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The Teen Titans are a team of adolescent super-heroes assembled by Jay Garrick, who also runs the school for these gifted children, which is funded by the Titan Corporation. Under Jay Garrick's mentorship, the objective behind forming the team is to train young inexperienced superheroes to become the next generation of superheroes.


The team's headquarters is located in an island at San Francisco Bay. Outside the building there is a Bart Allen memorial statue made in honor of Bart's sacrifice after battling the Black Flash.


Jay Garrick serves both as the headmaster of the school and mentor for the teenage heroes:

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
Connertitans.png Superboy Conner Kent Scion
Protege of Superman and the genetic clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. He joined the team as the team leader after being sent by Martha Kent, who thought he could be better educated there. Jay desires for him to one day become an effective team leader.
Megan.png Miss Martian Megan Morse Effigy
Protege of Martian Manhunter and the only surviving White Martian. She was raised in Checkmate's castle by King Faraday, until she was found by Batman and Martian Manhunter. She joined the team at the request of her "uncle" John.
Speedy.png Speedy Mia Dearden Crossfire
Protege of Green Arrow. Mia is a former prostitute rescued by Oliver Queen. He mentored and began to train her to fight crime, until he became too busy to train her properly. She then began training under Black Canary, who sent her to the school to receive proper training.
Bb.png Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Booster
Protege and partner of Booster Gold. Booster was jealous of Jaime's potential as a hero and his ability to outshine him. Jaime joined the team for reasons currently unknown.
ZandJ.png Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna Idol
Super-powered twins. Admirers of The Blur and proteges of Chloe Sullivan. When they first arrived in Metropolis, they attempted to imitate Clark in order to become heroes and save his reputation, but failed. They joined the team in-order to receive the training they needed to become better heroes.
SM (30P).jpg Raven Rachel Roth Harbinger
Protege of Zatanna Zatara and saved with John Constantine from being sacrificed to the demon Lord Trigon by the Church of Blood, Rachel is the newest member of the Titans
34548451.jpg Stargirl Courtney Whitmore Continuity
Protege of the Star Spangled Kid and step-daughter of his former protege, Stripesy. During the battle with the Monitors, she decided to join her peers. Courtney has also joined the Justice League.

Early History

The team was originally the idea of Carter Hall, who felt that he and the remaining members of the Justice Society of America, including Jay Garrick, had a responsibility to train the next generation of superheroes. Carter at first mentored Courtney Whitmore, until his death.

A year later, Jay Garrick met Bart Allen, who had stolen his identity nearly a decade prior. Jay had attempted to warn Bart to stay away from the monstrous Black Flash, a creature that almost killed Garrick years before. Bart, instead, sacrificed himself to rid the world of the cryptic being. Jay blamed himself for Bart's death, claiming that he failed to teach him, and felt guilty that he had not fulfilled Carter's wishes. To condone for his mistakes, Jay formed a team of adolescent super-heroes who he planned to mentor.

Season Eleven

The team appears to deal with Doctor Phosphorus.

In San Francisco, a prisoner of D.E.O with the power of fire manipulation, named Doctor Phosphorus has just escaped from its headquarters in Alcatraz island and causes havoc in an amusement park nearby asking for someone to stop him. While he terrorizes some children and their parents making fires starting all over the place, Conner Kent, now called Superboy, suddenly appears and engages into a fight with him. Phosphorus then sets a Ferris wheel on fire and says to Superboy to choose between stopping him or saving the kids on the wheel from the fire.

Speedy and Blue Beetle fight Phosphorus.

Surprisingly, Megan Morse, Blue Beetle, Speedy, Zan and Jayna, who along with Superboy are all members of Jay Garrick's team, appear and Megan says he must go and save the kids on the wheel and leave Phosphorus to them. Jayna asks from her brother to activate their powers but Zan says that he won't be very helpful around fire because he will turn to steam. Then they activate their powers with Jayna transforming herself into a gorilla and going to help Superboy with the flaming wheel. Blue Beetle fights with Phosphorus with the Scarab saying to Jaime that their opponent is made on fire. Speedy asks from Blue Beetle to get clear and she then shoots at Phosphorus two arrows with fire-fighting foam to suppress his fire but Phosphorus proves that the foam cannot stop him, saying that he can run hotter than that.

Blue Beetle combines his powers with Speedy and Jayna to defeat Phosphorus.

Meanwhile Megan telepathically communicates with the tourists and the citizens, that are at the scene, assuring them that the situation is under control and that D.E.O. is on route but when Phosphorus fires at Megan, because of her pyrophobia she accidentally changes into her real Martian form. She then changes back into her more humanoid appearance and proceeds to continue to communicate with the civilians but Superboy tells her to watch out as some wreckage are going to fall on her. Jay Garrick then appears on time and saves her leaving both Conner and Megan surprised.

Jay tells the team that they failed.

The team is disappointed about their failure.

At the same time, the rest of the team confronts Doctor Phosphorus with Speedy, Blue Beetle and Jayna combining their abilities to defeat him and knocking him into the water. After the fight Jay appears saying that they actually failed on their mission, making them feel very disappointed about themselves. Conner argues with Jay saying that they did stop Phosphorus but Jay responds by saying they didn't deal with the fire or the destruction. He then tells them to return to the school, wondering how Carter Hall thought that was a good idea.

Jay Garrick expresses his disappointment to the team.

The team members defend their actions.

At the team's headquarters Garrick talks to his students a little bit about Bart Allen's life, how Bart was the inspiration for the creation of the team and the Titan Corporation, which funded the school. He tells them he is very disappointed about their first mission and he is not sure if they ever will be ready for field work. Mia says that they couldn't just sit there and do nothing while Phosphorus was causing havoc and Conner says that Garrick is not fair with them. Jayna and Zan also say that they had to stop Phosphorus, but Jaime says that Garrick has got a point. Megan says that the discord is clouding her mind but Garrick tells her to toughen up. Garrick then informs them that the D.E.O. wrangled Phosphorus back to prison and that they would probably succeed stopping him themselves, without the team's interference. Conner asks if he knows how Phosphorus escaped in the first place but Garrick says it's not their problem and if they make some more mistakes like this one it won't be even possible for Superman to convince the public that this team should not be locked away, too. Conner then angrily confronts Garrick if the reason he treats them like this is because he is jealous that they are younger and faster than him. Jay suddenly speeds towards Conner pushing him to a wall and says to him that the "S" on his chest means his teammates look to him for leadership and none of them actually know that he is a clone of both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, so he must choose which of his sides of his DNA will win out.

Garrick tells Mia and Jayna that they should outrun their past.

Outside the building, Mia and Jayna are talking about their past. Then Jayna says that they haven't really had it all that bad, revealing some of the problems she and Zan had to come through in the past and how important her brother is to her. She also reveals that even though they had problems they were pretty well on their own. Mia then asks her why did they join Garrick's team and Jayna responds that they felt lost and they needed some guidance and gear. Suddenly Garrick appears and says that they don't always need gadgets and gear and that Bart Allen outran his past so they can do the same. He then says to himself that he won't let Bart down by giving up on his students no matter how often he feels they want him to do so.

Megan and Conner meet at Golden Gate Bridge.

Meanwhile at the top of Golden Gate Bridge, Conner meets with Megan and they talk a little bit about his powers, Megan's home planet, Mars and her "uncle", J'onn. Conner then reveals to her he is half-Luthor but Megan responds by saying that she already knew it from the time they first met, because of her mind-reading ability. After that they kiss and then continue their conversation with Megan saying she enjoys the opportunity to make amends for her actions. Conner says that Martha Kent tried to raise him the same way she did with Clark but he didn't want to be a burden so they both decided he would be better at the school. He then says that he needs to be his own man and be responsible for his own actions so he can make Superman proud and be the kind of leader Jay Garrick thinks he has the potential to be. Megan asks him what stops him from doing it and Conner responds that he is afraid of doing something wrong and getting everyone killed.

Jaime finds Zan wounded and an unknown woman attacks him too.

Back at the school, Jaime enters his room but he slides on some blood that there is on the floor and sees his roommate, Zan severely wounded. Jaime immediately turns on his armor but before he can transform an unknown woman, who was behind the door, attacks him with some kind of sonic waves and wonders if the Blue Beetle will be more cooperative than Zan.

Megan and Conner return home, finding Mia with Jayna.

While Conner and Megan return to the team's headquarters, Megan feels that something is wrong at the compound. When they arrive they find Mia trying to calm down Jayna, who is lying on the floor screaming her brother's name. Mia asks what is happening to Jayna and Megan responds that this reaction is caused by her connection to Zan, meaning that something has happened to him. Conner uses his super-hearing and hears Jaime, inside the building, talking to a young woman asking her why she is doing this. Conner then says that they've got trouble.

Rose attacks Jaime and Zan.

Inside Jaime and Zan's room, the woman reveals that she is Slade Wilson' s daughter and that the reason she is attacking them is because of her father, she is continuing his task, which was to stop and imprison the vigilantes, like he did with V.R.A. and when he killed Hawkman. She is also blaming the superheroes for his current comatose state. Jaime asks her what that has to do with them and she tells him that her father tried to stop the next generation of heroes from rising into power and now she makes sure that they will "die in the crib". Jaime asks her how she knew where to find them and she says that Stargirl went door to door, selling cookies and subscriptions for the team and one of the houses she visited was actually hers. She also implied that she might had hurt Courtney. Then she asks him why would he want to join this team but Jaime replies to her by asking why she doesn't just kill him and she says that he and Zan were just practice for her. Suddenly Conner appears and strikes her with his heat vision throwing her through the window, outside of the building and saying that she will need the practice.

The team confronts Rose.

Rose takes down Jay, Mia and Megan.

Outside, Rose lands on the ground and says she got caught off guard and it won't happen again, while catching an arrow Mia throws on her. Jay, Mia and Megan confront her with Jay saying to her to leave his lawn. He then runs towards her but she uses a gravity bomb, which immobilizes him. Mia then fights with her seemingly defeating her but Rose manages to poison Mia with a needle full of a drug called, "Vertigo", making her sick. Conner then arrives and Jay tells him not to worry about him and waste any more time but get to work. Megan asks Rose what did she do to Mia and she says to Megan not to worry because the drug will run its course before long. Then Megan says she is not the one she should be worried and mentally attacks Rose but before Megan can actually do to her any damage, Rose reveals that she also knows about her weaknesses and attacks her with fire.

Jaime reveals that he has a bomb placed on his scarab.

Back in the boys' room, Jayna finds her brother hurt but she realises he is not yet dead because he has a pulse even though its very weak. She then tells to Jaime to armor up so he can either help the others in their battle against their attacker or fly Zan to S.T.A.R. branch at Berkley. Jaime reveals then that he can't because Rose has placed a bomb on his scarab.

Rose threatens she will detonate the bomb on Jaime's back.

Meanwhile, Rose threatens the rest of the team to stand down or she will kill their teammates by detonating the bomb Jaime has on his back. Conner tells her if she wants a real fight she should confront him and leave the rest of his team out of this. Rose then says that his proposal makes it easier on her because he is the reason she is there in the first place, while revealing that she has a green kryptonite sword especially for him.

Conner confronts Rose.

Outside the team's headquarters, Conner confronts Rose, who carries a green-kryptonite sword. While Conner speeds towards her, Rose says that he might be strong but he is also careless, and then wounds him with her sword. Seeing him hurt, an obviously worried Megan calls his name but Conner tells her and the rest of the team to stay back. As Rose gets ready to attack him again, she says that the problem with most of the heroes is that they aren't willing to kill. A weakened Conner, both from the green kryptonite and his wound, tries to prove her wrong as he attacks her with his heat vision but he misses. He then tries to attack her again but the effect of the kryptonite on him has also weakened his powers. Conner then asks Rose that if she is so better than then why she haven't killed Jaime, Zan or even Stargirl yet. He also says that she might not be the big bad killer, she wants everyone to think of her but while Conner talks to her, Rose proceeds to attack him once again and this time she wounds him in the belly. Rose tells him that he should not think she is just playing with him because she is the one to blame for all the innocent people that got killed when she freed Phosphorus and she also says that she is a real killer and every person who has an "S" on his chest is just as bad. Then Conner asks her why she did not go after Superman in the first place, before he hits her in the face.

Megan frees Jay so he can find some help.

Meanwhile, Conner telepathically communicates with Megan and tells her to coordinate the team and free Jay Garrick so she uses her ability of intangibility to free Jay from the gravity bomb. After Jay was freed, he says to Megan to watch over the rest of the team until he gets back and he then speeds away heading to Alcatraz island.

Jaime finds a way to save Zan's life.

Inside the team's headquarters, Jayna tries to keep the wounded Zan awake, telling him not to die on her, but Jaime tries to calm her down by saying she needs to take a step back and focus. Jaime says that Zan needs to activate his powers but Jayna is not sure if he can activate in his condition. Then Jaime asks her if Zan can still transform into ice so he would stop bleeding out until he gets into a hospital.

Conner asks Mia's help.

The Titans save the day.

Meanwhile, Mia, who is still suffering from drug poisoning, says that she can't fight in her condition but Conner, through the telepathic link, tells her to just start shooting arrows. While Rose is ready to kill Conner with her sword, Conner uses his telekinesis to control Mia's arrows aiming Rose. Rose then threatens Conner that if he kills her she will blow up his friends and their home base. Suddenly Jay appears in a helicopter bringing D.E.O.'s soldiers with him and telling them that Rose is the one who freed their prisoner. Conner says to Rose that the "S" on his chest means "Hope" not "Murder" but he can't just let her walk away. Rose says that he must go ahead and kill her because she won't get sent to a prison, like the one her father was sent and then proceeds to commit suicide but Conner uses the arrows with his telekinesis and destroys Rose's sword. Conner succeeds to take the detonator from Rose and then the D.E.O. arrests her. Suddenly Zan, who has been transformed into an ice man, along with Jaime appear being on top of a huge pink dinosaur, in which Jayna has been transformed. Watching them the team shouts to the D.E.O.'s soldiers that the dinosaur is with them.

Rachel joins the Titans.

The Titans watch as the rings approach their base.

Weeks later, Zatanna turns a young girl, named Rachel Roth, over to Jay Garrick and the Teen Titans at the airport, with the team being very excited for their new teammate.

A yellow ring detects Megan as a potential "harvester".

Jaime is awoken by the Scarab, which informs him about an alien threat but neither the Scarab nor the Titans know what exactly it is. He and the others observe, while the rings approach their base, and even one of the rings identify one of them, Megan, as a potential harvester but she is deemed incompatible by the ring, which then moves on in search of another host. After that, Conner says they need to get Watchtower on the line immediately.

Later, Tess communicates from the Watchtower with the Titans, who are also in action in San Francisco trying to contain the yellow rings.

Weeks later, Superman and Lois arrive at Watchtower where Tess Mercer, Chloe and Oliver along with Batman, Nightwing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Jay Garrick and his team of teenagers. Clark tells Chloe, Tess and Bruce to find out everything from one of the Manhunters he destroyed about the Crisis, because more ships are on their way. As Batman starts to examine the crumpled Manhunter head he wonders where are they going, Clark grimly says everywhere.

The Titans and the rest of the team gather together.

The next day, Clark gathers all of the heroes onto his rooftop and gives them the lowdown. They can distract the Manhunters with physical attacks while Watchtower leads an evacuation to the heartland. If the distraction they provide fails everyone will die or be 'rebooted', but if they win everything will stay as it was and how they all remember the world. Clark tells them to say goodbye to their loved ones and suit up ready for war.

The Justice League attacks.

Superman delivers a rousing speech to the heroes. The other Earths might have been erased or rebooted but they are determined for their Earth to survive and their continuity to continue. With that Superman, Luthor and all of Earth's heroes attack the incoming Manhunters.

The Legion and the Titans head to Smallville.

The Monitors automatons suddenly change direction and race to reboot Smallville and if they succeed everything will be lost. Superboy has gathered all of the youngest of heroes and they prepare to stop the tide. Superman orders him to stand down but another team arrives to help, the Legion. With the Legions arrival as back up the Titans with Superman's blessing rush to stop the reboot in Smallville.

Three weeks later LexCorp holds a major press confrence and Lex introduces the public to a new monument built on the former Watchtower site. In a massive turnout Lex publicly admits that if it weren't for the heroes of earth the universe would be lost. Then Superman makes a speech that is broadcast all over the world. The Teen Titans are also watching the reveal, in their new base.

The Justice League welcomes a new family member.

After her son's birth, Chloe worries about the dangers in the world and the rise in heroes. Oliver reminds her they all fight for justice and will ensure their new baby will have a safe and healthy upbringing. Chloe laments that family should be here for their big occasion and Ollie smiles as he wheels her into the waiting room to be greeted by their 'family' composed of the Heroes that they met over time.


In the Comics

The original Teen Titans.

The original roster of the team was Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), and Aqualad (Garth), the sidekicks of Justice League members Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman, who teamed up to defeat a weather-controlling villain known as Mister Twister in The Brave and the Bold #54. They subsequently appeared under the name "Teen Titans" in The Brave and the Bold #60, joined by Wonder Woman's younger sister Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) in her first appearance. Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper) makes some guest appearances before officially joining the team in Teen Titans #19. Aqualad takes a leave of absence from the group in the same issue but makes several later guest appearances, sometimes with girlfriend Aquagirl (Tula). Psychic Lilith Clay and Mal Duncan also join the group. Beast Boy of the Doom Patrol makes a guest appearance seeking membership but was rejected for being too young at the time and existing heroes Hawk (Hank Hall) and Dove (Donald Hall), a duo of teenaged super powered brothers, appear later on.

The New Teen Titans.

DC Comics Presents #26 introduced a team of new Titans, anchored by founding members Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash, and soon followed by The New Teen Titans #1. There the Doom Patrol's Beast Boy was re-introduced as Changeling and introduced the machine man Cyborg, the alien Starfire, and the dark empath Raven. The team's adversaries included Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who takes a contract to kill the Titans to fulfill a job his son had been unable to complete. This led to perhaps the most notable Teen Titans storyline of the era The Judas Contract, in which a psychopathic girl named Terra, with the destructive power to manipulate earth and all earth-related materials, infiltrates the Titans in order to destroy them. This story also featured Dick Grayson (Robin) adopting the identity of Nightwing, Wally West giving up on his Kid Flash persona and quitting the team, and the introduction of a new member in Jericho, the other son of Deathstroke.

In The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) other new members of the team in the latter part of the run included Impulse, Damage, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Supergirl (Matrix), Rose Wilson, Minion, and Baby Wildebeest.

The team was revived in a three-issue limited series, JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative, featuring nearly every character who had been a Titan and showcased the return of Cyborg. This incarnation of the team consisted of a mix of former original Titans, including Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Tempest, and the Flash (Wally West), from the original team; Starfire, Cyborg, and Changeling, from the New Teen Titans; Damage and Argent. There was also one new member, Jesse Quick.

Between the end of Teen Titans and the beginning of Titans, the next generation of young heroes: Superboy, Robin (Tim Drake), Impulse, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Secret, and Arrowette, formed their own team in Young Justice.

Both series were concluded with the three-issue limited series Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, which led into new Teen Titans and Outsiders vol.3 ongoing series, that featured a new version of the team with the most of the members being former Teen Titans and proteges of famous superheroes.

Teen Titans: Second Generation

In Teen Titans vol.3 Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy returned, joined by younger heroes Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), and Kid Flash (Bart Allen). Raven re-joins the team in Teen Titans #12, and the new Speedy (Mia Dearden) joins the team. Starfire left the Teen Titans for the Outsiders. The new series sees the team’s relocation from the east to the west coast, its headquarters located in San Francisco instead of the traditional New York City location. The new Titans Tower also has a memorial hall with statues of the fallen Titans.

One year after Infinite Crisis, Robin has returned to the Teen Titans, while Wonder Girl quit to fight the Brotherhood of Evil, Starfire is missing in action after going into space, Raven's whereabouts are unknown, and Beast Boy has left to join the new Doom Patrol along with Bumblebee and Herald. Speedy is on an island with Connor Hawke. Kid Flash (Bart Allen) has become the fourth Flash. Cyborg was damaged and inactive since his return from space, but 16-year-old genius twins Wendy and Marvin, repaired him, giving him new abilities. New members include Kid Devil and Ravager (Rose Wilson).

Robin, Kid Devil, and Ravager reform the Teen Titans along with Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Raven, Miss Martian and a resurrected Jericho. A memorial to the fallen Superboy was erected outside Titans Tower.

The team faces a group calling themselves "Titans East," led by Deathstroke. The team includes Risk, Sun Girl, Batgirl (Cassandra Cane), Kid Crusader, Match, Inertia, Duela Dent, and Enigma. Deathstroke manipulated Titans East by blackmailing Risk, drugging Batgirl and giving Inertia "Velocity 9", a drug which allows super-speed without adverse effects. Robin cures Batgirl and she, along with Duela Dent, allows the Teen Titans to gain the upper hand, and defeat Deathstroke's team. After that Duela joins the team.

Soon after, events related to the Countdown story arc affect the Titans. Two members, Duela Dent and Bart Allen are killed. Cyborg leaves the team, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) joins and Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) is invited to train whenever he wants. Later on Supergirl quits, Cassie and Tim begin a relationship, while Kid Devil pines for Rose. Also Eddie takes the code name Red Devil, along with a new costume and Miss Martian suddenly leaves the team assuring them she'd be back.

After the Batman R.I.P storyline, Robin decides to leave and leaves leadership of the team to Wonder Girl. Red Devil loses his powers and Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club. After proposing membership to several of them, a new team is formed: Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and the now powerless Red Devil are joined by Kid Eternity and Static, with Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez), Miss Martian and Bombshell deciding to rejoin the team. In Teen Titans #74, Red Devil is killed and Kid Eternity is kidnapped by the Calculator. Later on the new Robin (Damian Wayne) joins the team.

A second ongoing Teen Titans series, titled Titans, launched with the team's new line up consists of former New Teen Titans Nightwing, Flash (Wally West), Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Red Arrow and Starfire.

In the Brightest Day storyline's title, Titans - Villains for Hire, Deathstroke took over the team with Tattooed Man and Cheshire. Some of the new members included a young woman who has the ability to manipulate fire known as Carla Monetti a.k.a Cinder and Osiris, a former member of the Teen Titans, who had been brought back to life after the events of Blackest Night. Arsenal also joins the team, which is later disbanded.

Teen Titans in the DCnU.

In the New 52, the first Teen Titans is formed by Red Robin (Tim Drake), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Solstice, and two new characters; Skitter, an African-American girl with insect-themed powers named Celine Patterson, and Bunker, a Mexican gay teenager named Miguel Barragan who can create force fields. Red Robin has gained knowledge on an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E that tries to capture or kill teenaged metahumans for the purpose of containing them so they don't prove harmful to humanity. In order to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Red Robin puts together a team of young metahumans. He later recruits Superboy, who had been created by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s scientists. This Teen Titans seem to have no ties to the previous unnamed team led by Dick Grayson.

A team of vigilantes, called the Outlaws, is also formed by former sidekicks. The team is filled with misfits who are scorned by the world. Red Hood (Jason Todd) leads the team with the rest of the members being Arsenal (Roy Harper) and Starfire. Roy was once a part of a team under the leadership of Dick Grayson, but was forced to leave for an unknown reason and Starfire, who was also a member of the team and Dick Grayson's girlfriend seemingly no longer remembers the team when Roy asked her about "the gang" that they used to hang out with. He later attempts to jog her memory by mentioning Dick Grayson's name, and also mentioning the names Garth, Vic, Lilith, Gar and Dustin, only to result in boring her. However, it's later shown that she does retain her memories and she also keeps a number of articles of Dick Grayson's clothing.

During The Culling storyline, the Teen Titans and the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who are trapped in the 21st century, are captured in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s base known as The Colony. N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s leader Harvest pits the young heroes against each other, in an attempt to weed out the weak, and use the survivors in his elite guard known as Ravagers. After a brief skirmish, Red Robin and Tyroc get their teams under control, ordering them to both stop fighting each other, when a mass amount of other metahumans sent into a blind fury by Leash attack the two groups. Both the Titans and Legion are able to quell the attack, but at the cost of their ally, Artemis' life. With both teams banding together, Harvest decides to begin the true test, and sends his elite group to attack, including Rose Wilson, Warblade, Omen (Lilith Clay), Leash, and others. Skitter was not transported to the Colony with the rest of her teammates and since then she is missing.

After escaping from the Colony, a number of the Ravagers such as Caitlin Fairchild, Beast Boy, Terra, Ridge and the brother-sister duo of Thunder and Lightning form their own team to defend themselves from the agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. who are coming after them. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. succeeds to recapture Terra after a battle from which Beast Boy is severely injured. Returned to the colony Terra along with Rose Wilson are given to Deathstroke as part of a deal. The team was later disbanded after the title's cancellation.

As an almost dead Beast Boy is left on the remains of the facility he is approached by Raven. After being touched by her, Beast Boy awakens and when he asks if Harvest has sent her she apologizes stating that she brought him into the fray much sooner than she expected. Raven then mind-controls him and teleports them to New York as she uses him as her minion in the battle of her father Trigon and the Teen Titans. Beast Boy, under Raven's influence, pulls the Titans away from the fight. After regaining consciousness Beast Boy sides with the Titans in their fight against Trigon and his sons in New York City. Raven seemingly also allies herself with the team helping them defeating her father. Raven and Beast Boy are both accepted into the Teen Titans. Raven brings controversy to the team, leaving questions on what side she is really playing for. Meanwhile, Tim calls Raven aside, telling that if something happens to him, the team will look up to her to lead them.

The New Teen Titans.

In Forever Evil, the Crime Syndicate has taken over the world so the Teen Titans challenge them, but are easily overpowered by Johnny Quick and Atomica and then flung into the time stream. They arrived at the alternate future where Jon Lane Kent and Harvest waged war against the metahumans. There Jon encountered his clone, Kon-El, and the two battled. Kon-El defeated his vicious progenitor, but before he could finish him off, was summoned through time by the Oracle. Kon-El falls through a portal to Argo City days prior to Krypton's destruction, where he uses the last of his powers to lift Argo City from the dying Krypton so that Supergirl can arrive on Earth as history records. He dies with the planet, accepting himself as more than a "living weapon". Jon was then recovered and treated by the future versions of Beast Boy and Ravager, who presented him to the Titans as their teammate, Superboy. Awakening in the year 2933, Jon met Wonder Girl and quickly realized the Titans believe him to be Kon-El. He decided to maintain the masquerade and pose as Kon-El while secretly pursuing his anti-metahuman agenda. In the future, the team learns the real origin of Kid Flash. His real name is explained to be Bar Torr, having been sent to the 21st century as part of a witness protection program ahead of his trial for terrible crimes. Returning to his timeline the prosecution retrieves Bart, where he awaits for a trial and his friends learn of his past atrocities.

On July 2014, the Teen Titans will be relaunched with a new #1 and a team that includes Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. It is stated that there will be teen heroes from the Superman and Flash families joining the roster further down the line.

Differences from the comic book Teen Titans

Smallville's first incarnation of the Teen Titans is very different from the original team from the comics. Of course the concept of the team's roster being mostly consisted of proteges of members of the Justice League is retained.

None of the founding members of the comic book Teen Titans was actually included in Smallville's version, with the exception of Speedy, who in the comics was not a founding member but was one of the first sidekicks to join the team (although in the comics it was Roy Harper rather than Mia Dearden who originally joined in, with Mia joining the team much later, under the same alias). The rest of the team's members like Superboy, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and lastly Raven all became members in later incarnations of the team in the comics. This is the first version of the team, in which Superboy is the leader (mirroring his mentor, Superman, being the current leader of the Justice League and the protagonist in the Smallville series). The Wonder Twins, who are founding members of the team in Smallville, never joined the Titans in the comics, mostly appearing as supporting members of the Justice League in the animated TV series Super Friends and in the comic book series Extreme Justice, although they appeared working together with many other sidekicks in Young Justice. The first enemy that the young heroes encounter in Titans, Rose Wilson/Ravager, became a member in later incarnation of the team in the comics. This is the first incarnation of the team, which does not include one of Batman's sidekicks, even though Nightwing (Barbara Gordon) has already appeared in Smallville, making her debut in Detective, but she hasn't being affiliated with the team yet.

The team's headquarters are located in San Francisco, like in the comics (although in the New 52 they moved to New York). Also both in the comics and in Smallville, the team has a statue of a deceased hero in front of their base but in Smallville it's that of Bart Allen/Impulse (whose comic counterpart was a member of the Teen Titans rather than the Justice League) instead of Superboy. Moreover, Bart's sacrifice in Haunted led to the creation of the team.

Other Versions of Teen Titans


  • The team is considered to be Smallville's version of Teen Titans even though they have never been referred to as such, until Superman calls them a "team of Titans" at the end of Smallville Special: Titans. However, the name and symbol of the Titan Corporation are directly inspired by the Teen Titans.


  • The Teen Titans logo from the animated series.

    The Titan logo that is placed in the interior of the school is the logo the Teen Titans used in the animated series.
  • The formation of this team closely resembles that of The Team from the TV series, Young Justice. In both series, the respective teams are sent to a sactioned facility to be mentored by an elder superhero (Red Tornado, among others, in Young Justice and Jay Garrick in Smallville continuity), after being restricted or neglected by their former mentors. Also, in both cases, the first mission they teamed up on involves a large fire, which leads them to a secret conspiracy.  Also, both are simply referred to as "The Team"
  • This is the only interpretation of the Teen Titans in which Robin or Nightwing isn't a founding member, and the only one not to include any protege of Batman.
  • Megan and Conner are the only members to never work with the Justice League.