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Alicia Baker teleports.

Teleportation is the ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else.

Kryptonite-infected metahumans

Alicia Baker

Alicia Baker acquired the ability to teleport from kryptonite exposure during the first meteor shower. When she teleported, she would leave behind a green cloud of smoke.

Alicia could teleport to places out of her line of sight, such as when she teleported out of an elevator to safety. She could also teleport across vast distances at will, teleporting once from Smallville, Kansas to Las Vegas, Nevada. She was able to bring people and objects with her when she teleported, as long as she was touching them and she wanted to bring them with her.

Alicia teleports with Chloe.

Her teleporting powers apparently also enabled her to change positions while in transit. When she teleported Chloe Sullivan from the Torch offices to a car, they went from standing to sitting down, and when she teleported them both out of the car, they were both standing again.

Alicia's abilities could be inhibited by lead, either in the form of lead paint, a lead-lined room, or a lead bracelet that released trace amounts of lead into her bloodstream.

Emil LaSalle

Emil teleporting.

Emil LaSalle can move from one place to another, quickly disappearing and becoming transparent.

Alien technology

Kryptonian technology

Teleportation was a common technology on the planet Krypton prior to its destruction. There were many teleportation portals set up between Krypton and Earth, which were used by Kryptonians such as Jor-El, Lara-El, Zor-El and Kara. As the war with General Zod progressed on Krypton, the Ruling Council closed the portals between Krypton and Earth.

Clark and Lana are teleported to the Fortress.

Kryptonian teleportation depends on physical portals. There is a Kryptonian portal in the altar at the Kawatche Caves, which is activated by the Key. Anyone inserting the Key into the altar is transported to the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic. It is possible for multiple people to travel using a Kryptonian portal, if they enter it together or if they are physically touching.

The artificial entity programmed with Jor-El's brain patterns also seems capable of teleporting others. In the episode Zod, Jor-El teleports Martha Kent and Lois Lane back to Smallville after their plane crashes near the Fortress.

Dax-Ur's shield-shaped beacon was able to teleport Clark Kent to Dax-Ur's location.

Kara was able to teleport herself along with Brainiac through time and space to Krypton in the past; Clark was later able to use the same process. Brainiac (disguised as Kara) and Clark were able to later return to Earth. It is unknown if a Kryptonian portal was involved in the teleportation process.

Almerac technology

Maxima comes to Earth.

Queen Maxima of Almerac had a bracelet which was capable of interstellar teleportation.