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"Welcome to the most prestigious and exclusive sorority ever at Metropolis University. We are the richest. We are the prettiest. We are the best. Over the next few days, many of you will be disappointed, but if you are insanely cool and very, very lucky, you might just be chosen to be a Tri-Psi. And if that happens, it'll change your life... forever."
— Buffy Sanders. Thirst

Tri-Psi is a prestigious sorority which caters to exceptional or promising young women at Metropolis University. Unbeknownst to the campus, sorority president Buffy Sanders - having transformed into a bloodthirsty metahuman - had converted the sorority into her own vampire coven.

Early History

In 1999, Buffy Sanders became trapped inside a cave outside of Smallville. The cave - a nest for vampire bats - had become host to Kryptonite-irradiated stalactites, causing mutations in the bats. Upon being bitten, Buffy was infected with the bats' DNA - inheriting their traits.

After graduating high school and being accepted into Met U, Buffy would go on to become president of the Tri-Psi sorority. Driven by her bloodlust, and wanting to make Tri-Psi the most exclusive sorority on campus, Buffy began infecting the sisters by making them drink her blood.

Creating her own inner circle of vampire sisters, Buffy and the rest of the Tri-Psi girls would select only one promising pledge a year to bring into the fold. They would sate their thirst by discreetly feeding on delivery boys, their own boyfriends, or party-going frat brothers.

Season 5

Buffy Sanders and the Tri-Psi Sorority.

After Buffy became president, the Tri-Psi became the most exclusive sorority on campus, only recruiting one girl every year. Lana Lang was a sister of Tri-Psi until the sorority was shut down and she was cured by Clark's use of a kryptonite based cure developed by LuthorCorp.