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Vanessa Webber is a Special Agent who works for the US Department of Domestic Security.


Vanessa is a tough, serious, and interrogative woman. She does have ways of tricking people. She first approached Jimmy Olsen about Chloe Sullivan's activities at the Talon and made him help her find out what Chloe was up to. Jimmy, who was initially reluctant, was left with no choice by Vanessa who made Jimmy rethink his trust in Chloe. Already disturbed and confused over Chloe's recent behavior, Jimmy was thus easily forced into helping Vanessa.

Season Seven

Vanessa tortures Chloe.

Vanessa Webber was sent to investigate Chloe after Chloe had broken into several government databases to try and locate Brainiac and Kara. Vanessa was convinced that Chloe was a terrorist in a sleeper cell, so she kidnapped her, tied her up and tortured her. Just as Vanessa was about to electrocute her, Jimmy knocked her and another DDS agent unconscious and rescued Chloe. In response to a request by Jimmy, Lex persuaded the DDS to drop the charge against Chloe.