Steve Trevor (previously known as Agent 47) is a childhood friend of Diana of Themyscira and the current director of D.E.O.. They met as children when Steve was washed up on the shores of her home island.

Physical Appearance

Steve is tall and physically fit man in his late twenties and he is roughly the same height as Clark. He has bright blonde hair and blue eyes.

As a child, when he crashed on Themyscira he was wearing a green T-shirt with black pants and sneakers. Five years after the crash still living on the island Steve had adopted Diana's ancient Greek warrior look. He wore a red and black leather top and armored skirt with a golden body armor on it. Like Diana, he doesn't seem to wear any shoes as he has been seen walking barefoot on the island.

As an adult, he is first seen wearing a sport coat, a purple shirt, jeans and sneakers. While operating as a member of Team Seven he is seen wearing a black body armor with the D.E.O. logo on his chest and back.


Steve is shown to be easy going but he seems to take his job rather seriously.

Early History


Young Steve is washed up on an island of Themyscira.

Diana Steve-SVs11

Steve meets Diana of Themyscira.

In 1992, a six year-old Steve was washed up on the coast of an island after surviving an accident. When he woke up he saw a young girl around his age who received him with hostility at first, telling him that men are not allowed on this island. But she decided to hide him when she heard the older sisters approaching. Then the girl introduced herself as Diana of Themyscira and told Steve to become her "secret boy".


Steve and Diana talk about his parents.

Steve lived on the island for five years and in that time he and Diana were able to salvage the plane, with which he crashed on the island and bury the his parents' bodies aboard. Diana also made him a ball and they were playing before her mother, the queen, had finally found him. She commands her fellow Amazons to take the young Steve, stating that she knows what needs to be done.

The Amazon Queen later returned Steve back to men's world and she stayed there, taking care of him, for a while as Steve didn't have anyone else. At some point, Hippolyta mysteriously disappeared. Steve tried to track her down but failed and he hasn't seen her since then.

At some point in his life Steve dated Lois Lane. He also knew Wes Keenan but he lost touch with him after Keenan was deployed.

When Steve was kicked out of the base, Director Bones helped put him back into shape.

Season Eleven


Steve meets Clark Kent.

When Clark Kent goes in the location where it should be the basis of the D.E.O. and finds nothing in sight, the whole structure emerges from the ground and Steve comes out to get Clark, introducing himself to him.

Sv Olympus36

Steve re-encounters Lois Lane.

Steve gives Clark a tour to the D.E.O. headquarters and they talk about it's purpose. Steve does not tell much except from the fact that the agency was formed to prevent something like the organization Checkmate would recur. Suddenly an alarm goes off signaling members of Team Seven so Steve leaves. He and his team arrive at a church, where Lois and Diana were battling with some supernatural mythical creatures. When Diana sees him she flees away before he can recognize her. Steve then recognises Lois as his ex-girlfriend.

Inside the cathedral, General Lane and Director Bones talk about the events of the previous day. Lane hears Superman had it all under control before Team 7 arrived and started shooting up the place while Bones was wondering where the team's leader is. Then Sam Lane says he has a pretty good guess.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376670233419

Lois and Steve catch-up.

Later in the capital the President of the United States is doing a quick jog with his secret service before he starts to hide when he sees Lois who he remembers from the events of "Contact". Steve comments how the girl who use to drag him under tables is now able to make the president run and hide with Lois simply replying "Lemons out of Lemonade". Lois then comments on Steve's new positions where Trevor admits he trusts Bones as far as he can throw him but the cause is just and needed. But he still thinks about the woman that brought him back which Lois starts to playfully tease him about.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376670335083

Lois reveals her engagement to Clark Kent which completely shocks Steve.

Steve asks about Lois's love life thinking Wes Keenan finally popped the question but she says that is a stone best left unturned before saying the lucky many is Clark leaving Steve to look in disbelief. He says that he knows Lois brought him out for more than just catching up over coffee which she then says the "Wonder Woman" with whom she was fighting monsters and saved Senator Kent's life knew about her connection with the military. So Lois starts to wonder why "the woman in white" was looking into the military and Steve suggests she may has been stalking Director Bones too but Lois still needs more answers.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377313356798

Steve finds a strange woman in his apartment.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377313440066

Steve reunites with Diana.

Later at Steve's apartment in Alexandria, Virginia, while Steve is taking his shower, Diana enters the rooms and looks around, finding the football they made when they were younger. Right then Steve enters the room, recognizing the mystery woman in his apartment as the burglar from earlier. Diana was able to quickly subdue Steve simply because he pulled a gun on her before Steve lost his towel standing before Diana in his birthday suit. Diana quickly turns around in embarrassment, unable to believe how much Steve has grown. After a quick conversation, Steve realizes the mystery woman was actually Diana. He asked when did she get superpowers and she calmly tells him that her powers developed over time and why she came to Man's World. But before she explains she sees a picture of her mother with a young Steve. Now enraged she demands answers and asks if Steve is the reason she never returned with Steve he swears he hasn't seen her in years. Suddenly the D.E.O. surrounds Steve's apartment with Steve trying to explain that he has no idea but Diana quickly shushes Steve before preparing to go to battle.


Steve defends Diana.

Tumblr mscy1lckP41qkgxi4o2 1280

Superman saves Steve's life.

During Diana's battle with D.E.O., Steve comes out of his apartment and tries to reason with Bones and General Lane. Diana succeeds to deflect the bullets and save Steve but more soldiers fire at her. Bones commands him to take Diana to them but Steve defends her saying, she hasn't done anything wrong. Bones tells him that if he does not obey Bones will disavow him. Diana defends Steve saying she won't let anyone hurt him, even if she is still mad at him. Then Lane orders to fire at them again. As Diana is busy on fighting the soldiers of D.E.O., a sniper aims at the head of Trevor and shoots at him but thanks to the quick intervention of Superman, who catches the bullet with his hands, he doesn't get killed.


Superman advises Steve to run away after Diana's arrest.

Then Diana accuses them that they have abducted Hippolyta. Bones makes an offer to Diana that he can get her to her mother, stating he knows where she is. She then asks Steve if he knew about this and he responds that he didn't. After Diana's arrest, Superman tells Steve to run away from the scene and meet Lois in an alley before he gets into trouble too.

Agent Cameron Chase later tells to Clark Kent that Steve is on administrative leave at the moment.


Lois and Steve argue with General Lane about Diana's arrest.

In a parking lot, Lois argues with Steve Trevor and her father, General Lane, about Diana's arrest by D.E.O. Lois says they had no right to take her into custody but General replies that Diana is neither a citizen of the United States nor of anywhere else and they were only trying to prevent the things of getting out of control. Steve says that he actually does not know what has happened to Diana during all these years and Lois then says that she is a "Wonder Woman". The General ditches the conversation by saying that the world is changing too fast and that these super-powered beings have no one to represent them.


General Lane, Lois and Steve try to communicate with everyone else.

General Lane along with Lois and Steve are inside his car and while he is driving, they are trying to communicate with someone else but Lois says that the phones are out and neither Steve or the General can communicate with D.E.O., the General's Unit or the President's office. Suddenly they see undead people having been unleashed all over the city with horrified citizens running away from them. General Lane tries to avoid the undeads and comments on the communication problem by saying that an E.M.P. wasn't what caused all of this because the power is still on. Steve then, watching the zombies, blames Bones and his Black Room for the situation.

Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120577178

A harpy abducts Steve.

Inside General Lane's car, a harpy attacks the vehicle and grabs Steve Trevor abducting him and leaving the General and Lois horrified.


Diana hugs Steve.

While Diana confronts Hades, he shows her that his harpies have captured Steve and threatens to turn him into one of the dead if she does not surrender to him, but Diana says that if they hurt him, she will drag Hades back into Tartarus, impaled on her sword. Hades is surprised that an Amazon defies one of her Gods for a man but Diana says she is fighting for all mankind.


Steve becomes the new director of D.E.O. and begins his collaboration with Diana.

After Hades is defeated and the battle is ended, Diana hugs Steve, feeling happy he is safe and the city is no longer in danger. But Steve wonders what will happen now with the heroes and how will the government and the army react.

After Hippolyta's departure, the new director of D.E.O. Steve Trevor, calls all his agents, including Diana, saying they have a world to protect. Steve then asks her if she is ready and she responds "are you?".


Steve observes Ray-Lan's autopsy.

In a D.E.O. quarantine zone, Dr. Emil Hamilton performs an autopsy on the Monitor's body, while Steve observes. At the same time, Diana examines the Monitor's equipment and informs Steve that an item is missing.


Steve, Diana, Lois and Oliver talk about the theft.

At her Daily Planet office, Lois and Oliver Queen hold a video-conference with Steve and Diana about the theft on their premises. They suspect that LexCorp had something to do with this as they routinely attempt to break D.E.O.'s firewalls in order to get access to the Russian crash site. Oliver asks what did they keep in the warehouse and Steve responds that there they kept debris that fell through the atmosphere during the contact with Apokolips, probably wanting to use these weapons like Intergang did a while back. They then say that D.E.O.'s mystics were able to conjure an image of the person responsible, an unidentified man wearing a big armor with highly advanced weaponry. Steve says that they dispatched agent Chase and a field team their way and Oliver along with his "alter-ego" are invited to join the investigation.

Smallville - Lantern 010-003

Steve informs the Watchtower on what is happening at the capital.

In an underwater facility of the D.E.O., Director Trevor confirms to Watchtower that there have been incidents related to the yellow rings in Washington, D.C. as well. According to Trevor, the rings focused on the U.S. Congress, with half the Senate and half the White House becoming the new carriers and starting attacking each other. Wonder Woman is already there, trying to control the situation but according to Trevor she will need all the help she can get. Then Trevor informs Green Arrow that new activity was detected by D.E.O.'s mystics in the boom tube Prometheus has been using. Steve asks Oliver if he is ready for the mission and he responds positively so Steve tells Zatanna to teleport him with one of her spells to where Prometheus was spotted.

After taking out Prometheus, Green Arrow reports to Steve that the area at Fort Knox is secure.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694052105

Steve makes an offer to Oliver.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694123343

Oliver and Steve talk to Chloe and Diana about D.E.O.'s proposal.

In D.E.O.'s headquarters, Director Steve Trevor is talking to Oliver about his victory over Prometheus and asks him to help in the training of a new elite branch of D.E.O. field agents, as it was suggested by the President of the United States, strictly until the baby is born and Green Arrow is able to suit back up. Before Ollie can give an answer, they meet with Diana and Chloe, who was revealed that she was already aware of the proposal and then suddenly the entire group receives a call from Watchtower, alerting them of Superman and Lois' disappearance.

In the Antarctic facility, Booster, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking, while Booster tells them he will keep them posted.

Zatanna is attempting a locator spell to discover where Clark and Lois have gone as the others look on. When the ritual is complete, she announces that Lois and Clark are in Metropolis. When the others tell her otherwise, the sorceress smirks and points out she never said the pair were in this Metropolis.

Later, Tess warns all the other members and allies of the League to stay away from Metropolis in order to prevent them from being possessed by Eclipso.

Smallville Chaos 12 1408736709402

Steve informs the President about the situation.

The President is briefed on the situation by Director Trevor, Chloe, Oliver and Diana. The arrival of the Monitors on Earth means the extinction of the mankind and while they haven't found a way to stop them yet, they can try to protect themselves for a while thanks to the magic of Zatanna and the mystics, but there is nothing more they can do. Chloe says a Monitor vessel just crashed on Earth in a region near Nepal and there is a chance its Superman, but even if it is, he is too late, as the Crisis is here.

Smallville - Continuity 001 (2014) (Digital-Empire)012

Steve and Diana need to find a new plan.

Steve Trevor and Agent Diana Prince are trying to explain to the President exactly what the blue cloud is that was released by the Monitor ship and how Zatanna Zatara's magic is all that is keeping them safe. Diana however wonders why hasn't Steve told the president about how Zatanna has been growing trying to protect them and keep the barrier up and is convinced they need a plan to stop this threat soon.

Smallville - Continuity 002 (2014) (Digital-Empire)018

Steve and Diana share their first kiss.

In NORAD beneath the Rock Mountains, a group of soldiers are confused as they witness a bright yellow light appear out of nowhere. However before they are able to do anything, Oliver tased them with a few of his arrows, with the president telling them to stand down as they are bringing everyone they could from the D.E.O. Headquarters. Zatanna is exhausted from her part, while Chloe and Diana are by her side and brings a medic to help her. Oliver uses another Boom Tube saying this is where they must part ways Steve stays with the general and president to help coordinate the groups, while Diana goes to tell her people of what is coming, but they kiss and part ways with Diana telling Steve that despite what might happen, he'll always be her "secret boy" as they go their separate ways.

Sv 4-05

The Justice League welcomes a new family member.

After the end of the battle, outside of Washington D.C., under the ocean in the D.E.O. Headquarters, Oliver, Chloe, Steve and Diana discusses the events of what has occurred recently, with Steve staying that D.E.O. will ring a bell "if anyone starts throwing shade this reality's way". Diana asks Oliver and Chloe if they considered their offer to become members, with Oliver saying they would have accepted sooner but the world 75% ended. Steve hands them their badges as he asks if he wants to meet their ragtag group of misfits, with Chloe replying hurry back if her water breaks.

After her son's birth, Chloe laments that family should be here for their big occasion and Ollie smiles as he wheels her into the waiting room to be greeted by their 'family' composed of the Heroes that they met over time.


In the Comics


Steve Trevor as he appears in the comics.

Young Steve Trevor always wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a test pilot for the Air Force. After discovering from his father that his mother had died in a plane crash, Trevor set out to accomplish his goals. He graduated the academy and worked his way up to the rank of Colonel.

In the Golden Age Steve was an officer in the Air Force, serving under General Phil Darnell. During one mission against the Nazis in World War II, Steve Trevor's plane was shot down, and he crash landed on Paradise Island. Gravely injured, he was taken in by the Amazons' princess. Diana was immediately taken by the man's presence, and thanks to the advanced technology on Paradise Island, the doctors were able to heal Steve Trevor. The Amazons' Queen, Hippolyta, held a contest for the Amazons to decide who would deliver Steve Trevor back to the United States. Unbeknownst to Hippolyta, the winner was her own daughter, Diana, who as the winner became Wonder Woman. After flying Steve Trevor back to the United States in her invisible jet, Wonder Woman posed as his nurse, and later got a job working with him in the military as General Darnell's secretary. Steve Trevor was unable to discover that secretary Diana Prince and superheroine Wonder Woman were the same person, and had fallen for Wonder Woman himself.

When the DC Universe adopted the convention that the Golden Age adventures took place on the parallel world of Earth-Two, it was learned that Wonder Woman eventually gave up her secret identity, married Steve Trevor, and became the mother of Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, who became the super heroine Fury. Although she had given up her immortality by marrying Trevor, this Wonder Woman was still aging at a much slower rate than her husband.

In the Silver Age when the Amazons claimed they needed to leave this world for another dimension in order to "renew their magic", Diana renounced her powers and her Wonder Woman identity in order to remain with Steve. Now operating full-time as a nonpowered Diana Prince, she gave herself a "mod" makeover in order to go undercover when Trevor was accused of being a double-agent. Diana Prince was first a nurse who then followed Steve to military intelligence.

Often serving as damsel-in-distress, Steve would constantly require rescuing from Wonder Woman from her many new adversaries. Steve Trevor was killed off on several occasions in the Bronze Age, most prominently by Doctor Cyber, which ignited the mod era of Wonder Woman. Later, Steve Trevor was brought back to life by Aphrodite. Doctor Psycho used Steve Trevor's image to create Captain Wonder, a male version of Wonder Woman. In the final issue of the Bronze Age Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor got his wish and was able to marry the woman of his dreams.

Considerably older than his Golden Age counterpart, post-Crisis Steve Trevor was once again a military officer who crashed into Paradise Island. It was later revealed his mother had also crashed onto the island. She had rescued the Amazons of Themyscira from the monster Cottus, but died in the process. The Amazons deemed her a hero, causing them to use the American flag as an icon for their champion, Wonder Woman. After recovering from his injuries, Steve aided Wonder Woman in battling Ares and his minions. Steve developed a close friendship with Wonder Woman, but it remained strictly platonic. He instead went on to marry his aide, Etta Candy. He soon became the Deputy Secretary of Defense for the U.S. Government, though he remained in Wonder Woman's life.


Trevor and the Justice League of America.

In the New 52 Steve Trevor is introduced as a government liaison assigned to watch over Diana during her stay in Washington, D.C. During the days leading up to the formation of the League, Steve tries to convince Amanda Waller that Diana and the Amazons are not a threat to global security, as they are benevolent. He is the head of the newly formed A.R.G.U.S (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Superhumans), a former member of Team 7, and the liaison to the UN for the Justice League. Promoted to the rank of Colonel, his assistant is Etta Candy. He confides to Etta that he has confessed his romantic interest to Wonder Woman, but his feelings were not reciprocated. Steve Trevor is ousted as the liaison of the Justice League and the liaison between the League and ARGUS. Steve is later captured by the villain David Graves and tortured for access codes to the Justice League's command base. Wonder Woman is visibly shaken by the sight and attacks Graves in a fury without team support. Trevor also becomes a member and co-leader of the Justice League of America. This league was formed by the likes of Amanda Waller and ARGUS to create a more obedient league that would answer the calls of the government and its people to protect and serve America.


  • Steve was 26 in 2012, placing his birth in 1986.[1]
  • This version of Steve Trevor working for D.E.O., is similar with the New 52 version of the character, where he works for the organization A.R.G.U.S. under the leadership of Amanda Waller.
  • The origin of Steve been washed up as a young boy on Themyscira and meeting child Diana originates in the Smallville universe. Every other incarnation of the character has him arriving on the island in his later years as an adult.
  • Bryan Q. Miller confirmed that Steve's look was inspired by actor Chris Pine.[citation needed] Pine later portrayed Steve in Wonder Woman (2017).

Other faces of Steve Trevor


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