It's will by my fan fiction season 11.

Main Characters


  • Michael Rosenbaum return as series regular
  • former recurring character Emil Hamilton(Alessandro Juliani) become series regural
  • There will by return of Lana Lang and Martha Kent during this season . Also possible Jonathan Kent and Kara Kent some point return in this season.
  • Allison Mack will by return as Chloe Sullivan and return in her orginal status as series regural for every episode.
  • It's unknown how but is possible that Perry White return for more that 9 episodes.
  • This will by last season of Allison Mack and Justin Harley as series regural.


  • There will by three villians during this season:Lex Luthor , Major Zod and one of Batman enemies*This will by first season that Clark Kent appear as Superman.
  • In this season there will won't by new kryptonite.
    • It's possible that Green , Black and Red appear during this season.
  • This will by first season as there won't by new main villian from superman comics but from Batman storyline.
  • Main storyline on this season will by Bruce Wayne and his secret as Batman , Lex Luthor plans to explor Clark secret to world.
  • Tess Marcer and Emil Hamilton will appear as antagonist for one episode of show .