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The Twins are albino metahuman criminals who have the ability to generate force fields.

Powers and Abilities

  • Force Field generation: The Twins can create a force field together only when they achieve physical contact with their bodies (usually by grabbing each other's hand). They use the ability frequently to protect each other or imprison their attackers. They were able to move a depowered Clark up to the roof of the barn and pin him there, and to stop a speeding police car. Their force fields cannot be maintained for more than an hour.

The Twins are psychically linked and share the same thoughts at all times. Even their pain is shared so that when one twin is being hurt, the other twin feels the pain in the same place and in the same intensity.

Their power was also taken by Lex's 33.1, and given to at least two known super soldiers in Lex's service. The first known wielder of the force field ability is Wes Keenan and the second is an unnamed super soldier shown fighting Oliver and the Justice League.

Early life

Although most of the Twins' early life is unknown, at some point in their lives they were admitted into the Belle Reve Sanitarium.

It is also unknown how they gained their metahuman abilities.

Season Five

They were released by Tommy Lee to go after the powerless Clark Kent to have him steal kryptonite serum from Level Three of LuthorCorp. They were later sent back to Belle Reve.