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Temptation is the ninth volume in a series of Young Adult novels about Smallville.


The novel was written by Suzan Colon and was printed on February 2004.


(Provided on page 42 of Smallville #10)

A super-powered teenager arrives in Smallville and his sights on Lana. Jealousy leads Clark to consider actions more shocking than any he's taken before.


The novel references the events of the episode Insurgence, thus placing the novel's events sometime after the episode. It is stated that the meteor shower happened 13 years before. Clark is also mentioned to be 16 in the novel.

The novel seems to set up the events of Rush. Near the end of the book, Clark gives the Red Kryptonite rock that influenced him throughout the novel to Pete. This seems to explain why Pete had a piece of Red Kryptonite rock that he was able to use on Clark during the events of Rush.

Sheriff Miller is also still acting Sheriff, meaning the story must also be set prior to Prodigal, thus placing the novel's events in between Insurgence and Rush.

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