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Thomas "Tommy" Lee is a metahuman criminal villain who was used in Level Three as an experimental subject by Lionel Luthor. Unlike the later Level 33.1 the program on the experimentation on the meteor-afflicted run by Lionel's son Lex Luthor which derived from Level Three, Tommy Lee was a volunteer subject.

Powers and Abilities

Tommy takes out a guard

  • Electric manipulation: By absorbing electricity directly from a source such as an outlet, broken wire, or a light socket, Tommy can project high-voltage and highly pressurized energy balls and blasts from his palms.

Early life

He was given luxuries like gourmet food and satellite TV in exchange for receiving three dosages a day of a LuthorCorp-developed kryptonite serum that was designed to boost his power to project electrical energy blasts. However, he has to absorb energy from an electrical device to recharge. Once his usefulness was exhausted, he was cast out into the street, without support, still addicted to the serum. He now requires the serum to stay alive.

Season Five

As a prisoner in Belle Reve, Lee was "accidentally" released by Lex Luthor. He used the Twins to go after Clark Kent, who was stripped of his powers, to use him to retrieve some kryptonite serum that they needed to survive. They held Clark's parents and Lana hostage threatening their lives. Tommy Lee forced Clark to steal the serum from LuthorCorp with the help of Chloe Sullivan. While Chloe and Clark try to break into Belle Reve, he and the twins meet problems of their own with their hostages. Eventually at the end of the two hours given, Clark outsmarted them despite his lack of superpowers and defeated them. They were later returned to Belle Reve.

In the Comics

A character with the same name appears in the comics. Tommy Lee was Clark Kent's friend in college, in the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity of Earth-One. He first appeared in Superman #362 (August, 1981).