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"Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound."Lois Lane, to Clark Kent, Crimson

Super leap rescue!

Super leaping is the ability to jump extreme distances, vertically and even horizontally.

Before the second half of series finale, Clark couldn't maintain flight, instead, he combine his super strength and super dexterity to perform highly accurate super leaps.

Clark first demonstrated a small degree of this ability while he was playing basketball, though he jumped his first vast distance to save his mother, displaying great hesitancy; since then, he has shown increasing amounts of confidence and control over his super leaps.

But now that he can fly, it's highly inferred that he doesn't use it anymore.

Characters with this ability

  • Clark Kent - Clark can jump super high. Lois even said that he could jump across the planet.
  • Doomsday - Doomsday can jump super high, even higher than Clark, seeing as he's stronger than him.
  • Brainiac - Brainiac super leaped at Clark in their Fortress fight before he upgraded himself with Dax-Ur's knowledge and acquired flight.
  • Greg Arkin - Greg was able to jump over a fence.
  • Victor Stone - Victor can leap very high, due to his cyborgenics.
  • Andrea Rojas - Andrea can leap very high, but not as high as Kryptonians can.
  • Buffy Sanders - Buffy, after being infected with Kryptonite, could leap very high, but not as high as full fledged Kryptonians or even than Victor.
  • Arthur Curry - While underwater, Arthur can jump super high.
  • Mera - Because of her Atlantean abilities, she has proven capable of performing standing high jumps as well (both on land and from water) and was able to jump for the ocean to the Metahuman holding facilities with ease.
  • Diana of Themyscira - Diana can combine her super strength and dexterity to perform highly accurate super leaps. She is shown to leap up and down from a rooftop. She is also seen leaping out of a building. (Olympus)



  • It is interesting to note that the canonical introduction of the Golden Age Superman showed that he did not fly; he preformed enormous leaps. In later issues of Superman, he was given the power of flight. It could be argued that Clark Kent on Smallville is simply following canon.

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