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Time travel is the act of moving between different moments in time; either sending objects backwards in time to a moment before the present, or sending objects forward from the present to the future without the need to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate). [picture needed]

Powers and Abilities

When Jor-El sends someone back in time, he sends the mind and memory of a future person into his or hers past body. For example, when Jor-El sent Clark back in time after Lana died, Clark was presumably sent back into his old body; there were not two Clarks around.

When Clark used Rokk's Legion ring to travel back in time, he also presumably traveled back into his past body; there were not two Clarks that time either.

However, when Brainiac 5 used his Legion ring to bring Clark into the future of 2017, there were two Clarks: a Clark from 2010, and a Clark from 2017. The Clark from 2017 was aware of everything that the Clark from 2010 knew and would do, suggesting that there was an element of destiny and pre-determined fate to the actions of the Clark from 2010.

Season Three

Lana's call is directed to the past with interference from water, electricity and kryptonite. (Crisis)

Season Five

When Lana Lang was killed in a car accident, Clark Kent asked Jor-El to do something. He offered Clark a crystal that could reset time to a point where Lana was still alive. Clark took the crystal, feeling he couldn't live without Lana and went back in time to the morning before Lana was killed. Clark's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent later died as a result of Lana not being killed but Jor-El told Clark that there was nothing he could do. (Reckoning)

Season Seven

When Brainiac managed to reboot himself and upgrade himself to Brainiac 2.0, he gave himself the ability to fly and managed to persuade Kara Kent to travel through time to Krypton in 1986 moments before the planet exploded. Clark believed that he couldn't get there and almost gave up hope, but Jor-El told Clark that he was on Earth for a reason and sent him back in time to Krypton to stop Brainiac from killing baby Kal-El, so that Clark would not exist. Clark and Kara managed to stop Brainiac from killing baby Kal-El but he disguised himself as Kara to return to Earth and avoid Krypton's destruction, placing Kara in the Phantom Zone. (Apocalypse)

Season Eight

The Persuader traveled back in time from 3009 to destroy the crystal that could be used to defeat Brainiac. The Legion of Superheroes followed him to send him back to the future and then helped Clark defeat Brainiac, who had possessed Chloe. They left a Legion ring with Clark and offered him the chance to visit the future (Legion), although instead he used it to change the past when his identity was exposed due to Linda Lake. When he went back in time he defeated Linda Lake and kept his identity secret, after which he destroyed the ring. (Infamous)

Rokk Krinn came back in time again to give Clark a Legion ring to send Doomsday into the future. Lois found the ring and was transported to the future. (Doomsday)

Season Nine

Three weeks later, Lois was transported back to Metropolis with virtually no memories of the future. Alia followed Lois, attacking her several times in an attempt to attract Clark's attention so that she could kill Clark. (Savior)

Season Ten

Lois and Clark attended their 5 year high school reunion, and just as Clark begins to feel uncomfortable, time appears to come to a stand-still and Brainiac 5 entered the room and revealed himself to be the re-programmed version of Brainiac, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and thus from the 31st century. Brainiac 5 took Clark's arms and they traveled back in time to 4 and a half years ago, where Clark witnessed Jonathan's funeral once more. They appeared to be invisible to the occupants of that time, suggesting that Brainiac 5 had improved time-travel. Clark then activated the Legion ring, accidentally sending himself to the Daily Planet in 2017. This time, the occupants of that time could see Clark, causing him great confusion. (Homecoming)




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