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The Vengeance Chronicles tell the further adventures of Andrea Rojas after her failed attempt to kill Lionel Luthor in early 2006. She disappeared for a time, but then reappeared at the Daily Planet basement office to tell Chloe Sullivan the truth about Lex Luthor's secret Level 33.1 project, then in its beginning stages.


Chloe and Andrea work together to expose Lex Luthor.

Andrea approaches Chloe one evening and asks her to hear her story. She states that after Clark Kent talked her out of killing Lionel, she decided to end her Angel of Vengeance career. However, when she gets home, her apartment is swarming with unidentified officers. She tries to sneak away unseen but is accosted by Nick Yang, who tells her that he is trying to help her escape. The officers blast Andrea with stun guns but Nick harnesses the energy with his hands and directs it back to them and the two escape together to the roof of the building. Nick talks her out of disappearing by explaining that the men are hunting down super-powered people in Metropolis. He shows her strange patterned scars on his torso from when he was experimented on. He tells her about how he and his girlfriend were being held in a facility but escaped. Just then, the men find them on the roof but Andrea grabs Nick and makes a flying leap to the adjacent building. Nick takes her to an abandoned subway station in which he and his girlfriend are hiding and it is revealed that his girlfriend is Molly Griggs.

Nick and Molly explain their plan to Andrea.

At this point, Chloe declares that she is uninterested in helping uncover anything Molly is involved in since Molly tried to have Chloe's best friends kill her with subliminal emails in early 2004. However, Andrea retains her attention by saying that she can prove that Lex's fabled Level 33.1 project is no longer a myth. She promises to obtain the proof and Chloe promises to write the article.

At their hideout, Nick and Molly explain that Lex has a secret apartment in LuthorCorp Plaza where he exploits metahumans for their powers. They used Molly to create a tracking device, which she was able to remove, allowing her and Nick to escape. At the same time. Lex temporarily shut down the project when he decided to run for State Senate, but after he lost, he resumed it. Bart Allen warned Nick and Molly that Lex had resumed the project and began hunting meteor freaks again, so they decided to find and warn Andrea before Lex caught her. They ask Andrea to help them expose Lex's project, claiming the only way they can get proof is to break into his mansion and access his personal computer to obtain files that prove the project exists.

Nick, Andrea, and Molly put their plan into action.

Andrea and Chloe end their conversation with high hopes that she will obtain the proof as Andrea prepares to go back to Smallville to break into the mansion. Nick uses his powers to manipulate Lex's security cameras and lights. Molly begins to work on the computer, but Andrea notices that she is downloading a program, not uploading files. Nick tries to distract Andrea but she realizes that Molly is installing something. Molly admits that she intends to hypnotize Lex into killing himself and Andrea protests, saying she did not agree to help commit murder. Nick and Molly feel the ends justify the means and the three argue. Andrea gets Nick to realize that she knows first-hand that killing in revenge will not solve the problem; it will only make them feel guilty for the rest of their lives. Nick changes his mind and destroys the computer instead, just as Lex's security arrives.

Chloe meets Andrea on the roof of the Daily Planet building. She has heard that Molly Griggs was admitted to Belle Reve and doesn't expect that Andrea was able to successfully obtain the proof. Andrea confirms this but reports that she was able to stop Molly from killing Lex. She says she will continue the work of her mother and use her powers to help people in need. Chloe admires how far Andrea has come and Andrea promises to give her first scoop on the future adventures of the Angel of Vengeance. Chloe begins work on proving the existence of Level 33.1.



  • The "Vengeance Chronicles" is included in the Smallville Season Five DVD box set.
  • This story is after Tomb, as there's a flashback to its events. The exact placing is probably between Cyborg and Hypnotic, given a reference that Lex is in Russia, possibly tracking down Simone Chesterman.
  • The "Vengeance Chronicles" originally aired from February 17 to March 17, 2006 online via TheWB's website after the Cyborg February 14, 2006 air date.
  • The "Vengeance Chronicles" provides a transition for the 33.1 storyline between its last reference in Season Four's Jinx and its return in Season 6.

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