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Green kryptonite has been used in a wide range of manners.

Other uses

Using kryptonite in combination with electricity, heat, or other media can cause numerous side effects among normal human beings.

Kryptonite seemingly possesses a variety of chemical characteristics and can be readily formed into all three states of matter. It occurs naturally in the solid mineral state. However, it can be readily melted into liquid and mixed with other solutions, and can also be vaporized into a fine mist or gas.

Used in pure form

A kryptonite bullet

Chloe uses a kryptonite spray against Lois.

  • Kryptonite can be used to create bullets and other weapons such as knifes to wound the Kryptonians.(Extinction, Apocalypse, Pandora, Conspiracy, Beacon)
  • Green kryptonite serves as the catalyst for a high-speed booster for cars.(Velocity)
  • It can be make a spray kryptonite spray to neutralize the effects of red kryptonite.(Crimson)
  • LuthorCorp developed kryptonite bars. (Insurgence)
  • Lionel make a replica of the Kryptonian key with Green-K. (Calling)
  • It also serves to developed a kryptonite-based serum that caused the death. (Void)
  • Refined meteor rocks is also prepared for inhalation.(Witness)
  • Tess Mercer stores a piece of Green kryptonite in a pocket-capsule and uses it against Major Zod. (Escape)
  • Granny Goodness' minions used green kryptonite to enhance their weapons and also to forge more resistant weapons. (Abandoned)
Mixed with other substances
  • Jeff Palmer created a substance from roses mutated by kryptonite that would turn surfaces invisible. (Shimmer)
  • LuthorCorp developed the project Levitas from kryptonite. (Truth)

Kryptonite ink.

  • Jodi Melville goes on a diet that is based on vegetable shakes grown from kryptonite infested soil. (Craving)
  • The cheerleaders of Smallville High spiked the football team's drinks with a kryptonite-enhanced. (Devoted)
  • Zach and Josh Greenfield uses injections of kryptonite mixed with steroids to make they dogs had super-strength. (Krypto)
  • Duncan Allenmeyer received a glowing green injection made from meteor rocks as part of his life support.(Reunion)
  • It also exists as kryptonite-laced ink, which serves both for tattoos and for printing. (Kinetic, Stiletto)
In science and technology

Summerholt technology

Kryptonite-lined cell.

  • Pete Dinsmore uses kryptonite in his research about cloning to accelerate the growth of cloned rabbits and later her own cloned daughter. (Accelerate)
  • It can be use to made a kryptonite bomb. (Resurrection, Requiem)
  • Abigail Fine receives kryptonite-enhanced plastic surgery to treat her acne, but suffers from the side-effect of inflicting those she kisses with life-threatening hallucinations.(Facade)
  • Curtis Knox used kryptonite to reinforce the life-support equipment from his wife. (Cure)
  • Macy created a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks those who lie. (Committed)
For defense

Lionel using Green-K on Clark.

Commonly used to protect against Kryptonians.

  • Clark used a piece of kryptonite against Eric Summers to weaken him enough to get his powers back in Leech and Asylum.

Chloe defends the Kents.

  • Clark also tried to use a piece against Jeremiah Holdsclaw in Talisman when the latter acquired Kryptonian powers through the Starblade. The kryptonite did not work, because Jeremiah still had a human body.
  • Clark also used kryptonite against Zor-El's clone in Blue, in order to stop him from killing all human life with an eclipse.

Lionel using green kryptonite against Bizarro.

  • Lex attempted to use a piece against Milton Fine in Oracle but, because Fine was not a Kryptonian, it did not work. He also used some green kryptonite as bait at two different times. The first was against a bunch of teenage thieves in Witness. The second time was against Bizarro in Bizarro. He was going to shoot him in the back, but Bizarro stopped him.
  • Lana tricked Aethyr and Nam-Ek to go into a room full of kryptonite to weaken them. However, they were still strong enough to put a lead door over the entryway of the room. (Arrival)
  • Lionel Luthor tried to use some to weaken Bizarro, but it ended up strengthening him. (Phantom)
  • Martha Kent used a piece of green kryptonite against Clark to make him sweat the red kryptonite out of his system. Chloe used a spray made with green kryptonite as an antidote to the same red kryptonite lip gloss that Lois wore. (Crimson)
  • When Lionel and Clark changed bodies, Martha used green kryptonite to stop Lionel (in Clark's body) from killing Lex. (Transference)
  • Oliver Queen used Lex Luthor's kryptonite ring to beat up Parasite until he gave Clark's powers back. (Injustice)

Zod with a Kryptonite knife.

  • Chloe made kryptonite knifes to help destroy the Kandorians if there try to destroy earth.(Conspiracy)
  • John Corben uses a sharp shard of green kryptonite to release Clark from the hold of Red kryptonite by stabbing him with it. (Upgrade)
  • Lionel Luthor of Earth-2 fights with Clark Kent using fencing swords laced with blue kryptonite. Lois, Oliver, and Tess all use different forms of kryptonite weapons to defend themselves and fight off Clark Luthor/Ultraman from Earth-2. (Luthor)
Used in jewelry

Kryptonite is occasionally used to make jewelry. Though not highly sought, it can be aesthetically pleasing. In Smallville, kryptonite jewelry is sometimes a token of personal memories from the meteor shower, which caused a lot of damage and some deaths. Some kryptonite jewelry was also used on Krypton.

  • Lana Lang wore a necklace with a meteor rock crystal on it which she gave to her boyfriend Whitney Fordman. Eventually, Clark obtained the necklace, but the radiation from the stone was neutralized by his spaceship, turning it clear. (See main article: Lana's necklace)

Red Kryptonite necklace

  • The Smallville High Class of 2005 was given class rings containing red kryptonite. Clark's class ring was destroyed by his father Jonathan Kent. Clark eventually put on another ring when he ran away to Metropolis the following summer to rid himself of his guilt, responsibility, and inhibitions. Alicia Baker also used the stones from a ring to make a necklace for Clark in an attempt to get him to run away with her.

Blue Kryptonite Ring

  • Morgan Edge had a strand of kryptonite beads with which he used to beat Clark.
  • A piece of costume jewelry that has been made from kryptonite was about to be stolen by Walt Masterson and Nathan Dean.
  • Alexander created a ring from green kryptonite to use against Clark when he split himself from Lex Luthor. Clark used his heat vision to turn the kryptonite on the ring black and fuse both Lex and Alexander together again.
  • Gretchen Winters was wearing a bracelet with a large kryptonite at the time of her death and when Chloe touches the stone, the girl's spirit is transferred into Chloe's body.

Green kryptonite ring

  • Jor-El had a victory ring made of blue kryptonite which was given to him when he joined the Kryptonian Council. Somehow the clone of Jor-El's wife Lara-El was able to have the ring when she was brought back to life through the blue crystal, and gave it to her son Clark as a part of Kryptonian tradition, unaware that it would take away his abilities. It was unbreakable, so Clark could not get it off until the blue crystal was destroyed. Zor-El studied the mineral's properties during an earlier trip to Earth. (See main article: Victory ring)
  • Seven months after he disappeared, Lex Luthor planned revenge against Clark and Lana. He was wearing a new green kryptonite ring with a letter "L" in the center of it. When he was apparently killed in an explosion by Oliver Queen, the ring was retrieved by Oliver.

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