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Terri Henshaw is Hank Henshaw's wife.

Early life

At some point in her life, Terri married Hank.

Season Eleven

Mrs. Henshaw angrily blames Superman.

Terri visits and watches over her wounded husband in S.T.A.R. Labs. Lois Lane attempts to comfort her but she angrily blames Superman for what happened, despite knowing Henshaw's decision. Lois apologizes for the incident, but Mrs. Henshaw dismisses her attempts and leaves.

Lex offers his help to Terri to save Hank Henshaw's life.

Emil Hamilton attempts to comfort Terri as she mourns her husband's condition, when Lex Luthor walks in. He offers to help save Commander Henshaw but says he requires one of Emil's H.E.D drones.

Terri confronts Hank as he wakes up in his new body.

Terri and Lex try to calm Hank down.

Emil asks Terri to come into the operating room as her husband wants her, but is kicked out by Lex's security guards. Hank's robotic body goes online, and his wife tries to comfort him as he begins to grieve his condition. Lex congratulates him on his second chance, but Hank angrily grabs him and lifts him into the air, asking why Lex did it. Emil quickly reaches for and activates his signal watch.

Terri tries to make Hank get used to his new body.

Terri says Superman is the one to blame for Hank's condition.

Hank sees his lifeless body and his memories comes back to his "mind", while Terri tries to calm him down. He says that he feels like he wants to cry but he can't and then angrily destroys his human body with a laser beam. Hank, blaming Lex for his current situation, goes against him but Terri, not wanting Hank to kill a man, says Superman is the one to blame as he didn't come to save him in time in which Lex agrees. When Superman arrives, Hank starts to loses his common sense and put all of his anger on the superhero and Emil takes Terri away from there, knowing what is going to come next.

Later, Superman speaks to Terri about the special arrangements made for Hank and then Hank apologizes to him after coming to his senses.

Months later, during the Eclipso crisis, Hank wondered if Terri was safe. Worrying about her, he decides to take action and save Metropolis.

Hank Henshaw checks in on his wife and stays in the shadows, relaying to Tess Mercer that he just wanted to be sure Terri would be okay before he left. Terri seems to have moved on with her life as she is apparently seeing another man.


In the Comics

Terri Henshaw as she appears in the comics.

Terri Henshaw, her husband and two of their friends were returning from when they encountered a freak radiation storm. The radiation affected the machinery of the vessel and the shuttle crash landed somewhere far away from its intended target. When the four explorers had freed themselves from the wreckage, Hank Henshaw discovered that his friends Steve and Jim had been horribly transformed. Terri seemed to be fine, but Hank himself could feel radiation sickness beginning to eat away at him. The group went to Metropolis in search of a LexCorp facility that they could use to fix their mutations but ran into Superman and were subsequently involved in a time consuming fight. Terri started exhibiting symptoms, beginning to fade from existence. Hank tried his hardest to work on a cure for her but he was going fast. Hank came up with a plan to fix Terri, but died before he could use it. Thankfully, Superman was still there and he was able to save Terri before she completely disappeared. Some time later, Hank returned in a new form. His first thoughts once reconstituted were of his wife Terri who had been institutionalized after the traumatic events which she had witnessed. Henshaw found Terri but after appearing as a robot and leaving suddenly when security came, Terri was left even more disturbed than before. When Henshaw heard how his visit had made Terri feel, he decided it would be best for him to leave Earth and continue his hunt for knowledge on his own.

This incident was later retconned so that after seeing her husband resurrected as a robot, Terri immediately jumps out of the nearest window. Instead of fleeing for space, Hank Henshaw now seeks revenge on Superman, who, as Hank believes, ruined his life.