Tyler McKnight is a metahuman criminal with the telekinetic ability to control glass.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hyalokinesis: Tyler could use this power to control glass with his mind, which worked to a telekinetic effect.

Early life

Tyler was a victim of the first meteor shower that hit Smallville in 1989. He has used his craftsmanship with glass to control and harness his powers. His college girlfriend, Teri Van Horn, had his daughter, Maddie, but refused to let him see her. Tyler knew that Maddie had inherited his power, and killed her mother to get to her. He was placed in Belle Reve after breaking into a jewelry store, but was eventually let out for good behavior.

Season Five

When he got out, Tyler killed Maddie's foster mother. Later, he managed to kidnap Maddie, killing a Child Services advocate in the process, but Maddie was rescued by Clark Kent.

Tyler Mcknight

Tyler controls glass.

Although he was arrested, Tyler escaped police custody by destroying the lenses of the glasses of the officer who came to take him to the station, subsequently traveling to the Kent farm to "recover" Maddie.

He attempted to threaten Martha Kent to get Clark to give Maddie up, but Clark knocked the glass away with his heat vision and Martha escaped. Tyler attempted to attack Clark with a barrage of glass, but Maddie intercepted it before it could make contact, taking control of the glass and forming it into sharp daggers that she maneuvered to circle around her father. Although Maddie said that it was the only way to be certain her father wouldn't hurt anyone else, Clark reminded her of a past conversation they'd had about Clark's relationship with his biological father, convincing Maddie that she didn't have to follow in her father's footsteps, and she released her control of the glass. Tyler was subsequently placed back in Belle Reve.


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