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"It's like having a dual identity. There's the person that everybody sees, and the person that you want to be." - Tina Greer to Clark Kent, X-Ray

Tina Greer, aka Power Girl,[1] was a metahuman shapeshifting teenager from Smallville.

Powers and Abilities

Tina's skeleton.

  • Shapeshifting: Tina had the ability to change her physical appearance and even her voice, enabling her to impersonate others, with only limited knowledge of their appearances.
  • Super strength: Tina was notably stronger than normal humans, enough to easily overpower them. (X-Ray). She was able to easily rip a toilet stall's door straight off its hinges. She was also able to engage a 16 year-old Clark Kent in a fight
  • Super durability: Tina was tougher than normal humans, enough to withstand hits from a 16-year-old Clark Kent (though he was likely holding back). However, she was far from invulnerable and could be injured by sharp instruments.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Tina took out Pete Ross with karate kicks.

Early life

Tina could trace her powers back to when she was very young. A victim of a soft bone disease as a child, she had to be put on experimental medications, in an attempt to save her life. However, she was cured by the 1989 Meteor Shower, which exposed her to was cured by a treatment which utilized meteor rock radiation. It not only cured her, but granted her super strength and the ability to shapeshift.

Tina was close friends with Lana Lang. As a teenager, Tina began to grow tired of being ignored at times by Lana and others. She then began using her powers to commit various crimes while posing as others.

Season One

Tina wanted to be Lana's best friend.

Tina's mother owned an antique shop in downtown Smallville. Because the shop wasn't doing well financially, Tina posed as Lex Luthor and robbed a bank. She and her mother later argued over the incident and Rose accidentally fell down the stairs, killing her. Tina tried to keep it secret for a time, but Clark Kent discovered what happened using his newly developed X-ray vision. The robber's skeleton contained traces of meteor rock and Clark noticed similar fragments in Tina's skeleton and saw the money from the bank in her locker.

Clark battles Tina as Whitney.

Tina tried to kill Clark when he confronted her by throwing him out of the top window of the barn after posing as Lana to take him off-guard, but he was unharmed. Clark and Pete Ross figured out Tina's next move: she intended to permanently take the place of Lana Lang, who she perceived as having the 'perfect life'. Posing as Lana's boyfriend Whitney Fordman, Tina managed to capture Lana and imprisoned her in an airtight coffin. She tried to fight Clark off with Lana's necklace, but Clark overpowered Tina in time to save Lana from suffocating. Tina was taken to Belle Reve.

Season Two

Take care of... Lana. - Tina (last words) to Clark

Tina as Whitney Fordman, with Lana.

About a year after being sent to Belle Reve, Tina was reported as having committed suicide by burning herself to death. The specifics of the incident are unknown, but she was not dead. Having escaped the hospital, and realized that she actually loved Lana (rather than simply wanting to be her), Tina set out to be with her. She returned to Smallville posing as Whitney Fordman, who had left Smallville to join the Marines, passing off her ignorance of some details about Whitney's life by claiming that he had partial amnesia after his combat experience.

Tina poses as Whitney Fordman.

Lana renews her relationship with "Whitney". Later, Tina destroyed the men's room at The Talon and told Lana that Clark had done so in a jealous rage, an accusation that she was quick to believe. She killed Lt. McNulty when he arrived to report the death of the real Whitney, subsequently terrorizing Whitney's mother to learn about Whitney's likes and dislikes to make her impersonation more convincing. Initially, Whitney's violent behavior was attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder, but when "Whitney" literally shoved Clark a few feet through the air after Clark offered to arrange a doctor's appointment for Whitney, Clark used his X-ray vision and realized that he was dealing with Tina due to the meteor rock in 'his' skeleton.

Tina Greer reveals her true identity.

Having discovered that Clark had guessed the truth about her, she posed as Lana and snuck into the school. Tina then attacked Pete Ross, knocking him out and preventing him from warning Lana, while Clark went to the Fordmans' house and rescued Whitney's mother. Trying to get out of Smallville, "Whitney" proposed to Lana, but when Lana rejected the proposal, Tina tried a different strategy: having asked Lana for her old necklace, she took on Jonathan's form, took Clark by surprise and tied him up in the farm's storm cellar with Lana's necklace around his neck, subsequently heading for the Talon in Clark's form, arrogantly informing him that he would be easy to impersonate. However, the ship that brought Clark to Earth (which was also in the cellar) neutralized the meteor rock and saved his life, allowing him to go after Tina.

Tina dies.

Having tracked Tina to the Talon just as she had told Lana she loved her in Clark's form, Clark reminded Lana of his recent repair of a water-pipe to convince her that he was himself rather than Tina. With Lana having been knocked out when she tried to escape and Tina still in Clark's form, the two fought in an alleyway: Clark attempted one last time to persuade Tina to stop her criminal actions and let him help her, but Tina was, by that point, far too violent and insane to listen to reason. Lifting a generator out of the back of a pickup truck, Tina attempted to crush Clark with it, but he easily dodged: unable to stop in time, Tina accidentally impaled herself through the chest on a large piece of wood. In her last words, Tina asked Clark to take care of Lana.

Chloe Chronicles, Volume Two

At some point, Donovan Jamison acquired the body of Tina and began conducting experiments on it to study the effects of meteor rocks on humans. Jamison later showed the body to Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross. Jamison later revealed that part of his intention was not only to cure the effects of meteor rocks, but also to extract the desired abilities of each of the test subjects and put them into himself. (Exploit)

Season Ten

The students on the files the guidance counselor is looking at are those of Tina, Jake Pollen and Alicia Baker.


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In the Comics

In Visage, Chloe (who also coined the names Bugboy, Angel of Vengeance and Martian Manhunter) identified Tina Greer by the moniker "Power Girl". In DC Comics, there have been several characters who have gone by that moniker:

  • Lois Lane in Superman #125 (November, 1958). In the story "Lois Lane's Super-Dream", Lois is hospitalized and dreams that she is given a blood transfusion from Superman. The transfusion causes Lois to develop Kryptonian abilities, and becomes the superheroine "Power Girl".
  • Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr, who is the most famous incarnation. Introduced in 1976, Karen was originally a native to the reality of Earth-Two, and the cousin of that universe's Superman. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-1986), Karen was given a new origin (brought on by a company mandate, that Superman was to be the sole Kryptonian survivor). She was now the granddaughter of an Atlantean sorcerer. This origin remained largely intact until 2006, when it was revealed to be a lie, and that she was a survivor from the Crisis on Infinite Earths, who had ended up in the post-Crisis universe.
  • Tanya Spears, who was introduced in Worlds' Finest #23 (July, 2014).


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Tina was most likely to "Be whoever she wants to be".[2]
  • It is possible that Tina Greer was the first openly homosexual character in a superhero television series. The Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode "That Old Gang of Mine" featured a flamboyant male character. However, unlike Tina Greer, that character was not outright identified as homosexual (just displaying stereotypical behavior).


  • Tina's skeleton is portrayed differently in the two episodes she appears in. In her first appearance, it simply appears to be green and glowing. In her second appearance, she appears to have no ribcage.
  • During her appearances, Tina transformed into Lex, Lana, her mother, Whitney, Clark, Jonathan and Chloe: given that it is unlikely she had much personal experience with Lex and Jonathan prior to her first appearance - although she would have likely encountered the others on a regular basis while attending Smallville High - it would suggest that she only requires basic knowledge of an individual's appearance to assume their form.
  • Tina Greer was the show's first female freak of the week and the earliest freak of the week to make a repeat appearance.
  • In an indirect manner, Tina Greer helped create another adversary for Clark: Van McNulty, the son of the lieutenant she killed while posing as Whitney, went on to develop a vendetta against all people who had been exposed to meteor rocks, attempting to assassinate Clark and Lex in Extinction and subsequently dying in Belle Reve after he was betrayed by Clark's other past enemies Eric Summers and Ian Randall in Asylum.
  • Tina's confrontation with Clark while she had assumed his appearance could be interpreted as foreshadowing Clark's fights with Bizarro in Phantom, Bizarro and Persona, as both occasions featured Clark fighting his exact physical double (although Tina lacks Bizarro's level of power).
  • A character in Season Eight has the same surname as Tina, Eva Greer. However, according to a computer screen in Injustice, Tina and Eva are seemingly not related.
  • Her profile name was shown in Vengeance Chronicles and Fade.
  • She was the first "freak of the week" where the show did not depict the event that led to her acquiring her abilities, although it is still known that she gained her powers through treatment with kryptonite for a unique bone disease.