas... it's the greatest secret the world will ever know.
Robert Queen: We formed this group to use our wealth and power to protect that secret. Not expose it.
Lionel: Is that Robert Queen talking, or is that Virgil Swann? You're sounding more like him every day.

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