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16th century

Skinwalker 242

One of the paintings in the Kawatche Caves.

  • c. 1502: An ancestor of Kal-El's comes to Earth with several radioactive rocks from the planet Krypton. He falls in love with a Native American woman, thereby fathering the Kawatche people. This prophetic Kryptonian forges the prophecies in the Kawatche Caves, hiding several "parasites" from his homeworld within the cave walls and burying the Starblade so that it will take at least 500 years to recover it. Knowing that his destiny did not lay on Earth with the first of the Kawatche, Kal-El's ancestor bids them farewell, promising he (or rather his descendant, "Naman") would return to protect them all again. He then flies off, hides the sacred Stones of Power all around the Earth while building the reputation of a mighty "god" along the way, before leaving for Krypton once and for all, swearing to the natives of China that he would return for what is his one day. (Source episodes: Skinwalker, Talisman, Sacred)

17th century

E08spell720pmkv 000152276

Isobel burned at the stake.

  • 1604: In France, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her two comrades, Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge, burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft by Duchess Gertrude. Before she is burned, Isobel invokes a spell to stencil her symbol onto her skin. As the Countess and her companions burn, she prophesies that her heir would awaken her and she would have vengeance upon her persecutors. (Source episode: Spell, Bound)

18th century

19th century

  • c. 1840: Ezra Small, Lana Lang's biological paternal ancestor, establishes a trading post in Kansas. From then on, mud-and-thatch huts are built, proclaiming the town "Smallville". At some point, Ezra suffers a massive trampling attack, cursing him with the ability of foresight for the rest of his life. He has been known to foresee many ambiguous events that circle around Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, and the meteor showers, among many other things.
  • 1861-1865: Many of the townsfolk of Smallville fight in the American Civil War or help with the Underground Railroad.

20th century

(All birth dates for those born on Krypton are in Earth years)
Jor-El on Earth in his youth
Relicws 396
  • June 15–17, 1961: Jor-El comes to Earth to undergo a Kryptonian rite of passage. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with Louise McCallum. Louise is killed by Lachlan Luthor, and Jor-El becomes the primary suspect in her death. Jor-El meets Hiram Kent, who helps him escape. Soon afterward, he returns to Krypton. (Source episode: Relic)
  • September 1, 1961: Jonathan Kent is born. (Source episodes: Relic, Homecoming)
  • 1961: Gabe Sullivan was born. (Source episode: Gone)
  • 1963: Lionel Luthor agrees to an arrangement with a slumlord of the Suicide Slums district to have Morgan Edge kill his parents. Lionel only survives because he moonlights at a print shop during the incident. He gets his cut of the insurance money, and plans to put himself through an Ivy League college, eventually starting up LuthorCorp. (Source episodes: Relic, Shattered)
X07kandorhdmkv 000123331

Zod Blood being taken.

X06larabluraymkv 001485778

Lara and Kara visits earth.

  • 1986: Lara-El visits the Kent Farm on Earth. Her niece Kara arrives and learns that Jor-El and Lara are expecting a child, whom Kara names "Kal-El". Zor-El finds Kara and Lara; after revealing he tried to kill Jor-El and got DNA from Lara and himself to create clones, he erases Kara's memory. (Source episode: Lara)
    • Kal-El is born on Krypton. (Source episode: Pilot)
    • The Kryptonian monster Doomsday is created by General Zod and Faora, who fuse their own DNA with genetic material taken from violent Kryptonian life-forms. (Source episode: Bloodline)
    • Krypton is destroyed by Zod. Before the planet explodes, Jor-El and Lara place Kal-El inside a spaceship and send him off to Earth; they are unaware that Zod and Faora's genetically engineered son, Doomsday, is attached to the ship. (Source episodes: Memoria, Apocalypse, Bloodline)
    • Brainiac travels back from the future to the day of Krypton's destruction with Kara in an attempt to kill baby Kal-El before he leaves. Clark Kent follows and stops Brainiac, but Brainiac places Kara in the Phantom Zone and takes her place. (Source episodes: Apocalypse, Arctic)
    • Zor-El puts Kara inside a red spaceship and sends her off on the same trajectory as Kal-El after she finds out about his plan to destroy Krypton; he again erases her memory. (Source episodes: Kara, Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton)
    • Lois Lane is born.
  • January 20, 1986: Emily Dinsmore is born. (Source episode: Accelerate)
  • Fall 1986: Lana Lang is born. (Source episodes: Craving, Crusade)
  • Early 1987: Chloe Sullivan is born. (Source episodes: Crusade, Hex)
  • May 3, 1987: The birth date on Clark Kent's forged adoption papers. (Source episode: Oracle)
  • October 16, 1987: The birth date on Davis Bloome's adoption papers. (Source episode: Bloodline)
  • 1987: Lionel Luthor, Edward Teague, Robert Queen and Virgil Swann form Veritas, and have numerous meetings regarding the Traveler, who is due to arrive on Earth soon. Swann is aware of a way to control the Traveler, and hides clues around the Earth to find the control device. (Source episode: Veritas)
  • March, 1988: Jessica Kent dies. (Source episode: Legacy)
  • March 17, 1989: Jake Pollen is born (source episode: Extinction)
  • October 5, 1989: Oliver Queen's parents die in a plane crash, leaving their fourth-grader orphaned.

The first meteor shower that hits Smallville.

  • October 7, 1989: Smallville is struck by the first of two meteor showers in 16 years. Kal-El's ship arrives on Earth with Doomsday attached. Lewis and Laura Lang are killed in the shower. Jonathan and Martha Kent find and adopt Kal-El, renaming him "Clark". (Source episodes: Pilot, Lineage, Eternal)
    • Doomsday morphs into the form of a human boy who later be named Davis Bloome; the boy is taken by Lionel Luthor's men and brought to the Luthor Mansion because Lionel thinks he has found the Traveler. Lex and Davis become playmates until Lionel determines that Davis is not the Traveler and leaves the boy on the streets of Metropolis. (Source episode: Eternal)
    • Kara's ship arrives on Earth, but she gets stuck in suspended animation for 18 years. (Source episode: Kara)
    • Jordan Cross is born. His mother is killed by a direct hit from a meteor. (Source episode: Hereafter)
  • November 1989: Clark displays super-strength for the first time by lifting an old oak bed that weighs roughly 500 pounds over Jonathan's head. (Source episodes: Vortex, Leech)
  • 1990: Lex attends Excelsior Academy. (Source episode: Reunion)
Sv319Young Lex
  • 1992: Julian Luthor is born. On the day of his baptism, Julian is killed by his mother, Lillian. Lex takes the fall to protect his mother from the ruthless Lionel, eventually repressing his memory of this day, which leads him to believe, for years, that he actually did kill Julian. This event scars Lex for the rest of his life, as he not only witnessed his mother kill his infant brother, but his relationship with his father would never have any hope of the love that his 12th birthday showed hope for. (Source episodes: Stray, Memoria)
  • 1993: Lillian Luthor dies. Lex is away at boarding school. (Source episodes: Crush, Perry, Sneeze)
    • Clark has one of his first experiences with super-speed while playing tag with his father when suddenly he starts running faster than he ever had in his life, getting lost in Palmer Woods for nearly a full day. (Source episode: Transference)
    • Barbara Gordon is born.
    • Rachel Dunleavy is released from the psychiatric ward. (Source episode: Lineage)
    • Six-year-old Clark, in class with Pete Ross, throws a nine-year-old bully through a door. (Source episode: Zero)
  • 1994: Courtney Whitmore is born (Source episode: Absolute Justice, Part 1)
  • 1995: Moira Sullivan voluntarily leaves her family and commits herself to a mental institution. (Source episode: Progeny)
    • Jordan Cross, age 6, experiences his first precognitive vision at an amusement park, when he touches a woman and sees her death. The woman is killed that same day in a roller coaster accident. (Source episode: Hereafter)
  • 1996: Lex and Oliver Queen attend boarding school together. Oliver's bullying eventually leads to Lex's first true glimpse of darkness as he nearly pummels his best friend Duncan Allenmeyer to death to win Oliver's friendship. (Source episode: Reunion)
    • A 10-year-old Lana Lang meets a 16-year-old Lex while on a trip to Metropolis with her aunt. Lana walks in on Lex skinny-dipping with a girl. (Source episode: Metamorphosis)
    • Emily Dinsmore drowns while trying to save Lana after she fell off a bridge. (Source episode: Accelerate)
    • Sarah Conroy and her parents are involved in an automobile accident in which their car goes off Loeb Bridge and falls into the Elbow River. Sarah's parents are killed, but Sarah survives due to being asleep when the accident occurs. Her uncle Nicholas becomes her guardian. (Source episode: Slumber)
  • 1998: Lex and Oliver graduate from high school. Oliver is stranded on an island for months after his crew steals his yacht. (Source: The Oliver Queen Chronicles, Toxic)
  • 1999: Lex accidentally causes chaos at Club Zero when he tries to take advantage of a situation with his first true love, Amanda Rothman. After getting her fiancé, Jude Royce, royally angry, Lex gets stabbed in the shoulder and witnesses Amanda kill Jude. Lex takes the fall so that Lionel would orchestrate a police cover-up with Detective Sam Phelan, sparing Amanda a life in prison. (Source episode: Zero)

21st century


Pilot3 070

Clark saves Lex.

203 Pete Clark

Clark decides to tell Pete his secret c. 2002.

    • Clark tells Pete about his true origins. (Source episode: Duplicity)
    • Lana Lang moves in with Chloe and her father after her aunt leaves Smallville. (Source episode: Ryan)
    • Lex meets Helen Bryce for the first time in years. (Source episode: Dichotic)
    • Clark finds the Kawatche Caves and discovers more clues to his origins. Lana learns that Henry Small is her biological father. (Source episode: Skinwalker)
  • Winter 2002/Early 2003: Jonathan Kent is framed for Lionel Luthor's attempted murder by Sheriff Ethan Miller. (Source episode: Suspect )
  • Spring 2003: Lex and Helen get engaged. (Source episode: Precipice)
    • Clark and Lana get together. Lionel offers Chloe a deal to investigate Clark. Clark blows up his spaceship. Martha miscarries, and Clark runs away. Lex and Helen marry, but he ends up stranded on an island. Chloe accepts Lionel's offer. (Source episodes: Witness, Exodus, Sojourn, Exile)
  • Summer 2003: Clark lives in Metropolis as "Kal". Chloe interns at the Daily Planet. (Source episode: Exile)
  • Fall 2003: Clark returns to Smallville. Lex is rescued and also returns. (Source episode: Phoenix)

Lex is institutionalized c. 2003


  • Early 2004:Clark develops super-hearing. (Source episode: Whisper)
  • Early Spring 2004: FBI agent Frank Loder kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Pete moves to Wichita with his mother. (Source episode: Forsaken)
  • Late Spring 2004: Lionel is arrested for the murder of his parents; he is denied bail and sent to jail. Clark and Chloe testify against him, and Lionel is convicted. Chloe's safe house gets blown up. Lana leaves for Paris. Jor-El puts Clark in a pocket dimension and re-programs him as Kal-El; he also puts Jonathan into a coma. (Source episode: Covenant)

Lionel spends several months in prison c. 2004.

  • Summer 2004: Clark is presumed missing. Chloe and her father are presumed dead. Jonathan lies in a coma. Lana meets Jason Teague in Paris. Lionel is convicted of murder and remains in jail.
  • September 2004:Lois Lane comes to Smallville to investigate Chloe's death. Kal-El returns and is restored as Clark, and Jonathan wakes up. Clark meets Lois Lane for the first time. Lois moves in with the Kents. Lana returns to Smallville and moves into the Talon. Lex find the Crystal of Fire.(Source episodes: Crusade, Gone)
  • October 2004: Clark, Chloe and Lana returns to Smallville High to attend their last year. Lois Lane also attends because she needed extra credits to graduate. Jason gets a job as football coach. Lex helps Lois to graduate.(Source episodes: Facade, Devoted[1])
  • Winter 2004: Bart Allen makes his first appearance in Smallville. Lionel is cured of his condition by Clark. Bridgette Crosby gets the Crystal of Water.
  • Early 2005:Lex introduces Mikhail Mxyzptlk to the 33.1. Chloe celebrates her birthday and she, Lois and Lana become possessed by witches.
  • Early Spring 2005: Lionel begins to show signs of redemption helping Clark when Lex was accused of killing a young woman. Lionel's conviction is overturned, and he is released. (Source episode: Bound, Scare)
  • May 17, 2005: Brendan Nash abducts Lana, Chloe, Haley Timmonds, Lisa Mason, Wendell Johnson and Delia Watkins, trapping them in a replica of Smallville High. (Source episodes: Forever, Commencement, Wrath)

Clark explains his origins to Chloe c. 2005.

  • May 18, 2005: Clark, Lana and Chloe graduate from Smallville High School. The second meteor shower hits Smallville. Jason becomes unhinged and dies in the meteor shower. Lana, possessed by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, kills Genevieve Teague. Lionel is put into a catatonic state after being exposed to the Crystal of Water. Clark is transported to the North Pole after he unites the Stones of Power and creates the Fortress of Solitude. He tells Chloe about his true origins. Nam-Ek and Aethyr arrive in the Black Ship and wreak havoc on Smallville; Clark sends them into the Phantom Zone. Jor-El strips Clark of his powers; Clark and Lana begin a relationship. (Source episodes: Commencement, Arrival, Wrath)
  • Summer 2005: Clark and Lana's relationship continues, and they lose their virginity together. Lionel remains catatonic; Lex has him monitored at Belle Reve. (Source episode: Mortal)
  • Fall 2005: Clark's powers are restored after he is shot, and Lionel emerges from catatonia. (Source episode: Hidden)
    • Clark begins his freshman year at Central Kansas A&M and meets Professor Milton Fine. (Source episode: Aqua)
    • Chloe and Lana move to Metropolis to attend Metropolis University. Lois moves into the Talon. (Source episode: Thirst)
    • Fine strikes Martha with a mysterious disease, and is revealed to be Brainiac. Clark defeats him in the Fortress of Solitude. (Source episode: Solitude)
Jonathan Heart Attack

Jonathan Kent dies in early 2006.

  • January 26, 2006: Jonathan Kent dies shortly after winning the Kansas Senate election. (Source episode: Reckoning)
  • Spring 2006: Clark and Lana break up. (Source episode: Hypnotic)
  • May 2006: Brainiac releases a deadly computer virus, leading to Dark Thursday. General Zod possesses Lex Luthor, and imprisons Clark in the Phantom Zone. Chloe reunites with Jimmy Olsen. Clark escapes the Phantom Zone with the help of Raya; several Phantom Zone criminals escape with them. Clark battles Zod and eventually returns him to the Zone with the Crystal of El. Power is restored on Earth. While playing basketball, a young man named Lamar is possessed by the Phantom Zone escapee Baern; after killing his friend, he sets out to find Clark. (Source episodes: Vessel, Zod, Fallout)
  • Summer 2006: Clark gets a new power: super-breath. Oliver Queen moves to Metropolis. Lana moves in with Lex. (Source episode: Sneeze)
  • October 2006: Lex and Lana become a couple. Lex holds the Dark Thursday Benefit. Lois and Oliver begin their relationship. Chloe and Jimmy start dating. Clark discovered Oliver secret. Chloe met Oliver Queen.(Source episode: Wither,Arrow,Reunion)
  • November 2006: Raya finds Clark; together, they fight Baern. Raya dies while battling Baern in the Fortress of Solitude. (Source episode: Fallout)
    • Lana discovers that she is pregnant. One week later, Lex asks Lana to marry him. (Source episode: Rage, Static)
  • Winter 2006:It is revealed that Lex is actively researching and experimenting on metahumans in Level 33.1. Clark discovers Lana pregnacy. Lana accepted Lex proposal. Lois suspect of Oliver activities and shares a kiss with Clark. Linda Lake attacks Chloe.(Source episode: Subterranean, Hydro)


  • Early 2007: Oliver organizes the first version of the future Justice League. Oliver leaves town and breaks up with Lois. Clark meet the Martian Manhunter. (Source episodes: Justice,Labyrinth)
  • February 2007:Clark and Lois break into the engagement party of Lex and Lana. Chloe is abducted as a suspected metahuman. (Source episodes: Crimson, Freak)
Normal promise4

Lex and Lana marry in early 2007.

  • February 24, 2007: Lana finds out about Clark's powers, and is threatened by Lionel to marry Lex or he will kill Clark. Lana and Lex get married. (Source episode: Promise)
    • Early March 2007: Lana "miscarries" her baby. Clark kills Titan. (Source episode: Combat)
  • Spring 2007: Moira Sullivan emerges from her catatonic state for 24 hours for a short-lived reunion with her daughter, Chloe. (Source episode: Progeny)
    • Chloe's meteor power manifests. Lana decides to leave Lex but apparently dies. Clark fights Bizarro. Lionel disappears. Clark defeats Bizarro, and Martian Manhunter takes Bizarro away. Kara is released from Reeves Dam and saves Lex. Lana is revealed to be alive in Shanghai, China. (Source episodes: Phantom, Bizarro)
    • Lex and Lana divorce. Lois gets a job at the Daily Planet. (Source episode: Kara)
Normal blue498

Zor-El plans to destroy the human race.

  • Fall 2007: Chloe and Jimmy break up. (Source episode: Cure)
    • Lex finds Lionel, who reveals his captor to be Lana. (Source episode: Action)
    • Clark meets replicants of his birth mother and uncle. Kara disappears, and Clark is frozen in the Fortress. (Blue)
  • Winter 2007/Early 2008: Bizarro returns to Earth and poses as Clark for over a month. Lex purchases the Daily Planet. (Source episode: Gemini)
    • Clark returns and defeats Bizarro again. Brainiac, Green Arrow and an amnesiac Kara all return, and the Black Canary joins Oliver's team. (Source episodes: Persona, Siren, Fracture)
  • Spring 2008: Pete Ross comes back to Smallville and gains temporary superpowers. (Source episode: Hero)
    • Lionel has Clark kidnapped. Kara's powers are restored. (Source episode: Traveler)
    • Brainiac puts Lana in a coma, and travels to Krypton 1986 in an attempt to kill Kal-El as a baby. Clark is shown an alternate reality where he never arrived on Earth and returns to Krypton 1986. (Source episodes: Veritas, Apocalypse)
    • Lionel is murdered by Lex. Chloe is fired from the Daily Planet. (Source episode: Descent)
    • Lex discovers the cryptograph and uses it to track down Edward Teague and the Orb. (Source episodes:Sleeper. Quest)
    • Edward Teague attempts to kill Clark. (Source episode: Quest)
Clark lex fortress

The fortress colapse with Lex and Clark inside.

  • Late Spring 2008: Edward Teague, the last member of Veritas, is murdered by Brainiac disguised as Kara. Clark defeats Brainiac; Lana awakens and is forced to leave Smallville by Tess Mercer. Jimmy proposes to Chloe just before she is arrested. Lex learns Clark's secret. Clark and Lex are trapped in the Fortress of Solitude as it collapses around them. (Source episodes: Arctic, Power)
  • June 2008: Chloe is being held prisoner by a suspicious group who has discovered she has a new power. Lex is missing. Clark in Russia, powerless and working in a slave labor camp. The Martian Manhunter loses his powers. Tess Mercer comes to Smallville to take over Lex's estate. Oliver finds Clark. Lois sees that Clark is working with her at the Daily Planet. Lana begins training. (Source episodes: Odyssey, Power)
  • Early Fall 2008: Chloe meets Davis Bloome and re-opens the Isis Foundation‎. (Source episode: Plastique)
    • Oliver is poisoned. Tess kills Marcos. (Source episode: Toxic)
    • Chloe and Jimmy are kidnapped at their engagement party. Lois shows her feelings for Clark. (Source episode: Committed)
  • Late Fall 2008: Davis' blackouts become more frequent; he kills Mary Pierson and many others at the Ace of Clubs. A powerless Martian Manhunter takes a position as a detective in the Metropolis Police Department's homicide division. Jimmy and Davis are attacked by Randy Klein. (Source episode: Prey)
    • Jimmy snaps a picture of Clark super-speeding to save Lois and discovers Clarks' identity. Oliver Queen poses as the Red-Blue Blur. Clark thinks about an identity to protect his secret. (Source episode: Identity)
  • October 2008: Lana returns to Smallville to see Chloe and get information on Project Prometheus. (Source episode: Power)
Normal 810Smallville0034

Chloe on her wedding day.

S08e11 (19)

The Legion.

  • November 2008: Clark and Lois are trapped in the Phantom Zone, and find Kara. Faora is released and possesses Lois. Davis discovers his true Kryptonian origins. (Source episode: Bloodline)
    • The Fortress of Solitude is restored, but Brainiac returns and corrupts it. (Source episode: Abyss)
    • Jimmy and Chloe get married. Lana returns to Smallville. Doomsday kidnaps Chloe and takes her to the corrupted Fortress of Solitude. Brainiac takes over Chloe. Jimmy is hospitalized in Star City after being injured by Doomsday. (Source episode: Bride)
    • The Legion arrives from the 31st century. Chloe is freed from Brainiac; Davis escapes from the Fortress. (Source episode: Legion)
  • December 2008: Lana meets Tess, and reveals Lex's betrayal to Tess, resulting in her turning her back on him. John Jones is shot. Lana steals the Prometheus suit, which forces Lex out of hiding. Lex employs Winslow Schott to help him get revenge, but Oliver kills Lex in an explosion. (Source episodes: Bulletproof, Power, Requiem)
  • Early 2009: Linda Lake, Lois and Jimmy return to Metropolis. Jimmy and Chloe separate shortly afterward. Meanwhile, Davis starts murdering sinners (starting with Linda Lake) to tame the beast within him. (Source episodes: Infamous, Turbulence)
    • Chloe celebrates her birthday, and becomes Lois for a day. Zatanna arrives in Metropolis.(Source episodes: Hex)
  • Spring 2009: Davis grows closer to Chloe, eventually asking her to stay near him to prevent his transformations. Tess reveals that she knows Clark's secret. (Source episodes: Eternal)
    • Lois pretends to be a superhero to lure the Red-Blue Blur out for an interview.(Source episodes: Stiletto)
  • Summer 2009: Davis goes on the run with Chloe. Tess brings together her team of metahumans to find them, but they turn on her when they discover she has put explosive chips in their heads. (Source episodes: Beast, Injustice.)

Zod reborn.

  • September, 2009: Doomsday attacks Metropolis and Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen and Davis are both killed. Kal-El tells Chloe, "Clark Kent is dead". Zod is reborn at the Luthor Mansion via the Orb. Oliver and the Justice League goes underground. Clark left Chloe alone.(Source episode: Doomsday)
  • September 25, 2009: Lois Lane returns to Metropolis after being missing for three weeks. The Kandorian army nearly mutinies against Major Zod. John Corben starts working at the Daily Planet. Kal-El returns to save people in Metropolis and after buring his self in training at the Fortress, he fights Alia from the future. The Kandorian army left the Luthor Mansion. Chloe opened the Watchtower. The friendship between Clark and Chloe suffers a setback. (Source episode: Savior.)
  • October, 2009: John Corben is hit by a truck and becomes Metallo. Tess started her search for the kryptonians and discovers the House of El symbol. Clark Kent returned to work to the Daily Planet. A kryptonian named Coats creates an airborne virus creating a number of zombies. Oliver returned to Metropolis.(Source episodes: Metallo, Rabid)
  • November, 2009: Lois and Clark audition for Good Morning Metropolis. Oliver meets Mia Dearden. Clark and Lois share their first kiss. Lois left the city. (Source episodes: Crossfire)
    • Jor-El arrives at the Kent Farm and meets Chloe. Alia kills Jor-El, and Jor-El asks Clark to save Zod. Lois begins to suspect that Clark is the Blur. The Wonder Twins enter the Watchtower. Lois accepts her feelings for Clark and goes catatonic.(Source Episodes:Kandor (episode), Idol)
  • December, 2009: Clark and Tess learn about the future from Lois. Clark and Lois become a couple. Clark introduces himself to the Kandorian army. Oliver battled his old mentor. Lois met Zod. (Source Episodes: Pandora, Disciple)


  • Early 2010: Clark, Oliver, and Chloe met a team of old superheroes, the Justice Society of America. The Martian Manhunter regains his powers. Amanda Waller sends Icicle to kill the JSA. Lois join Checkmate. Tess is revealed to be a member of Checkmate. (Source episodes: Absolute Justice)
  • February 2010: Zatanna returns. Chloe and Oliver became a couple. Clark discovers a new type of Kryptonite that causes him to get the power of persuasion. Clark destroys Zod's solar tower, but he gains superpowers from Clark's blood. (Source episodes: Warrior, Persuasion, Conspiracy)
  • Early Spring 2010: Chloe and Oliver revealed to Clark and Lois that they are couple. Tess starts a relationship with Zod, discovers Oliver's secret identity and goes underground after Checkmate threatened her. Zod start to calling Lois, posing as the Blur. (Source episodes: Escape, Checkmate)
  • Late Spring 2010: Clark discovers that Zod had powers. John Corben escapes from the hands of Tess. The relationship of Lois and Clark begins to waver after the Blur breaks contact with Lois. Lois and Clark are fired from the Daily Planet. Chloe reinforces the security of the Watchtower. (Source episodes: Upgrade, Charade)
  • Early Summer 2010:Tess breaks into the Watchtower and discover the secret of Chloe's. The Watchtower was dismantled. Checkmate was destroyed by Zod. The Kandorian army regains their powers. Zod starts his quest for the Book of Rao. (Source episode: Sacrifice).
X22salvationhdmkv 002476307

Clark falls to the ground.

Smallvilles10e01720phdtvx264ctumkv 002134382

Tess takes Alexander to live with her.

  • Late Summer 2010: Martha Kent and Perry White return to Smallville. Chloe reopens the Watchtower. Tess choses a side in the battlefield.(Source episode: Hostage)
    • Zod wages war on Earth with the Kandorians by his side. Clark is stabbed with blue kryptonite during the battle against Zod and falls off a building. Lois discovers Clark is the Blur. Tess is burned by Zod's heat vision. Oliver gets kidnapped. Tess is revived in Cadmus Labs, and discovers a young clone of Lex Luthor. Cadmus Labs is destroyed by a Lex clone. Chloe uses the Dr. Fate's Helmet to rescue Oliver, but also sacifices her freedom. Jor-El disowns Clark. Lois heads to Africa.

Darkseid's arrival (Pre-Contact)

  • Late Summer 2010: Darkseid makes his way to Earth through a portal. (Source episode: Salvation, Lazarus).
  • August 2010: Oliver begins his search for Chloe.[2] Clark Kent meets Cat Grant, a new reporter at the Daily Planet. Lois meet Carter Hall in Africa. The Suicide Squad put a mark on the vigilantes of Metropolis. (Source episode: Shield).
    • Kara Kent returns to Earth to stop the dark force. Lois returns to Metropolis after three weeks on Africa. Darkseid possesses Gordon Godfrey and goes on an anti-hero campaign. Clark learns that he can not stop the dark force because he has darkness in his heart. Oliver reveals to the Earth that he is Green Arrow. (Source episode: Supergirl).
  • September/October 2010: Clark and Lois attend their five-year high school reunion and Brainiac 5 takes Clark through time to see his past, present, and future. Lois and Clark tell each other "I love you" for the first time..Lois becomes possessed by the spirit of Isis, Tess adopts Alexander LX-15. Clark finally tells Lois his serect that he is the Blur. Tess becomes the new Watchtower. (Source episode: Homecoming, Isis)
    • Tess tries to find a way to save Alexander who is aging very quickly. Clark and Lois are captured by the townspeople who want Lois to be their human sacrifice. Tess destroys all the research to save Alexander. Lois and Clark make love for the first time. (Source episode: Harvest)
  • November 2010: Lois and Clark are ambushed by Sam Lane and Lucy Lane on Thanksgiving. The Talon is destroyed by Rick Flag. The Vigilante Registration Act successfully pass. Clark and Tess meet Granny Goodness. Lois goes to the Fortress to talk with Jor-El. Desaad reveals to Granny and Godfrey that they are Darkseid's minions and preparing the way for their dark Lord. Tess discovers that she's a Luthor. (Source episode: Ambush, Abandoned)
    • AC and his new wife Mera tried to stop the VRA. Lois was welcomed to the Justice League. Clark tells the League about the darkness that threatens the Earth. Tess receives a Kryptonian relic as a legacy of Lionel Luthor. Clark discovers that Tess was hiding Alexander and that she was a Luthor. Alexander goes on the run. Lionel Luthor from an alternate universe crosses to the main reality. (Source episode: Patriot, Luthor)

Clark proposes to Lois.

  • December 2010: Clark and Lois becomes engaged. Clark shut down the Watchtower. Hawkman dies. The VRA targets Oliver and his friends as terrorists. The VRA captures the Justice League. (Source episode: Icarus)
  • January 2011:Chloe returns and saves her friends from the VRA, who were in a virtual reality for four weeks. Lionel reveals himself to the Earth and claims LuthorCorp from Tess and Oliver. Martha Kent returns to town and was shot by Alexander Luthor. Tess tries to kill Alexander and discovers that he is invincible. The VRA is ousted. Clark, Chloe and Lois reopened the Watchtower. The Luthor Mansion was destroyed by Alexander. (Source episodes: Collateral, Beacon)
  • February 2011: Chloe and Oliver celebrate their first anniversary. Oliver was marked by the Omega symbol. Clark begins to save people around the Earth and forging his secret identity as Clark Kent. (Source episode: Masquerade)
  • Lois and Clark celebrate their bachelor/bachelorette party. Chloe forges a new identity for herself and decides to leave town again. Chloe and Oliver are married and moved to Star City to start their new life. (Source episode: Fortune)
  • Early March 2011: Tess takes back LuthorCorp from Lionel Luthor. Alexander becomes Conner Kent. Lionel meets Darkseid. (Source episode: Scion)
  • March 2011: Clark sends Conner to live with his mom in Washington. Clark Luthor returns from the alternate universe. Tess discovers with the help of Emil that there is actually Gold Kryptonite. Martha gives Clark and Lois the deed of the Kent Farm as a wedding present and they decide to sell it. (Source episode: Kent)
  • April 2011: Booster Gold came from the future to usurp the place of Clark in history. Lois is promoted at work. Oliver and Clark travel to the Phantom Zone, meet Zod and closed the door from the inside. Oliver start to look for the Bow of Orion. (Source episodes: Booster, Dominion)
  • Early May 2011: After spending three weeks in the Phantom Zone, Clark returns to Metropolis. Oliver discovers the location of the Bow of Orion with the help of Tess. Kara is freed from her prison by Oliver while looking for the Bow and travels to the future to avoid meddling in the fate of Clark's. Granny Goodness destroys the Bow of Orion. Toyman organizes the Marionette Ventures. Lois call off the wedding after spending a day in Clark´ shoes. (Source episode: Prophecy)


Clois wedding

The Union of Lois & Clark

  • May 13, 2011: Lois and Clark's Wedding Day
    At the Daily Planet, Lois Lane and Clark Kent go back and forth about the Wedding Lois trying to convince Clark that they are going to call it off with Clark doing the opposite,taking her list of guests and phone to stop her from calling everyone. Eventually Clark tells her she is not in his way but by his side he tells her if she really wonts to call the wedding off she will have to leave him standing at the altar. At the wedding chapel, Oliver and Chloe are decorating the aisle while reminiscing the missing memories that was their wedding night. They tell each other that they would have gone through with it even if they hadn’t been under Zatanna's spell. Oliver tells Chloe that she needs to make sure Lois is on time, as she has apparently gone missing for her wedding. At the Kent farm, Martha looks around in shock at all of the boxes that she sees. She looks into a picture of the three of them and Jonathan’s reflection is seen. Clark arrives and she tells him that he misunderstood her message when she gave him the farm. She tells Clark that he needs to remember his past and what made him when he goes into the future. Clark refutes what she is saying and says that they have to move on and forget what they have lost to progress in their lives. As he leaves after declaring that he has left his past, Jonathan is seen to be crying. Chloe appears at the Daily Planet and in order to convince Lois, who is insistent that her and Clark should not get married, gives her Clark’s vows. Once Lois reads them, she realizes the mistake she was about to make and runs out of the Daily Planet to prepare for the wedding At Watchtower, Tess is desperately trying to access Watchtower's satellites, only to be blocked out at every try. She orders Watchtower to access security footage which reveals Oliver as the person who disabled the satellites. She then tells Watchtower to bring up previous satellite footage which reveals a massive fireball planet descending towards Earth. Granny, Desaad, and Godfrey meet at their lair when Oliver comes in and tell him of his accomplished mission. They are pleased and then assign him his next task: to remove Clark's powers using a gold kryptonite wedding ring.At the graveyard, Clark kneels at Jonathan’s grave and expresses his concerns. Jonathan, still unseen by Clark, talks to Clark as he expresses his doubts. Jonathan counters what Clark is saying and does his best to give his unheard advice; Clark says that he has to go beyond that and Oliver appears. Oliver tells Clark that he has to remember his past, and not hide away from everything that has made him who he is. He tells Clark that he has been down this road, and that Clark is the one who saved him.Clark, adamant on letting go of everything, visits Lois at their apartment. She surprises him by telling him that the wedding is on. She admits that she read his vows and gives him hers in exchange. After discussing what they should do, Clark reads her vows and tells her after moments of silence that he will meet her at the chapel At the Kent farm, Martha looks around in shock at all of the boxes that she sees. She looks into a picture of the three of them and Jonathan’s reflection is seen. Clark arrives and she tells him that he misunderstood her message when she gave him the farm. She tells Clark that he needs to remember his past and what made him when he goes into the future. Clark refutes what she is saying and says that they have to move on and forget what they have lost to progress in their lives. As he leaves after declaring that he has left his past, Jonathan is seen to be crying. Tess is confronted by Granny Goodness, who attempts to persuade Tess to join with Darkseid before revealing that the planet Apokolips is coming to Earth to destroy everything. While verifying the threat, Tess discovers that Oliver has used Watchtower to place all satellites offline to prevent the detection of Apokolips. (15:00pm) Martha is seated at the wedding, while Oliver and Chloe take their positions as best man and maid of honor, Lois arrives in the doorway and looks around nervous, until Clark takes her by the hand and they walk down the aisle.As Martha and Jonathan as well as everyone else look on,they begin the wedding, Near the final moments of the wedding Oliver hands Lois the ring for Clark,and Chloe mere seconds before it is placed on Clark hand, realizes that it is made of Gold kryptonite and knocks it away before it can be put on Clark's finger. Chloe discovers the Gold Kryptonite ring and keeps Clark from wearing it. After they fight briefly, he tells Oliver that he believes in him; Oliver overcomes the power of Darkseid and the Omega symbol fades from his skull. Clark believes everything is alright at that point, but Oliver tells him that the Earth needs its hero sooner than they thought as he shows Clark the coming Apokolips. Lionel kidnaps Tess in an effort to transplant her heart into another Lex clone, but Tess gets the upperhand and shoots Lionel. Darkseid arrives and Lionel trades his soul for Lex's life. Possessing Lionel, Darkseid confronts Clark, who finally realizes what Jor-El was preparing him for his entire life. Clark accesses his power of flight and vanquishes Darkseid from Lionel's deceased body. Newly revived Lex kills Tess, but not before Tess uses a neurotoxin to erase all of Lex's memories. Clark goes to the Fortress of Solitude and receives the suit Martha made for him from Jonathan who tells him not to forget his time in Smallville Clark flies away to stop Apokolips from destroying Earth Clark arrives just in time to save the now out of control Air Force One from crashing. He appears to Lois and nods to her, telling her that everything is alright. As he flies off to stop Apokolips from crashing into Earth, Lois takes a camera and after introducing herself begins to film the President. Oliver watches on amidst the crowds of Metropolis as the red and blue blur from Clark’s cape flies into the sky and moves the planet away from Earth. by moving Apokolips away from the Earth Clark Brings hope to all Humanity and breaks their connection to Dakseid Oliver smiles with pride as the people are freed from Darkseid's control thanks to the efforts of his friend. Clark faces the Earth from space as he embraces his destiny as Superman. (Source episode: Finale, Part 1 and Part 2)


May–November 2011:

  • Images of alien beings on Apokolips begin surfacing, revealing to Mankind that aliens do exist.
  • Superman becomes a global symbol for hope. In retaliation Lex Luthor begins a vendeta against him.
  • Emil begins working for S.T.A.R. Labs and begins the H.E.D. program,
  • Lex Luthor sells the Daily Planet.
  • Lex Luthor reveals himself to the Earth once again and renames LuthorCorp LexCorp. He also begins learning about his past through information he found through the press. He also hired Otis as his personal assistant.
  • Clark and Lois learn about Tess's murder at the hands of Lex.
  • Lex announces that Tess committed suicide during Contact.
  • Lex Luthor begins plans for the Guardian Orbital Defense Platforms, in order to compete with the Russian Aefense Platforms already in orbit.

November 2011: Six months after Contact, Clark modifies the Superman costume to better suit his needs, and begins using more advanced technology. As an energy storm tears through space, it nearly destroys the Russian Defense Platform and it's occupants, but they are saved by Superman. Lex request that Sam Lane begin treating Superman like a threat and take full military response. Sam Lane reassures him that when the Military has just cause Superman will be dealt with. Lex and Clark meet for the first time in months, where Clark reveals he knows about the Guardian Platforms. Lex then begins having hallucinations of Tess. Clark and Oliver stop a group of crooks, as Chloe and Lois discover a ship landing on Earth during the storm. Lex Luthor learns through MRI that his mind has been enhanced by the Nuerotoxin, and once again sees Tess. Clark scans in space for any debris from the storm and finds none, while also revealing he has gained Gamma and Infrared Vision. At a LuthorCorp press conferenece, Lois begins questioning an annoyed Lex on his whereabouts during his dissapearence and Tess's murder. Clark meets Lois at a LexCorp press conference and tells her they cannot prove Lex's involvement just yet. After criticising the Justice League and labelling them failures, Lex announces the Guardian Platforms, as well as the man who will bring them into Orbit, Hank Henshaw.

October 2017: Clark and Lois both still work at the Daily Planet but are now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office. Clark meets his past self in an elevator and asks him to save Lois from a helicopter crash while he needs to save Metropolis from a nuclear disaster. (Source episode: Homecoming)


2018: Chloe concludes her reading of the comic book, and as she departs from the boy’s room receives a call from Lois at the Daily Planet. Lois thanks her for the blue ribbon that she needed as she approaches the office of Perry White. James Olsen stops her and tells her that that is a bad idea, after she charges him to get better pictures of Superman, she tells him that he has his brother's big shoes to fill, but that she knows he can do it. On the TV broadcast, Lex has just been Elected the President of the United States, wearing the white suit from the visions and dreams of his past he turns to embrace the nation and world that he now seemingly controls. A bumbling Clark runs into Lois and knocks her stuff out of her hands. She tells him that he can stop acting as no one is looking and asks if he has their wedding rings. She asks if he is ready and he says that he has been ready for seven years. Just then they are alerted to the fact that a bomb has been found in an elevator uptown. Clark tells Lois to tell the minister he'll be a few minutes late to their wedding. Clark departs for the roof and he looks around at the Earth and begins to open his shirt, revealing the red and yellow House of El family crest, as he goes off to save the day as Superman. (Source episode: Finale, Part 2)

25th century

  • A washed up football player steals three pieces of alien technology; a power suit, a Legion ring, and an artificial intelligence unit. He then travels back to the 21st century to usurp Clark Kent's role in history as a world renowned superhero. (Source episode: Booster)

31st century

  • Clark's adventures have become legendary. They also become proof that aliens can live in peace on Earth; however, there remains a group of radicals dubbed the Human Supremacist Movement that fears alien life and wish to purge Earth of alien presence.
  • 3009: Persuader steals a Legion ring and goes back in time to kill Clark to change history. The Legion of Super-Heroes sends Rokk Krinn, Garth Ranzz, and Imra Ardeen to prevent the assassination. (Source episode: Legion)
  • 3010: Reprogramed Brainiac returns to the 21st century to meet Clark Kent. (Source episode: Homecoming)


  1. In Homecoming, its revealed that Lois only attend 5 days to the Smallville High.
  2. Tess established that Oliver dated Chloe for over five months in Shield, and they began to date before February 14, so this episode takes place in August.
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