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Whitney receives the video message from Lana and writes a letter in response.


Whitney, in a troupe of rude and gung-ho marines, gets his video letter from Lana. He starts writing a letter to her which goes the length of the story, telling her that he doesn't like the decision, but he understands.

Whitney goes to an ambushed village and comes under fire. Thinking of Lana, he does his best and saves some fellow troopers, sending them into a helicopter while staying to escape on his own. Soon after, the scene from his death episode happens, and he's blown to bits holding Lana's note in his hand.


  • The Few, The Proud is part of a recruiting slogan for the US Marines. The full slogan is "The Few, The Proud, The Marines".
  • The story focuses on some missions that Whitney went on during his time with The US Marines.


  • This story take place after Heat. Pages 1–9 takes place before Skinwalker,[1] while the 10th and final Page takes place just before Visage[2]


(Whitney and his fellow Marine Troops are watching Lana's video letter.)

Marine Troop 1: She take off her clothes yet?
Marine Troop 2: Shut up, dude. Lana's a sweet little country girl--eh, Whitney?

(Marine Troop 1 takes Lana's necklace from Whitney.)

Whitney: C'Mon, give it back.
Marine Troop 1: Aw, will little Lana cry?
Marine Troop 2: Give the man his necklace... Or we'll have to listen to even more corndbread stories, like... "I remember the day Lana gave me my lucky green necklace. The corn was as high as an elephant's eye, and me, Wally, and the Beav were painting a white picket fence... When Lana came riding up with her Pom-Poms--." (interupted by explosion)

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  1. Whitney still has Lana's necklace until he gives it to a fellow Marine Troop on Page 9. From there it is given to Lana at the end of Skinwalker.
  2. The final panels are adapted from the beginning of the episode.

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