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"Kal-El, take us home." - Vala, to Clark, Salvation

Vala is a cloned member of the Kandorian army and the sister of Faora.


Vala had a crush on Clark Kent, something her sister Faora warned her against (due to some distrust and because Clark was interested in Lois Lane). In contrast to other Kandorians, she seemed to be relatively comfortable settling into her new life on Earth, enjoying her new life working in a bookstore and willing to acknowledge that humanity needed Kal-El as much as the currently-powerless Kandorians did. She did find human names "alien" and hard to get used to. Although she sided with Zod when he attempted to convince the Kandorians that humanity had betrayed them, she accepted Kal-El's offer to relocate to New Krypton when she learned that Zod had murdered her sister.[1]

Powers & Abilities

As a M.D. in the Kandorian Army, Vala's specialty was in engineering cybernetics. She also apparently had enough training to help her sister Faora through her pregnancy, arranging a traditional Kryptonian ritual.

In addition, once she got her powers back on Earth, she demonstrated many traditional Kryptonian powers:

  • Solar battery: This ability is the core that all Kryptonians' abilities manifest from.
  • Super speed: Vala can run at speeds faster than the speed of sound. She uses this speed to run away from Clark Kent when she was being chased by him.
  • Heat vision: This power manifested when she burned Zod's family crest into an Egyptian pyramid.
  • Super hearing: When Vala regained her natural powers, she was able to hear Zod taunt Clark Kent.
  • Flight: Vala could fly with full control of this ability.
  • Telescopic Vision - Vala was able to burn the Mark of Zod onto a pyramid far away with her heat vision.

Early life

On Krypton, Vala specialized in cybernetic engineering. Along with at least two other Kandorians, Vala experimented on humans in an attempt to discover how to get their powers back. At least one of these humans was Dr. Bernard Chisholm, whom the Kandorians brought back to life.[2]

Season Nine

"No. Zod's right. The humans will never allow Kandor peace." - Vala to Clark, Sacrifice

Vala is abducted.

Clark Kent had Chloe Sullivan set up Vala with a fake identity and passport, which Vala was able to use to get a job at a bookstore in Metropolis. Late one night, before going to meet Faora, Vala was kidnapped by Dr. Chisholm who imprisoned her, waiting to expose her to the world as an alien and began cryogenically freezing her so that he could expose her along with his other evidence. Vala was eventually saved by Clark, Lois Lane and Major Zod.

Vala pleads for her life.

Vala was one of the Kandorians abandoned by Zod. When Checkmate found them, she was to be executed with the group of soldiers she was with, but saved by Clark. After Faora's death, Vala re-joined Zod at the Fortress of Solitude and, with her newfound abilities, flew away with the rest of them.

Vala tells Clark about the Red Queen.

Later, Clark asked Vala what she knew about the Book of Rao, but she was hesitant to tell him, for she thought he murdered Faora, once Clark told her he hadn't, she told him what she knew and that Zod was looking for the book, but kept being blocked by the Red Queen.

Vala is drawn to the new world.

Vala was also one of the Kandorians who burned Zod's symbol all over the world; she personally left Zod's mark on one of the Pyramids of Egypt at Giza. When Clark attempted to send the Kandorians to another world, Vala stood behind Zod with the other Kandorians, but they all used their super hearing to hear Zod confess murdering Faora and his unborn child. Angered, Vala ripped off a tag on her sleeve and attempted to attack Zod, but was held back by Basqat. Vala left Earth with the others when Clark used the Book of Rao to open a portal to a new world.

Season Eleven

Vala witnesses the "Flamebird".

Vala and the rest of the Kandorians arrived at their new home planet, which was also under a yellow sun maintaining their super powers. There, Basqat told her that her sister would want them to seize this second chance and make a new beginning. Vala suddenly saw a green light in the sky, believing it to be the creature of a legend, called Flamebird, a good omen for their arrival at Argo. They later banish Zod to the Phantom Zone in order to punish him for leading them to war.



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