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"Let's give these boys a taste of what it's like to mess with the Suicide Squad." - Rick Flag, Shield

The Suicide Squad is a black ops taskforce under the covert U.S. government agency Checkmate, consisting of metahuman operatives personally recruited by Amanda Waller.

After the fall of the Castle and the demise of Checkmate, the Suicide Squad was momentarily commanded by the Government and was responsible for the abduction and torture of billionnaire Oliver Queen. However, it went rogue after squad leader Rick Flag was furious with the Vigilante Registration Act and attempted to assassinate General Sam Lane, who strongly supported the Act. Chloe Sullivan, who previously surrendered herself as a hostage to trade for Oliver's release, hacked Flag's missile assets and extorted him under her own command. The Suicide Squad was later instrumental in the rescue of the abducted vigilante heroes from the VRA forces under Lieutenant Trotter.

Known Agents

The Suicide Squad

Rick Flag was known to be the leader of the Squad before the fall of Checkmate. At what point the other members were recruited is unknown.

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
Images-4-.jpg Rick Flag Rick Flag Lazarus
Rick was among the the members of a mysterious group that attacked and abducted Oliver Queen at the satellite station. He interrogated and tortured Oliver for information about his team and his involvement in the recent alien attack. He later released Oliver, but warned him that he wasn't through with him yet, and traded him for another hostage, Chloe Sullivan.

He has appeared as a part of the team in:

Images-11-.jpg Deadshot Floyd Lawton Shield
Once he found Cat, as he was aiming to strike the final blow, Clark got there in time to stop him and save her. Clark also knocked Deadshot unconscious. But unknown to him, Deadshot had implanted a tracking mark in his skin using the bullet that "scraped" him. While in prison, he was approached by Rick Flag and Plastique who said they would release him on the condition that he would join their team, the Suicide Squad, to which he agreed.

He has appeared as a part of the team in:

Bsspromo6.jpg Plastique Bette Sans Souci Plastique
At some point after her incarceration, Bette was recruited by the Suicide Squad.

After Carter Hall traveled to Egypt to keep an eye on Lois Lane as a favor for Clark Kent, Bette infiltrated his camp by posing as a servant and was able to mark him with the Squad's chemical tracker.

She was later present when Rick Flag freed Deadshot from prison revealing him as a member of the Suicide Squad.

She has appeared as a part of the team in:

Warp.png Warp Emil LaSalle Ambush
A current team member of Suicide Squad, LaSalle was partnered with Rick Flag in their mobile base in Smallville, targeting General Lane to prevent the passing of the Vigilante Registration Act. When the base was attacked by Green Arrow and the Blur, the two Suicide Squad members evaded interrogation through LaSalle's teleportation. LaSalle later bombed an Anti-Vigilante support building when the bill had passed.

He has appeared as part of the team in:

Icicle Smallville.jpg Icicle Cameron Mahkent Absolute Justice, Part 1
He was only used for one mission, which was a scheme set up by Amanda Waller who tried to get him to go after the Justice Society of America so that they would have no choice but to band together again. She shot him right after welcoming him to the Suicide Squad.

Former Agents

A list of people who were on the squad who have either died or no longer work in the squad.

Image Codename Real Name First appeared
SM907-0018.PNG Chloe Sullivan Chloe Sullivan Pilot
After months of being missing, Chloe reappeared and used the resources of the Suicide Squad to save her friends after they were abducted by the VRA. Although Clark failed to trust her after she disappeared without apparent explanation, he eventually came to trust her again thanks to Lois' influence and finally Chloe talked with Clark and later Oliver about her reasons for leaving, revealing that after putting on the Helmet of Nabu, she saw that her friends would be kidnapped and decided to leave in order to save them at the right moment. Then Lois and Clark asked her to be Lois' Maid of Honor and later confirmed to Oliver that she had decided to stay in Metropolis again.

She has appeared as a part of the team in:

Early history

The Suicide Squad was a secret branch of Checkmate used when normal agents weren't suitable: either for political reasons, or because super-powered individuals were needed to get the job done. Checkmate believed that criminals with considerable skills and abilities can be suitable for this squad, as such they arranged for their release from prison and any record of them could never be found. The Squad was led by Rick Flag.

Rick Flag and the rest of the Squad were presumed dead (at least by Tess Mercer) after the destruction of Checkmate by Zod. However, Flag survived and has been leading a new or at least a surviving incarnation of the group.

Season Nine

The Suicide Squad is mentioned by Amanda Waller when she welcomed Cameron Mahkent to their ranks immediately before firing a gun at him.

Season Ten

The Squad tag The Blur

After the fall of Checkmate, Rick Flag led the Squad in the abduction of Oliver Queen. He was kept in a secure location at the Metropolis docks where he was tortured and beaten for information on the terrorist attacks on monuments around the world by the Kandorian army. To free him, Chloe Sullivan traded herself to the Squad.

Somehow, Flag and the Squad learned the identities of Clark Kent, Oliver Queen and Carter Hall. Through various means they were about to tag these individuals with radioactive sub-dermal tattoos that could be tracked by the Squad: Clark Kent was tricked into intercepting one of Deadshot's bullets he thought was meant for Cat Grant.

The Suicide Squad breaks Deadshot out of prison

Where the bullet hit his skin, blue kryptonite was somehow used to mark him; while Oliver Queen was marked by Rick Flag during a fight, and Plastique was able to mark Carter Hall by posing as his servant and delivering tainted water for him to wash with. Though Deadshot was captured by the authorities, Plastique and Rick Flag were later able to free him from prison.

LaSalle prepares to blow up a building

Several weeks later, Rick Flag and Squad member Emil LaSalle came to Smallville targeting General Same Lane for assassination, due to his support of the Vigilante Registration Act. Their plan failed, and just as they were about to be apprehended, LaSalle used his teleportation abilities for them to escape. Later, LaSalle was seen placing a bomb in a building, displaying prominent anti-vigilante signs. He teleported away an instant before the building exploded.

Deadshot and Rick Flag

Deadshot and Rick Flag joined Chloe Sullivan to rescue the Justice League heroes, and Lois Lane, from the clutches of the VRA who trapped them in a cyberspace-based world where they were experimenting on them to find out how to control their powers.


In the Comics

Suicide Squad in the comics

The Suicide Squad is a group comprised mostly of incarcerated super-villains who are sent on black op missions, by the government, that do not have a high chance of survival. The original Suicide Squad, called the Suicide Squadron, were a very expendable team that existed during World War 2. Comprised of trouble-making soldiers, they were led by a man named Rick Flag, Sr. The Suicide Squad is under the control of the government organization called Task Force X. Years later, the Suicide Squad returns under Task Force X, as it's now run by Amanda Waller. Most recently, The Suicide Squad captured many villains and shipped them off to another planet.

The Suicide Squad roster currently is Rick Flag Jr., Bronze Tiger, Multiplex, Plastique, Count Vertigo, and The General. Deadshot and Bane were part of the Suicide Squad only to be betrayed by the team. The Suicide Squad has fought the Justice League, Birds of Prey and Batman's family recently.

The New 52 series starts with a the Suicide Squad team, composed of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, El Diablo and Black Spider, and Sportsmaster being tortured by unknown assailants for the purpose of extracting information, more specifically, they inquire on who sent the team. During the time that the team is bieng tortured, the reader gets to see a bit of their pasts, such as Deadshot's relationship with Batman, Diablo's mistakes and Harley Quinn's encounter with the Black Canary which put her to jail.

Suicide Squad in the DCnU.

Eventually Sportsmaster gives in to the torture and explains what happened for the team to be put together, namely the fact that they were all lifers in Belle Reeve prison and that the "only chance to see sunlight is to volunteer for Task Force X", the team's official name. The Team's first mission was to extract a rogue agent, whether this be dead or alive. When they go in, Deadshot immediately kills target and the team finds that it was a trap and the target is a decoy, set to explode. The team manages to escape the 'dead zone', but they are knocked out and then they wake up to be tortured. After Sportmaster confesses, the rest of the team are bagged and then when they wake up they are in full costume. It is then revealed that all of this was a simple test done by Amanda Waller, who is the government operative behind Task Force X and that even with all of their injuries they have to be immediately deployed.


Amanda Waller: Welcome to the Suicide Squad.
Season Nine, Absolute Justice, Part 2
Rick Flag: Let's give these boys a taste of what it's like to mess with the Suicide Squad.
Season Ten, Shield
Tess: How did you say you hurt yourself again?
Oliver: Just your typical axe-wielding maniac. Scratched the surface.
Tess: Something's happening beneath the surface. Your skin is reacting to the iodine. It's a subdermal tattoo. Oliver, I've seen this before. This is the signal of the Suicide Squad.
Oliver: Suicide Squad, huh? It's a hell of a name.
Tess: They're a hell of a team. When I was working for Amanda Waller at Checkmate, there were certain dirty jobs that a government agent just couldn't do. Not even us, and Waller would send in a squad. They were led by Rick Flag, but they all died when Checkmate was attacked.
Oliver: Wait a second. Wait a second. I know this guy. This guy tied me to a chair. He beat me to a pulp and then he wanted to kiss and make up. I know he got under my skin, but, come on.
Tess: Wait, Flag survived?
Oliver: He's recruiting a whole new squad. I politely declined.
Tess: If he tagged you, he's tracking you.
Oliver: Something tells me I'm not the only one.
Season Ten, Ambush

Suicide Squad in Other Media


  • In the comics, every member of the Suicide Squad must be "dead". That means the death of every member must be faked.
  • In the comics, the Suicide Squad is also known as Task Force X. Also the main recruiting grounds for the Squad is Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana, as it contains several of the country's most dangerous criminals, including some metahumans.
  • Their exact status as villains can be questioned, as most of what they have done has worked toward the goal of a greater good, wether it be preserving the Justice League, whom they viewed as freedom fighters, or attempting at saving the world from Zod's Kandorian Army.
  • In Justice League Unlimited episode "Task Force X", Amanda Waller enlist Rick Flag to recruit Deadshot, Plastique, and Captain Boomerang to break in and to raid the Watchtower.
  • Another incarnation of the Suicide Squad appears in the sixteenth episode of the second season of Arrow with Amanda Waller enlisting Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel and Harley Quinn, along with the agent of A.R.G.U.S., Lyla Michaels and former soldier John Diggle.
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