Terrence Reynolds is the second known principal of Smallville High School.

Early life

Reynolds was the headmaster at Excelsior Preparatory School where Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen attended, until he was fired by Lionel Luthor. Described by Lex as a strict but fair disciplinarian, Reynolds has been known to push his pupils to become better in the world, such as writing essays of where they see themselves in the future.

Season Two


Clark enters Principal Reynolds' office.

Terrence Reynolds became the new principal of Smallville High School and did not approve of Lex Luthor having a relationship with his students. He had Clark write an essay stating where he would be in five years, a task he had probably given to several previous students. He admired Chloe Sullivan's Wall of Weird, noting her ideals would prove how she would be a great reporter.

He spoke to Chrissy Parker about missing files and whether he could meet with her parents to discuss the matter and she invited him to come to the Talon where they would supposedly be. However, when he arrived, she attacked him and was about to kill him when Clark arrived and stopped her. While being loaded into the ambulance, Principal Reynolds warned Clark not to be late for school. (Redux)

In 2003, Clark began to spend a great deal of time in the Kawatche Caves before school and was habitually late. Principal Reynolds contacted Clark's parents Jonathan and Martha Kent to see if his repeated tardiness was due to a problem at their farm. (Rush)

Later that year, after Cyrus Krupp seemingly started a fire with his eyes in the electronics lab, Principal Reynolds suspended him and confiscated his project. (Visitor)

Season Four

Two years later Reynolds oversaw the graduation of Clark, Lana Lang and Chloe. It's unknown what happened to him during and after the 2005 meteor shower.


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