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A place of Suicide Slums.

Suicide Slums is a neighborhood in Metropolis that has been known to have a lot of crime and corruption.


Early History

Suicide Slums is where Morgan Edge and Lionel Luthor grew up as children and is where they plotted against Lionel's mother and father to kill them. After claiming the insurance money from their deaths, Lionel later started LuthorCorp.

Andrea Rojas also lived there as a child, until her mother was killed.

Season Four

Bart Allen, visiting his fence in Suicide Slums.

Bart Allen, a street urchin, is attempting to sell stolen personal items in Suicide Slums, but his fence, Hanison, is unwilling to give him a fair deal. When Hanison is momentarily distracted, Bart steals the goods and the money, and puts himself on Hanison's radar. [1]

Clark Kent has visited the district several times, first during the episode where he had to track down a fence who threatened to kill Bart Allen. [1]

Season Five

Martha is assaulted at Suicide Slums.

It is also where Martha Kent was mugged and robbed of her watch. [2]

Season Seven

Brainiac also sought refuge here while trying to re-power himself. [3]

Season Nine

Oliver in Suicide Slums.

Chloe calls Green Arrow from Watchtower to report that Clark was gone. Green Arrow is searching for Courtney and finds her in Suicide Slums in a star-covered costume.When he realizes she's acting as bait, he jumps down into the street, but she tells him to leave. Then Sylvester Pemberton's killer arrives and begins a fight with Stargirl. He knocks Green Arrow down and then attacks her. She attacks with the energy staff and their two weapons clash, throwing them off their feet. She runs for the staff just as he shoots icicles at her, but Green Arrow deflects them with an arrow. The killer gets away and Stargirl is furious that she missed her chance at him. A winged figure flies down from the skies, grabs Green Arrow, and flies away. [4]

Season Ten

Lionel driving his car at Suicide Slums.

Lionel (who came from an alternate Earth) personally searched and found his "son" Alexander Luthor in an abandoned apartment. [5]

Season Eleven

Batman and Nightwing locate Joe Chill's safe house in Suicide Slums. Superman doesn't want Batman tearing through Suicide Slums hell bent on revenge towards Chill so he proposes a joint investigation mutually beneficial to both of them. They make sure Chill is safe from Intergang and then find The Prankster who is manufacturing the weapons he is peddling. Superman and Batman fight Mr.Freeze and Prankster which eventually leads to the death of Chill. [6]




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