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This article is about the Traveler prophesied to by Veritas. For the episode, see Traveler. For the character from the episode Slumber see Nicholas Conroy.

The Traveler, Clark Kent, is held captive on the orders of Lionel Luthor.

The Traveler is a title given to Clark Kent by Veritas. It was prophesied that he would bring great change to Earth. The four families of Veritas swore to protect the Traveler from harm.

Known Travelers

In various timelines, separate individuals have fulfilled the destiny of the Traveler:

  • Clark Kent - In the main timeline, Kal-El was adopted by the Kents and united the Stones of Power, creating the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Linda Danvers - In a timeline where Clark's ship never made it to Earth, Kara was adopted by the Luthors. Brainiac mentioned that he planned to use Kara and "her Fortress" to release General Zod from the Phantom Zone. This suggests that in the alternate reality, Kara was able to unite the Stones of Power, form the Crystal of Knowledge, and create the Fortress of Solitude: in short, to become the Traveler.
  • Clark Luthor - In the separate timeline of Earth-2 where Kal-El was adopted by Lionel Luthor, it is suggested that Clark Luthor fulfilled the prophecy of the Traveler, as Earth-2 also had a Fortress. This suggested that Clark Luthor was able to unite the Stones of Power on Earth-2.

Early life

Dr. Swann, a member of Veritas, became a recluse and individually devoted his life to understanding communication from the stars.

Season Two

By 2002, he had translated a message and located the Traveler, a 15-year-old adopted boy from Kansas, named Clark Kent. Presumably, Veritas was disbanded by this time, because Dr. Swann upheld his promise to keep Clark Kent's identity a secret, instead of informing the living members, the Teagues and Lionel, of his find.

Season Four

Genevieve Teague reconnected with Lionel Luthor in 2004, but neither of them expressed that they knew of the Traveler's identity. Genevieve's son Jason Teague even coached Clark on the high school football team.

Season Five

However, Clark's close relationship with Lex Luthor eventually caused Lionel to realize that Clark was the Traveler in 2006, almost a year after Swann's death. Lionel's past intentions to control the Traveler were never realized because ironically, he became the emissary for Jor-El, Clark's biological father, and carried out the group's original intention to protect the Traveler.

Season Seven

The Veritas Letter of Patricia.

In 2008, Lionel Luthor received threatening letters with wax seals of the Veritas symbol. They were from Patricia Swann, who was trying to learn the identity of the Traveler from Lionel. She hinted to Lex at what the society was, and told Lionel that she knew he killed Edward Teague, Laura and Robert Queen, and probably Virgil Swann. She claimed to have evidence linking him to the murders. Lionel agreed to let Patricia meet the Traveler if she turned over the evidence. To protect him from Patricia, Lionel had Clark kidnapped and held in a kryptonite-lined cage. He hired Pierce to oversee Clark's capture, but Pierce instead tortured Clark. Patricia arrived at the facility and stated that she intended to take Clark with her, but Lionel knocked her unconscious and took the evidence. He tried to return Clark back to his farm, but Pierce knocked him unconscious and tried to kill Clark. Kara came to Clark's rescue and after she threw the cage into the observation glass Pierce tried to shoot them with a Kryptonite stun gun. Lionel came to and then hit Pierce over the head, sending him to his death. Clark and Kara must have taken Patricia away from Lionel, because later Clark and Patricia talk in his home in Smallville.

Patricia gave Clark her father's diary, which told of the change the Traveler would bring.

When Gina found out that Clark was the Traveler, the last remaining member of Veritas fulfilled the prophecy of protecting the Traveler by poisoning her so that she couldn't reveal Clark to Lex. He was revealed to be Edward Teague, who thought it was his calling to capture the Traveler and sacrifice him to prevent him from taking over the planet. He lured Clark to the St. Christopher Cathedral in Montreal and tried to perform the ritual, but Clark was saved by Chloe Sullivan. Teague then tried to kill Lex Luthor for interfering, but Clark interrupted the battle.

Season Eight



Patricia: When Dad died, I inherited his estate. After a long probate, I've recently received all of his research. He was obsessed with one subject in particular -- a traveler from another galaxy who came to Smallville in a meteor shower.
Lionel: A great scientist with a vivid imagination.
Patricia: My father wasn't the only one who believed in the traveler. Four powerful families would gather every summer -- my dad, the Queens, the Teagues, and you. According to his journals, the group formed a secret society -- Veritas.
Lionel: Veritas -- that's right, our astronomy club.
Patricia: You were preparing to welcome the traveler. The group planned on sharing the responsibility of keeping him safe once he arrived. But everyone died... ...except you.
Lionel: Where are you going with this?
Patricia: You killed Edward Teague and Robert and Laura Queen. And I am sure that you had a hand in my father's death.
Lionel: A pity his brilliance was lost on you.
Patricia: I have proof. I found evidence my father collected and stored with his journals. You wanted the traveler all for yourself... for your own personal gain. Turn over the son of Krypton, or I will release the evidence linking you to their murders.
Lionel: (chuckles) The traveler from another galaxy, a clandestine cabal, a series of murders -- mm, that's quite a story. You be careful who you tell it to.
Patricia: Don't test me, Lionel. Take me to the traveler now.
Lionel: (chuckles) You haven't changed. You're still that bossy little girl you used to be. But this time, Patty, you're swimming way out of your depth.
Season Seven, Traveler

Brainiac-as-Kara: (to Lex) I always thought the Traveler was meant for good, even he thinks he is, but he went home from Krypton and learnt the truth about his fate. He won't save mankind, he will destroy it.
Season Seven, Arctic

Lex: Who am I to turn my back on my fellow man? Especially after you turned your back on me? I'm sorry, Clark. But you are the Traveler. You hold the future of the entire planet in your hands. I'm here to take it back.
Clark: Lex...
Lex: You'll never threaten the world again... Kal-El.
Season Seven, Arctic

Tess: I came into possession of a journal of Lionel Luthor's. The journal talks about a boy who fell from the stars on the day of a meteor shower. Lionel's obsession with this traveler was the only reason that he was in Smallville that day. He wanted to possess the traveler for himself.
Clark: Why are you telling me all this?
Tess: Because Lionel and then Lex got the moral of the story wrong. According to the Kawatche Indians, this boy is part of a two-headed creature -- good and evil. The Luthors were too busy feuding over which one of them was worthy enough to be your adversary that they couldn't see the truth... ...that there was another boy who came to Earth with you. Davis Bloome.
Season Nine, Eternal