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"You're dying?"

"Yes. But not before I prove I am not some sideshow freak, a quack doctor who sells meteor rocks on the side of the road."

- Pete Ross, Dr. Hamilton, Duplicity

Dr. Steven Hamilton was a scientist obsessed with meteor rocks and he suspected that aliens came to Earth during the 1989 meteor shower. He was known as the Meteor Freak of Smallville. (Nicodemus)

Early life

Dr. Hamilton's credentials include handling the first Apollo moon rocks. While at the Metropolis University he was known to be partners with Dr. Arthur Walsh. The two worked on an anonymously funded top-secret research project at the university until it was shut down in 1991. (Chloe Chronicles) Hamilton was eventually kicked out for inappropriate relations with a student. Since then, he lived reclusively and sold plastic meteor rock chips to tourists.

Season One

Lex Luthor became interested in funding his research when he learned about his theory that the meteor rocks found in Smallville might be altering human cellular makeup. (Craving)

Dr. Hamilton believes that the meteor rocks turn people into corrupted versions of themselves and that the whole town has changed. (Smallville The Comic: Exile and The Kingdom)

Hamilton was angered by the arrival of Donald Jacobi and his Ascendance Foundation. He believed that their work was helping discredit the work of actual scientific progress on the Meteorites. At some point, Hamilton began theorizing that there was a new element found in the meteorites that wasn't originally from Earth. But he became increasingly frustrated since further studies would be complicated by the Ascendance Foundation's work to gather meteorites from Smallville.(Strange Visitors)

By irradiating dormant plant cells with meteor fragments, Dr. Hamilton was able to recreate the Nicodemus flower. James Beels, Jonathan Kent, Lana Lang, and Pete Ross were infected by its deadly toxins. James Beels died, but Lex managed to find a cure before anyone else did. He then moved Hamilton and his laboratory to Cadmus Labs, outside of Metropolis, where he could keep a better eye on him while he continued his research into how the meteors might affect humans. (Nicodemus)

Dr. Hamilton led the excavation team at Miller's Field that discovered the key. His preliminary test results showed that the key was made from no alloy known on Earth. (Obscura)

Season Two

Because of his constant exposure to meteor rock, Dr. Hamilton started having constant seizures. He then found the ship in Pete Ross's tool shed. While searching for the missing component, the octagonal Key that he had found once before, he went back to the shed and kidnapped Pete, threatening to kill him if he didn't reveal who the ship belonged to. Clark Kent managed to get there in time to stop Hamilton, however Hamilton was about to pour liquid kryptonite on Clark, luckily Pete pushed Hamilton out of the way and once Hamilton came in contact with liquid meteor rock, he suffered seizures that were even more powerful, killing him. (Duplicity)




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