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Clark and Pete at the storm cellar.

The storm cellar was a subterranean storage area on the Kent Farm until its destruction at the end of Season Two. Its primary purpose was to serve as a hideaway during the tornado season. It was also a storeroom, and served as a hiding place for Clark's ship.

The Kents rarely entered the storm cellar, in order to help keep Clark's secret.[1]

Season One

Clark and his parents stored his ship in the cellar.

Clark's first visit at the cellar took place when his father informed him that they hid his spaceship there (Pilot). He later took refuge there to secure Martha Kent from attacking bees (Drone). In April 2002, Ryan James was snooping and found the ship down there (Stray).

At the end of Season One, Roger Nixon tried to expose Clark's alien origins and his unique abilities. He monitored a conversation between Clark and his parents only to find out what the Kents were hiding from the world. He made his way to the storm cellar during a disastrous tempest (Tempest). He photographed the ship and documented its connection to the key. When the Kents arrived downstairs, he had to flee. The activated ship healed Martha Kent from infertility.

Season Two

During the Season Two episode Visage, Tina Greer imprisoned Clark in the storm cellar by weakening him with kryptonite, but the ship neutralized the fatal radiation. Shortly after, Martha put the key in a can of flour, and she decided to hide it under the sink. Four weeks later, she carried the can into the storm cellar to find a better hideout there. She got infected with a strange disease, induced by a dusty green substance. Clark suffered from a similar illness.

In May 2003, Clark Kent destroyed the ship with the help of a kryptonite key, causing a huge explosion on the Kent Farm. The storm cellar was completely destroyed and Martha Kent lost her unborn baby. (Exodus)

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  1. Only appeared in six episodes in the first two seasons