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"Hey. I think it's time you switch into Super Clark mode now."
— Chloe Sullivan to Clark KentArrival
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This template displays a random quote from the ones stored within it.

Adding quotes to this template

To add a quote to this template, edit this page and enter the quote in the specified area marked as below:

-----BEGIN QUOTES-----


-----END QUOTES-------

Quotes must be surrounded by <option></option> tags and should be formatted with Template:Quote. Use the text below for reference.

<option> {{Quote|<text of the quote>|<speaker>|<listener (optional)>|<episode>}}</option>

Picking quotes

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when picking a quote to add:

  • The template does not have values for action description (such as: (she begins to cry)), or replies, so try to pick one that is one line and makes sense standing alone. Also, quotes need to have only one speaker and one listener.
  • Please do not add quotes from unaired episodes based on trailers or previews. This falls under the Wiki policy to only report what has been seen on the show so far. Sometimes scenes are cut before the episode airs, or the speaker is not clearly identified.
  • Quotes are not limited to those that are already on display on the episode pages.
  • Type the quote exactly as said, with correct punctuation.
  • If the quote itself has the listener in it, you can leave this value off of the template.
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