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A TASER is an electroshock weapon (or electronic control device) designed to deliver less lethal force to an opponent. They have both been used numerous times in Smallville to incapacitate both metahumans and humans.

The terms "TASER" and "stun guns" are often used interchangeably, but they are actually different weapons. A TASER electronic control device is a weapon that shoots electrical probes. TASER ECDs are manufactured by TASER International, Inc.[1]. A stun gun work is an electroshock device that incapacitates a subject through making direct contact with his/her skin. Most TASER devices have the ability to be used as a "drive stun" device where the front of the TASER ECD is held against the subject.[2]

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  • Chloe Sullivan owns a stun gun. She has a license to carry it.[3]
  • Lex Luthor appears to own a stun gun, while Lois Lane owns a taser.
  • Tasers and stun guns generate electricity, making them an effective weapon against metahumans who are vulnerable to electricity (such as the alien Gloria and her vines).
  • Tasers can be enhanced with kryptonite to attack Kryptonians such as Clark Kent. (Traveler)