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Themyscira, aka Paradise Island, is a mythical island of amazons located somewhere in the Mediterranean sea near to Greece.

The island was Hippolyta's reward for aiding Zeus in imprisoning his brother Hades from the mortal world.

Twenty years before Diana appear in the Man's world, a plane, inside of which there was a young Steve Trevor and his parents, crash-landed on the island. Steve was the only one who survived the accident. He stayed on the island for five years with the help of Princess Diana and buried his parents there.


  • In early 2004, the Themyscira Queen reportedly left the island to address the Vatican in Rome. (Asylum)
  • Themiscyra along with Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons finally appear in the Smallville continuity. (Olympus)

In the Comics

Themyscira in the comics.

It was primarily known as Paradise Island until revisions to the Wonder Woman character took place in the 1980s. It is the home to Princess Diana and her fellow Amazons, including her mother Queen Hippolyta. It was created by the Goddesses of Mount Olympus as a home for their powerful female army. Hippolyta and Antiope who were both sisters founded Themyscira. The God Ares who was an opponent of the Amazons pillaged Paradise Island and enslaved the Amazons, though they escaped. Antiope then led a group of Amazons to go after Hercules, and Hippolyta led the rest on a remote island, renaming it Themyscira. The Amazons began their new lives, building monuments, buildings and becoming excellent warriors. For many years, they lived in a perfect society with peace, equality and tolerance. They based their life around ancient Greek customs, wearing togas and sandals and warrior armor much like the Greeks during 1200 BCE like armor covering their bodies, shields and helmets. They are also consecrated to religion deeply, worshipping their goddesses and also doing animal sacrifices. New life was created by the Nereides who would send infants washed up upon the shores of Paradise Island, where they were taught the ways of the Amazons and then sent back. Diana left Themyscira to "Man's World" where she became the super heroine known as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman in a destroyed Themyscira.

During the Our Worlds at War storyline, Themyscira had been destroyed. It was rebuilt and relocated again to the Bermuda Triangle. It was designed by a team of Julia Kapatelis, Martian Manhunter, Steve Trevor, Jean Claude Tibet and Kaleeza Fashed with the help of alien technology. This time, their religion consisted of Greek deities as well as Egyptian ones. Also, the island is governed by both tribes of the Amazons. Hera almost destroyed Themyscira, the islands being unable to lift themselves and they returned to their joined islands once again.

Throughout the publication history of Paradise Island, a constant of the island is that no man is allowed to set foot there. This has been often poorly defined and the repercussions of doing so have also been poorly defined. Thus man stepping foot on the island might kill him instantly, make all the Amazons lose their powers, evoke the wrath of the deities, or make all the Amazons fall instantly in love with him. With the 1986 reboot this became no longer a punishable offense, rather a rule which the Amazons adhered to after they were betrayed by Hercules. Afterwards men are welcome though not trusted on the island. In the Justice League animated series when men visited the island, the Amazons were shown to have a great level of annoyance, though nothing would happen to either the men or the local inhabitants.


  • In the Season Three episode Asylum, the newspaper on the bookstand headline reads "Themyscira Queen addresses Vatican" referring to Wonder Woman's mother Queen Hippolyta although not confirming this.
  • Along with Metropolis, Star City, Edge City, Blüdhaven, Keystone City, Coast City, Central City and Gotham City it is one of the confirmed DC Comics locales to be present in the world of Smallville.
  • Themiscirya is said to be located near present-day Terme, which is in northern Turkey where the Terme River meets the Black Sea. The area hosts an annual festival that celebrates the Amazons and their history.

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