Thomas "Tommy" Walker was a street kid and former friend of Bette Sans Souci.

He was eighteen years old, and a lifelong resident of Metropolis. He loved to skateboard.[1]

Season Eight

Tommy's friend Bette gained the ability to project high frequency energy blasts. Learning that LuthorCorp was hunting down metahumans for Level 33.1, Tommy betrayed Bette and led LuthorCorp to Bette. Bette escaped and lied to Clark and Chloe that Tommy was the meteor freak after she blew up a bus. Clark later confronted Tommy and Bette secretly used her powers to kill Tommy. The next day, Clark and Lois discovered that Tommy didn't kill himself- due to shrapnel from the drums that had exploded near him having struck his body, whereas the shrapnel should have been blown away from him if he had used his power to trigger the explosion-, but instead was murdered by Bette. Clark arrived just in time to save Chloe from Bette.

Clark later wrote Tommy's obituary, with Lois underlining typos.


Tommy Walker's obituary

  • Tommy's full name is "Thomas Walker", as revealed in a closeup of the obituary that Clark wrote.



  1. This information is from Tommy's obituary.
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