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Hello, true fans of Superman! I am a big fan of Smallville. I know you guys are, why else would you visit and join this site?

I've actually started watching the show since around Season 2. But not until Season 3 have I paid close attention! I've managed to get caught up by watching reruns on ABC Family and getting the DVDs! My uncle was intrigued with the show and wanted to watch it with me. He likes action movies and TV shows, that include ones with superheroes. So during the summer of 2007, we been watching the DVDs of Seasons 1-6 and I tell him some things so he could get caught up for Season 7. We saw the Series Finale, where Clark has become Superman and Lex embraces his evilness! It's been a great run!

There are other things in young Clark's life in the Superman mythos they could have added:

  • Kenny Braverman is Clark Kent's childhood rival in the comics. While he was in his mother's womb he was affected by Kryptonite radiation from a passing Kryptonian spaceship (with Kal-El inside). He soon gained superpowers. He lives with an abusive father who blames his son for his wife's death. He could have been an interesting character in Smallville, he would take the role of the "arch-rival". He'd be the only recurring 'meteor freak'. His powers would be shooting a blast of Kryptonite radiation from his hands. He could have been the Piccolo or Vegeta to Clark's Goku, or Knuckles to Clark's Sonic! Ah well.
  • Nell Potter is Lana's guardian. Right, but in the original Superboy comics, Lana had an uncle Professor Phineas Potter who was Smallville's resident scientist. He was mostly written out of the Superman comics, replaced by Emil Hamilton. His back-story would be he was friends with Jonathan and Martha during high school. An interesting side-story would have been Professor Potter becoming an unwitting employee in Lex's (or Lionel) secret agendas.
  • In the original comics, Lex had a little sister named Lena whom he was protective of. Maybe she wasn't in this show because she was already in Superboy. This is before Tess Mercer turned out to be Lex's half-sister.
  • In the comics, Sharon Vance was Clark's childhood friend and worked as a librarian in Smallville High. She eventually becomes the superheroine Strange Visitor, a host of the cosmic entity Kismet. Maybe she would have taken Chloe's role and having no relations to Lois Lane.
  • In some versions of the comics, Clark meets a teenage Bruce Wayne, who was still in his travels training. We could have had Bruce make an appearance while Clark was still in high school.
  • Why doesn't Mon-El appear on this show?
  • Why doesn't Lori Lemari appear on this show, during Season 5 while Clark was still in college?
  • Lois is allergic to dogs, huh? I wonder if she'll get a cat and name it Elroy.
  • In the comics, Lana's father Lewis was an archaeologist.
  • In the comics, Douglas Parker was police chief.

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