Emil and Tess

Tess Mercer and Emil Hamilton worked together at Watchtower, where they developed a romantic interest in each other.

Season Eight

Clark Kent called in Emil when he found out that Tess's assistant Eva Greer had impersonated Chloe Sullivan and Emil explained that Eva was a shapeshifter. He warned Clark that Chloe could be caught in the crossfire, and that Tess may kill the other members of her team as she did with Eva with just one push of a button. Clark asked Emil to isolate the GPS signal in their brains so that they could track Tess' team. Clark and Emil tried to call Tess and warn her that a member of her team, Parasite, had stolen Clark's powers and set out for revenge. When their attempts were unsuccessful, Emil lent Clark a car to get to Smallville in order to warn Tess in person.

Season Nine

Chloe called in Emil after Tess held Lois Lane at Belle Reve after she went into a coma and Clark stopped Tess and as a result was locked into Lois's memories. Chloe stoped Emil from removing Clark from Lois's brainwaves, once she told him of the reports Tess had on Lois that stated that the more times she went to see her therapist, the more memories of the future she saw she recovered.

Season Ten


Clark saves Tess and Emil.

Both Tess and Emil were present at Clark and Lois's engagement party at Watchtower. Later, Tess, Emil, and Lois were all brought into questioning by the VRA for their involvement with the heroes. Lois tried to text Clark but Tess and Emil silently informed her that their phones had been bugged. Lieutenant Trotter interrogated Emil, Lois, and Tess separately at the Daily Planet but none of them give her the answers she was looking for. Lois managed to escape while Emil and Tess were sent to a warehouse, presumably to be executed. At the warehouse, Clark arrived and saved Tess and Emil by defeating Trotter and her men in a brief battle. He asked them where Lois was but their silence made him realize they had no idea and that she was still missing.


Emil and Tess rock out at the Ace of Clubs.

Emil and Tess attended Clark and Lois's party at the Kent farm where they drank from an enchanted bottle of champagne which caused them to become amazingly drunk and wild. The two of them somehow ended up signing karaoke at the Ace of Clubs with Emil dressed as an Elvis impersonator.

X15fortunehdmkv 002367990

Tess and Emil make love.

At the end of the next day after the effects of the magical champagne ended, Tess met Emil at the Watchtower and she joked about him. They begun to forge an emotional bond with each other until they were interrupted by Lois and the others who found the camera that Emil had recorded the wild night, the video revealed that Tess and Emil had made love in her office at the Daily Planet, much to both their embarrassments.


Tess and Emil talk.

Clark Kent had been sent to the Earth-2 universe that Clark Luthor had came from and Tess was working on a way to distract Luthor while Emil and Lois worked on repairing the destroyed mirror box in order to bring Kent back. Later Tess and Emil were talking about Gold kryptonite, and how it had the ability to permanently take away Clark’s powers. Tess told him that she would get her team on it. Emil then inquired about Tess’ dinner with Ultraman. He told her he reviewed the footage of them together, and that she looked tempted to take him up on his offer. Tess told Emil that he didn't know the kind of person she really was. Emil said he did know the real her, even if she didn't believe it yet herself.

Season Eleven

Superman-Zone- 012

Lex questions Tess about her relationship with Emil Hamilton.

Six months after her death, Tess reemerged in the form of a 2nd conscience within her half-brother Lex Luthor. When Lex managed to intimidate Emil into letting his men take over Hank Henshaw's life-threatening operation, Tess appeared again and asked how could Emil give in to Lex's demands. Lex admitted that it took a bit of arm-twisting and manipulation for him to do so. Lex then asked if Tess knew Emil "in more than one way", a reference to their sexual relationship. An offended Tess slapped Lex and told him to go to hell, implying she still very much cared for Emil.

At Watchtower, Clark, Lois and Oliver stand patiently as Emil downloads a grateful Tess into a computer system making her a hologram.


Emil asks Tess if she dreams when she is on standby mode.


Tess an Emil are talking about her state as a A.I.

Z54 (12)

Tess declines Emil's offer.

Some time later Emil arrived at Watchtower, where he updated the software and "woke up" Tess’ consciousness before offering to make her a uniform, so that she could put some clothes on her holographic representation. Declining, Tess claimed that clothes were for people and at the moment she was not an actual person. They began a discussion about whether she dreams when she is in stand-by mode, but their conversation was interrupted by an assault at Seattle, involving men in robotic suits.

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 08 03 1376070499340

Tess goes to save Emil's life.

Days later Lex Luthor ordered an attack at S.T.A.R. Labs, sending his men to invade the facility. Emil decided to stay and confront the invaders, only to get shot in the process. Tess, who was also inside the facility and was watching from a monitor, horrified. After her attempts to contact emergency services failed due to LexCorp jamming local communications, Tess took control of a huge robot inside the facility and rushed to Emil’s aid, begging him to hold on.

Z63 (14)

Tess talks to Emil about her change of heart.

Smallville - Season 11 063-015

Tess reconsiders Emil's idea.

After Emil was discharged from the hospital, he visited Tess and the two spoke about what had happened earlier. Tess explained that she did not kill Lex in retaliation because she dreams, and if she has dreams, it must mean something. Not knowing why, she feels that if she is getting a second chance, she did not want any blood on her hands or darkness in her heart. She also reconsidered his of making a uniform, clothing her holographic design.

A few weeks after the Crisis, Emil and Tess have their first real date at a Metropolis restaurant. Emil asks if the new synthetic skin Tess has over her robotic body hurts, to which she replies that it doesn’t not hurt. Emil assures her that he'll have the team work on another sensation patch for her second skin's firmware. Upon receiving their meals, they both agree the food is terrible and decide to leave the restaurant. Emil tell Tess that Clark put him in touch with a man from Russia named Alexi, who agreed to help him get certified in space travel so that he would be able to visit her at the Watchtower outpost. Tess then kisses Emil before changing into her Red Tornado form, leaving to upload herself into the outpost while declaring that Watchtower was officially back online.


Tess: Hey, hound dog. You really rocked this town.
Emil: I suppose that's supposed to be humorous?
Tess: It's just... well, it was a nice surprise to see our mild-mannered doctor have a special power of his own.
Season Ten, Fortune


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